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Southern Oregon University

For more information about a specific policy below, call the Policy Contact or Custodial Office if listed within the policy document, otherwise call the Student Affairs office at 541 552-6221. If you are unable to find a policy consider looking at the SOU specific OAR's.

SAD.002 Alcohol and Drugs
SAD.004 Career Development Recruiting 
SAD.009 CareerLink Employer Recruiting
SAD.008 CareerLink Privacy Statement

SAD.011 Cascade Collegiate Conference Constitution & Bylaws

SAD.010 Cascade Collegiate Conference Letter of Intent

SAD.005 Measles Immunization Requirement

SAD.012 NAIA Letter of Intent

SAD.013 NAIA Policies and Handbook

SAD.006 Residence Halls Conduct

SAD.007 Sexual Misconduct

SAD.003 Student Grievance

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