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Southern Oregon University

Lis Ameijide has been a professional artist since 1974. She is a licensed teacher, TV producer and storyteller. Her goal is to provide children with an environment that encourages self-exploration through art.

Karin Burroughs has a BS in Sociology and a MA in Outdoor Leadership from SOU. She teaches a plethora of courses through the Outdoor Program and Youth Programs.

Samar Dawisha is a local artist who has taught throughout the Rogue Valley and currently teaches at Ashland High School.

Tia Gardner has a MAT from Lewis and Clark College and a BA from Portland State in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. She teaches art at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Christi Gilmore is the head coach for Ashland High School which has won three conference titles and two state championships, and head coach for the Pacific Northwest Olympic Development team for USWP.  She has been coaching for seven seasons and plays on a masters team.

Alana Greene has worked with horses for over thirty years. She has taught horse youth camps, horse massage and riding.

Graham Hetland was youth programs instructor last summer and has mentored youth in past years. He has a BS in Environmental Studies from SOU and is currently enrolled in the MBA program, graduating this year.

Craig Honeycutt has a MA in art education and is a local artist and educator with more than twenty years of teaching experience.

Heather Hutton has a teaching credential and BA from Humboldt State in Music and Voice. She is the Rogue Valley Peace Choir Artistic Director/Conductor.

Kyndra Laughery has been performing and teaching improv for ten years. She directs LFP’s Teen Theatre and also teaches at Walker Elementary and Ashland Children’s Theatre.

Annette Lewis has been involved in every aspect of theatre. She loves teaching, directing and working with kids.

Susan Marcu is a gifted seamstress with over 30 years of experience in garment design and construction, home décor and sewing instruction. She loves inspiring personal creativity through the art of sewing.

Cori Murphy is a Certified College Planning Specialist. She provides a unique combination of skills and experience to her college planning classes.

Vanessa Newman has been a group exercise instructor and personal trainer for over twenty years. She is an adventure-based counselor and a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise.

Jon Owen holds a BFA degree from the SOU Art Department with an emphasis on contemporary sculpture and ceramics.  He approaches claywork in very non-traditional manners.

Heather Ransom earned her Master’s in Education from SOU and has taught middle school science for the past 18 years. She has been awarded numerous grants to coordinate student attendance at a variety of science field trips around the state and country.

Chris Rennaker holds a MS in Environmental Studies from SOU and a BS in Biology from Ball State University. He has taught biology at Eagle Point Middle School, Crater Renaissance Academy and developed environmental education curriculum for the Deer Creek Center.

Otis Richardson has been teaching High School Business Education classes for 11 years. He has a BA in Business Administration and an MA in Education both from SOU.

Dylan Shelton is the local Salle’s leading fencer and long-time Southern Oregon Fencing Center instructor. Sulaiman Shelton is his son and assistant.

Dr. Stephanie Sideras is an assistant professor and director of simulation at the Southern Regions OHSU School of Nursing located at SOU.

Eve Smyth is the co-director of Ashland Children’s Theatre at Oregon Stage Works and is a member of the local improve troupe, The Hamazons.

Anthony Uolla is a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy and has taught golf at Centennial for three years.

Jenny Welburn has a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in education from Lewis and Clark College. She is currently teaching English at South Medford High School.

Mary Wilkins-Kelly is an artist who enjoys sharing her love of photography with her students. She has 15 years of teaching experience.

Matthew Yaeger has a BS in Recreation Management from Ithaca College. He has worked in 4-H Youth Development as an educator and has four years experience teaching wilderness survival skills.

Dana Yearsley has taught skiing at Mt. Ashland for over twenty-five years, plays competitive tennis, coaches soccer, teaches at Willow Wind and is a flower farmer.

These programs are offered through other SOU departments. Please contact them directly to register and for additional information.

SOU Summer Youth Sports Programs
For a list of the sports camps that are offered through the Athletic Department at SOU, click here.

SOU International Piano Institute
Dates: TBA
Intensive piano immersion program for students of all ages
Please check back for more information.

Schneider Children’s Center
A state licensed and NAEYC accredited program for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age.
Schneider Children's Center web site

The Preschool at SOU
The Preschool at SOU is located in the Education/Psychology Building.
Preschool website


Summer Youth Programs 2014

Classes for Youth Ages 6-16

Our 2015 Programs will be available for registration soon.

Click here for Summer-at-a-glance

Click here for list of instructors for summer classes 2014
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Come to Southern Oregon University this summer for an unforgettable, hands-on, educational experience. We will be offering over 50 exciting classes and residential camps. To get on the mailing list for our Pre-College Youth Programs Summer Brochure by calling (541) 552-6452.

Summer Classes

College Prep
Science/Strategy Games/Engineering

New this Summer! SOU Preschool will be open to community members. Four unique themed two-week sessions will be offered in the SOU School of Education's outstanding preschool facilities.
Head Teacher: Maureen Honeycutt


Sponsored by Huycke, O’Connor, Jarvis, Dreyer, Davis & Glatte, LLP

Awesome Animal Artworks!

Let your imagination take you to the wild places where real and imaginary animals live! Your instructor will guide you as you experiment with pencils, colored pencils and pastels and you learn to draw your favorite animals and the world around them.
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 6–8, July 7-11, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300043 Fee: $119

An Artful Exchange: Artist Trading Cards

Inspired by Zurich artist M. Vanci Stirnemann, Artist Trading Cards are original miniature works of art that are traded like baseball cards. In this fun-filled creative class you’ll use a variety of artistic mediums and embellishments to create a set of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art, and start your ATC collection by trading cards with your fellow classmates. Join the ATC world and watch how far you can go!
Instructor: Sherri Beeler
Ages 8-12, July 7-11, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300093 Fee: $119

Beyond Bugs Bunny: Cartooning for Kids

‘Toon up your drawing skills as you experiment with pencils, erasers, markers and other art supplies to draw your cartoon favorites from Adventure Time, Lego Legends and Ninjago. Use your own inspiration to create special characters, animals and creatures of all kinds bringing them to life in your art! 
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 8-12, July 14-18, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300094 Fee: $119

Bling it On!

Explore exciting ways to paint, dye, stamp, and embellish your clothes in this class that blends art and fashion trends. Bring T-shirts, jeans, shorts, shoes, hats and more to transform into bright, colorful, wearable art that will show off your personal fashion and style! You will use tie-dye, print making, rubber stamping and fabric painting as you get your hands on a new way to share your creative vision. 
Instructor: Mary Wilkins Kelly
Ages 8-12 July 21-25, M-F 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300095 Fee: $119

Evil Queens, Monsters, and More!

Learn how to draw the essential parts of virtually every evil queen, monster, elf, dwarf, robot, troll, fairy, and dragon from the beginning of time in this blast of a class. Explore and understand the shapes, sizes and style of these magical creatures as you create drawings of their castles, dwellings in caves, mountains, forests, deserts and rivers using as many details as you can imagine!
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 8-12, July 21-25, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300099 Fee: $119

Fabulous Fashionistas

Do you have a passion for fashion and costume illustration? You’ll learn all about the basics from how to sketch the human form to learning tips and tricks for developing your own unique fashion model designs. Along the fashion highway, you’ll explore fashion trends from steampunk, to icons like ‘the little black dress.’ Build your drawing skills with creative challenges and exercises and inspiration in this class.
Instructor: Pravina McClure
Ages 11-14, July 28- August 1, M-F, 1:00-3:00 pm
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300101 Fee: $119

Kids in the Kitchen: Culinary Arts Institute

Experience the wonderful world of cooking and be inspired to create delicious dishes! You'll measure, mix and stir using the tools of the culinary trade. The skills and techniques you learn will help you create lunches, snacks and sweet treats that are sure to impress and taste good too! You and your classmates will develop a special menu on the last day of class.
Instructor: Marilyn D. Moore
Ages 7-10, July 14-18, M-F 9:00-4:00
Location: SOU Family Housing Community Kitchen
Course No: 300089 Fee: $279

Masterworks with Watercolor and Ink

Explore the thrill of creating art work using watercolor paints and ink pen together. While you use a brush to create your subject with paints you’ll discover how using ink for outline details will give your finished painting exciting results. Whether you use a loose or structured background the ink will give great contrast to whatever you choose to make your masterpiece. 
Instructor: Isabelle Alzado
Ages 9-12, July 14-18, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300100 Fee: $119

Off the Eaten Path: Culinary Arts Institute

What is Mise en Place? What knives do you use for chopping, slicing or peeling? If you need answers to these and other questions then join us for Off the Eaten Path, a hands-on culinary experience you won’t forget! You’ll learn plenty of keys to the kitchen as you create sweet and savory dishes and recipes from around the world. You’ll even create edible food art as you learn from professional culinary art instructors.
Director: Marilyn Moore
Ages 11-14 August 4-8, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: SOU Family Housing Community Kitchen
Course No: 300090 Fee: $279

Sew Artsy!  

Using colorful, authentic Australian Aboriginal designed fabrics you will make a pencil roll and a tote bag to carry your sketch pad, books, or just for keeping it green at the market. Explore the brilliant colors and design elements of these unique fabrics while learning foundational sewing skills like pinning, cutting, pressing and stitching by hand and on the sewing machine. Note: Sewing machines will be provided (1 machine for every 2 students). Please bring a shoebox size storage box, sewing scissors and straight pins to class. All other tools and materials will be provided.
Instructor: Susan Marcu
Ages 11-14, July 28-August 1, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Sew Creative, 115 E. Main St. in Ashland
Course No: 300097 Fee: $149

Sew My Space!

Imagine, create and decorate your space with a colorful flag banner and patchwork pillow. Explore color and fabrics and gather essential skills for becoming a young seamstress and future designer! In this creative sewing class you will learn foundational sewing skills like pinning, cutting, pressing and stitching by hand and on the sewing machine. Note: Sewing machines will be provided (1 machine for every 2 students). Please bring a shoebox size storage box, sewing scissors and straight pins to class. All other tools and materials will be provided.
Instructor: Susan Marcu
Ages 9-12, July 21-25, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Sew Creative, 115 E. Main St. in Ashland
Course No: 300096 Fee: $149

Tantalizing Tryptichs: Three Piece Art

Triptychs date clear back to the ancient Romans, who used three waxed leaves hinged together as writing tablets. Today triptychs are used as shrines or to showcase artwork. Tell your own story as you create a free-standing triptych by experimenting with collage, painting, stamping, drawing, and mixed media techniques.
Instructor: Sherri Beeler
Ages 11-14, July 28-August 1, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No: 300098 Fee: $119

The Real Deal: Exploring Realism in Art

Draw yourself crazy in this fabulous class! You’ll learn fundamental skills of composition and experiment with light and shade as you compose your very own masterpieces using inspiration from contemporary film and concept artists. Discover how artists like Rembrandt employed realism to create portraits, moody landscapes and realistic creatures while you apply new skills and detail to each piece and master new techniques each day.
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 11-14 August 4-8, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300087 Fee: $119

College Prep

Sponsored by the SOU School of Business

College Prep Institute

Come learn what getting into college is all about. This college preparation program provides you with effective test-taking strategies and test preparation skills to help you succeed on the SATs. A college essay seminar provides an opportunity for you to learn the components of an effective college admissions essay. An evening parent seminar will focus on timetables, evaluating colleges, applications, finances, and applying for scholarships.
Instructors: A team of qualified instructors who have experience preparing students for college.
Ages 14–18, August 4-7, M–TH, 9:00-1:00
Location: EP 294
Course No: 320004 Fee: $239


Sponsored by Avista Utilities


Explore the world of object and clay animation. Using colorful modeling clay, create fanciful creatures and cartoon-like characters with settings for your stories. You will be using "stop-action" animation and learn basic camera techniques and composition to record your character’s movements. Build on your camera and storytelling skills in this hands-on, fun-filled class and take home your projects on a disk.
Instructor: Samar Dawisha 
Session I: Ages 9-13 July 14-18, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-13 August 4-8, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No. 330008 Fee: $149

Epic Tech Institute

Do you have a passion for gaming, computers, electronics, and new technology? Have you ever wanted to learn how to manipulate photos? Make animations? Tell an epic digital tale? The Epic Tech Institute provides you with the opportunity to do all of the above and much, much more! Discover your digital potential using the latest and greatest computer technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and a staff of professionals with years of industry experience. Enjoy a flexible course that provides you with the creative freedom need to create multiple projects and develop knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime.
Director: Anthony White 
Ages 9-14, July 7-11, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: RVTV Computer Lab 
Course No: 330041 Fee: $279

Flash! Awesome Computer Animation

Introduce yourself to the Flash Animation computer program in this exciting interactive class. Learn how web developers use Flash in webpage design. Dive into the Flash environment and find out about the tools for creating animation and learn basic animation concepts.
Instructor: Otis Richardson
Ages 9-12 July 28-July 31, M-TH, 9:00-12:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330026 Fee: $139

Journey to the Center of the Selfie

Take a serious look at the world-wide phenomenon of the "selfie" while you are shooting and 'apping' creative self-portraits that open the doorway to self-discovery and self-understanding - while also helping you make friends with your deepest creative energies. Let this be a transformative summer as Meri Walker (aka, the iPhoneArtGirl) teaches you to access your deepest creativity using your own face, your smartphone or tablet and a couple of free or very cheap apps. Please note: Students must have curiosity, an Apple or Android late-model smartphone or tablet and know how to access, purchase and download apps from your own iTunes or Google Play Store account.
Instructor: Meri Walker
Session I: Ages 11-14, July 14-18, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session II: Ages 11-14, August 11-15, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: Session I, Campbell D and Session II, AB 124
Course No. 330046 Fee: $119

Out of Bounds Photography!

Hit a home run as you learn about the different functions of your camera and how to take more creative, dynamic photos through the use of shape, color, texture, pattern, light and shadow. You'll explore cool digital editing techniques in the computer lab and play with a mix of oil paints and pastels to transform your photos into artistic expressions of how you see the world. Please note: All students need to bring a digital camera with fully charged batteries.
Instructor: Mary Wilkins-Kelly
Ages 8-12, August 18-22, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: TBA
Course No: 330045 Fee: $119

Quiet on the Set and...Action!

Learn about all the elements of film making — scripts, props, costumes, directing, cameras, and more. You’ll create original scripts, and then shoot the movie “on location” on the SOU campus using digital video equipment. The last day will be movie day, so bring your family and enjoy some treats.
Instructor: David Cosand
Ages 9-12, July 14-17, M-TH, 12:00-4:00
Location: Britt 251
Course No: 330035 Fee: $139

Technovation Exploration

Whether you want to learn to use your iPad better, learn about Narwals, improve your brain’s focus, learn a new language or explore biology, this class is for you! As you play games and explore interactive activities you will discover free reliable sources for information and personal development online as you compare and contrast many sources for online learning. Share your findings with your classmates and dive into the internet’s offerings.
Instructor: Steve Roby
Ages 11-14, July 21-24, M-TH, 10:00-12:00
Location: PC East
Course No: 330047 Fee: $99

Video Game Design

Explore the high-tech, fast moving world of video games, design concepts and possible vocation. From Atari's Pong to the Natal Projection XBOX 360 you will canvass the various genres and gaming platforms. Learn game development tools like GameMaker to learn basic game design elements from game flow and sprite creation to backgrounds and sound all wrapped into basic programming exercises.
Instructor: Michel Knowles
Session I: Ages 11-14, July 21-24, M-TH, 1:00-4:00
Session II: Ages 11-14, August 4-7, M-TH, 1:00-4:00
Session III: Ages 11-14, August 18-21, M_TH, 1:00-4:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330032 Fee: $139

We’re Rolling! 

Work as a production team to create your own short film using professional production techniques. You’ll brainstorm creative ideas, write your scripts, scout shooting locations and use props and costumes as you direct and then shoot your film using digital video equipment on the SOU campus. 
Instructor: David Cosand
Ages 11-14, August 4-7, M-TH, 12:00-4:00
Location: TBA
Course No: 330048 Fee: $139

What's Your Story? Digital Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours going to be? In this exciting new class you'll learn from a professional how to use technology to write, capture, edit, and digitally publish an original story enhancing it with photography, audio, video, and a variety of online tools.
Instructor: David Cosand
Ages 11-14 Aug. 11-14, M-TH 1:00-4:00
Location: Britt 251
Course No: 330034 Fee: $139


Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Conservatory for Young Theatre Artists,
Camelot Theatre Company (CTC)

This exciting camp is designed to either introduce or expand the developing artist in the areas of improvisation, voice, acting, dance and Shakespeare. Working with professional artists, the day moves from classes to workshops to a performance of select material for an audience of family and friends.
Instructors: Livia Genise leads a team of instructors Amanda Andersen, Genevieve Andersen, Kendra Taylor and Joanna Lyndon, all associated with the popular Camelot Theatre in Talent, Oregon.
Ages 9–17, August 18-22, M–F, 9:00–4:00
Location: Theatre Arts Building
Course No: 340003 Fee: $279

From the Page to the Stage: The Art of Dramatic Writing

Discover the excitement of writing an original play for the stage or a screenplay for film or television in this new class. You’ll explore the key elements of dramatic writing, develop dialogue driven scenes and have the chance to see and hear your characters come to life as they are performed by other students. Pull out all the stops and watch your creative instincts come to life on stage!
Instructor: Wind Woods
Ages11-14, July 7-11, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 340041 Fee: $119

Playback Theater

Come celebrate the art of improvisation, and learn to build authentic self-expression in this exciting new theater class. Experience the joy of sharing stories from your life, and watch as they are reflected or "played back," for you on stage. You’ll gain personal confidence and build a creative community, as you learn a new way of listening to others and witnessing yourself as actors, audience members and as human beings. Playback Theater is an exhilarating and safe way to to explore your inner world and nourish our common ground.
Instructor: Abram Katz
Session I: Ages 11-14 July 7-11, M-F, 1:00-3:00PM
Session II: Ages 11-14 July 21-25, M-F, 1:00-3:00PM
Location: Campbell D,Session I and Campbell E, Session II
Course No: 340042 Fee: $119

Sock it to Me! Sock Puppet Theatre

Kermit the Frog may be a Muppet today but he got his start as a sock puppet in 1955! Discover the magic and the mystery of these delightful characters as you design and decorate your own sock puppet in this fun-filled, hands-on class. Watch what unfolds as you create stories, scripts and tales with your new sock puppet friends. Experiment with character voices and physical characterizations to bring your socks to life as you join the line of sock puppet stars like Lamb Chop, or Sifli and Olly and perform your show for family and friends on the last day of class.
Instructor: Samar Dawisha
Ages 7-10, August 11-15, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No:340040 Fee: $149

Two Ways Playin’: Electro Acoustic Music Institute

Come immerse yourself in an authentic song building music process that allows everyone to be successful regardless of your experience level! This new class is rooted in traditional acoustic sounds and rhythms and will teach you the basics of rhythm, music theory and song arrangement. You'll get your hands on a guitar and drums to create your own signature songs and then add some "digital leaves" to your acoustic roots as you reach upward into the digital age and work with a professional sound engineer, computers and music software to create your own evocative digital sounds. This class is designed to build your confidence, inspire creative expression, and instill a love of music in both aspiring musical artists and future audiences.
Instructors: Steve Roby and Abram Katz
Ages 11-14, July 14-18, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell D and Britt 251 Computer Lab
Course No: 340043 Fee: $279


Sponsored by Medford Fabrication

fencingEngarde! Fencing Fun

Safe inside a mask and jacket, you will be introduced to the exciting sport of fencing. Learn the skills of touching (scoring on) your partner, while avoiding being scored on, as well as learning the respect, ethics, and camaraderie involved in this classic sport. Note: All equipment supplied.
Instructor: Dylan Shelton
Session I: Ages 9-12, August 4-8, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-12, August 11-15, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: TBA
Course No: 370032 Fee $119

Horsing Around at the Flying L Ranch

Calling all horse lovers! Learn to ride and care for horses this summer in classes that are based on CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) instruction. Each session includes mounted lessons, lectures on horsemanship theory and safety, horse related crafts and activities, as well as an introduction to the wholesome ranch life. Campers participate with pride in the routine hands on care and handling of horses and find out what it really means to own a horse. Note: At the start of each session, campers are evaluated, matching mounts and lesson plans to the ability of the individual.
Instructors: Owner, Leslie Hunter and the Flying L Ranch Staff
Session I: July 7-11, Ages 7-10, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session II: July 14-18, Ages 11-14, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session III: July 28- August 1, Ages 7-10, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session IV: August 4-8, Ages 11-14, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Flying L Ranch
Course No: 370037 Fee $199

Hot on the Court - Cool in the Pool

Whether you want to improve your game or are just a beginning player, you will learn creative drills, basic strokes, serving techniques, and how to play a match. After heating it up on the court, cool down with your teammates in the SOU pool playing water games.
Instructor: Dana Yearsley
Session I: Ages 9-13, July 21-25, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-13, August 11-15, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: SOU Stadium Tennis Courts and McNeal Pool
Course No: 370039 Fee: $149

It’s a Racquet! Tennis for Beginners

You can't beat this step-by-step introduction to tennis to start you on your way to becoming a pro! Amaze yourself as you learn the basics of serves, volleys, backhand strokes and overheads and the footwork you'll need to win on and off the courts! Individual instruction and teamwork will all be part of the game in this fun filled class.
Note: Please bring a racquet if you have one. Some racquets may be supplied upon request.
Instructor: Dana Yearsley
Ages 7-10, August 4-8, M-F 9:00-11:00
Location: SOU Stadium Tennis Courts

golfTee Off! Junior Golf Institute

What can be better than golf in the summer! Join in this ‘swinging’ class designed for beginning and intermediate players. Practice your swing, chip, and putt as you learn etiquette and rules. Start learning how to play like your golf heroes! Note: All equipment is included in the class fee.
Instructor: Anthony Ulloa
Ages 7-12, Aug 4-8, M-F, 12:00-1:00
Location: Centennial Golf Club, Medford
Course No: 370026 Fee: $69

Rock the Wall!

Channel your inner monkey and climb your way into one of the greatest outdoor sports around! Join us for a week of fun and excitement in the SOU rock gym. You'll learn the basics of bouldering, and top-rope climbing techniques while you master knot skills, proper equipment use and the safety skills to climb to new heights!
Instructor: Kelly Sosa
Session I: Ages 9-13, July 7-11, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Session II: Ages 9-13, August 18-22, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Location: McNeal Rock Wall
Course No: 370046 Fee $149

scubaScuba Adventures

Dive into this introductory scuba class for recreational divers. You will learn to set up and put on dive gear, learn basic skills through practice and become comfortable with all aspects of diving in a fun and exciting week-long class designed to prepare you for open water diving. Discover the thrill and excitement of feeling 'weightless' under water as you learn about neutral buoyancy, pool entries, mask removal and replacement, safe ascent and descent using scuba gear in the swimming pool. You'll also explore theory regarding physics, physiology, and safe div¬ing practices. Note: Students must complete a medical questionnaire and demonstrate competent swimming abilities. Students must provide their own mask, booties, fins, snorkel, course workbook, and textbook*. Wet suits and other gear will be provided. In order to receive Open Water Certification, students must complete four open water dives arranged through Triton Ocean Outfitters at an additional charge following this class. Students aged 16 will get an Open Water Certification. Students aged 12-15 can learn to scuba dive with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. Upon completion of the course, these students will be issued a Junior Open Water Diver certification.
Instructor: Steve Kem
Ages 12-16, July 14-18 M-F, 9:00-1:00
Location: McNeal Pool
Course No: 370045 Fee: $279
*Details provided upon registration

Science/Strategy Games/Engineering

Sponsored by Rogue Federal Credit Union

beesMad Scientist 

If NASA hired you to construct a space shuttle, what would you use to build it and why? If you were a Crime Scene Investigator and found a mysterious substance, how would you discover what it was? Explore why things explode, implode and sizzle. Discover why things fly and watch them fall. You'll perform labs to learn the science behind Newton's Laws of motion, light wave and rockets. Have safe fun as you make your own Mentos fountains and more!
Session I: Ages 8-12, July 7-11, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 8-12, August 11-15, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Instructor: Steve Roby
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 380091 Fee: $119

Not So Bored Games

Settle Catan, cure a pandemic, survive a rising flood with your team in this fun-filled class of collaborative and strategic games. Brave a desert storm with your friends one day and create your own Apples to Apples game the next! Victory will be sweet as you work together to develop the strategies and analyze the best path to take. Games will take place in the classroom and outside as you play your way through each day.
Instructor: Steve Roby
Ages 8-12, July 21-25, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 380092 Fee: $119

Crime and Puzzlement: Crime Scene Investigators Institute

Become a detective and conduct forensic science tests on evidence found at mock crime scenes. Learn crime scene analysis and explore physical evidence for clues. You will work with fingerprints, hair, fibers and inspect impressions. Discover CSI basics as you investigate chromatography, examine blood samples, and test for DNA to piece together the information you need to crack forensic mysteries!
Director: Steve Roby
Ages 8-12, July 28-August 1, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 380089 Fee: $279

Who Dunnit?

Become a detective and conduct forensic science tests on evidence found at mock
crime scenes. Learn crime scene analysis and explore physical evidence for clues.
You'll work with fingerprints, hair, fibers and footprint impressions. Discover CSI basics as you investigate chromatography, examine blood samples, and test for DNA to piece together the information you need to solve mysteries!
Session I: Ages 8-12, July 7-11, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session II: Ages 8-12, August 11- 15, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Instructor: Steve Roby
Location: Campbell C
Course No. 380090 Fee: $119

rocketSeriously Scientific Institute

Experience a week of real science investigations, research and exploration! Through microscopes and binoculars, we will discover the amazing plant and animal diversity of the Rogue Valley and beyond. Hands-on activities such as compass skills and scavenger hunts, dissections, and small hikes will strengthen your knowledge of science inquiry and research of biologists. Other activities will require goggles and lab coats as you conduct experiments in physics and chemistry. Guest appearances by resident scientists will join the fun and share knowledge and enthusiasm for their field of study. Every day will be something new, different and exciting. Come join us!
Director: Jessica Kelleher
Ages 8-12, July 21-25, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No. 380077 Fee: $279

What Lies Beneath

Below the surface of a stream lies a whole world teaming with life! Have some wet, muddy fun as you explore the creatures that live in the water and learn what they tell us about the stream's health. You'll play games as you experience hands-on testing and help build dams and pools to improve the different parts that make up a stream. Get outside this summer and cool off as you learn and play!
Instructor: Alyssa Grove
Ages 8-12 August 11-15, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: EP 294
Course No: 380094 Fee: $119

Wilderness Masters

Discover life off the beaten path as you play camouflage and tracking games and learn outdoor survival techniques in this fun filled class. You'll get your hands on nature as you build shelters, cast animal tracks and make your own rope and tools. Explore the outdoors on naturalist led hikes and experience the different uses of many native plants that grow right in your own back yard!
Instructor: Alyssa Grove
Ages 8-12, July 28- August 1, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: EP 294
Course No: 380095 Fee: $119

LEGO Robotics Olympics

Engineering and the Olympic spirit meet to compete in this class that will teach you the basics of LEGO robotics. Using LEGO Mindstorms software you'll learn to build and program robots using motors and sensors as you work in teams to compete in a variety of competitions and activities. Have fun as you construct robots all week and see what they can do!
Session I: Ages 9-13, July 7-11, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-13, July 28- August 1, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Instructor: Chris Duval
Location: Campbell E
Course No: 380060 Fee: $149

LEGO Robot Challenge Workshop

Work in teams to meet challenges and learn mechanical and software design as you design, build and program a robot to compete against others in multiple challenges on a board similar to First Lego League. Celebrate your engineering skills by building advanced LEGO structures using Mindstorms software and equipment. Previous robot and LEGO experience is helpful!
Instructor: Chris Duval
Ages 9-13, July 14-18, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell E9
Course No: 380088 Fee: $149

LEGO Robotics Ultimate Engineering Challenge Institute

Engineer and design your own Olympian robot with your team from the ground up. Develop and write your own software programs customized for your robot. Use your creative abilities to give your team the edge as you design a new robot and compete in different challenges every day. The fun will be endless as you apply your engineering skills using Mindstorms software and equipment in this blast of a class!'
Director: Chris Duval
Ages 9-13, August 4-8, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell E
Course No: 380093 Fee: $279


Vet Med Camp

This exciting class will take place at two of our region's most important animal care facilities where you will learn behavior training and the basics of the care and handling of a variety of animals. You may assist the staff in exercising, walking and brushing the dogs one day and you may help in the care and feeding of cats and kittens on another day. Animal specialists and veterinary professionals will visit you as you explore the different professions in animal care and welfare to share their expertise.
Instructors: Southern Oregon Humane Society and Jackson County Animal Shelter Staff, Volunteers, veterinary professionals & animal specialists.
Facilitator: Daniel Rollins
Session I: SOHS, Medford, Ages 10-14, July 7-11, M–F, 1:00-3:00
Session II: JCAS, Phoenix, Ages 10-14, August 11-15, M–F 1:00-3:00
Locations: Southern Oregon Humane Society and Jackson County Animal Shelter
Course No: 380051 Fee: $119


New this Summer! SOU Preschool will be open to community members. Four unique themed two-week sessions will be offered in the SOU School of Education's outstanding preschool facilities.
Head Teacher: Maureen Honeycutt

Dragon Tails and Princess Veils

Come build a castle and explore a medieval world. Over our two weeks together, we will be transformed into knights and princesses, complete with swords and shields, crowns and wands, all made with our own royal hands!
July 7 - July 17, Ages: 4-6, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290001, Fee: $279

Kitchen Science

At the end of these 2 weeks your child will come home with enough sticky, slimy, gooey, goopy recipes to keep you creating scientific experiments right in your own kitchen all summer long. Highlights include cornstarch goop, a food coloring mixing station, erupting volcanoes, bubbles, and of course, play dough.
July 21 - July 31, Ages: 4-6, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290002, Fee: $279

Way, Way Down in the Deep Blue Sea

This camp will explore the magic and beauty of our earth's underwater world. We will transform the preschool into an aquarium, meet a mermaid, discover how big a killer whale really is, and still have plenty of time for water play.
August 4 - August 14, Ages: 4-6, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290003, Fee: $279

Let's Build

In preschool, we love blocks. We love to build, and we also love to demolish. In these two weeks, we will pull out all the blocks (and we have a lot!), the hard hats, and the work bench. We will discover all the ways we can measure, use tools, and have fun with construction.
August 18-August 28, Ages: 4-6, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290004, Fee: $279

Other SOU Summer Programs

These programs are offered through other SOU departments. Please contact them directly for information.

SOU Sports Programs 2014

The following sports camps are offered through the Athletics Department at SOU. For information, call the number listed for the program you are interested in.

SOU Boys and Girls Basketball Camp
June 16-20, K-6th grades
Contact Lynn Kennedy at 541-552-6044

SOU Raider Football Camp
June 15-18, 9-12 grades
Contact Nathan Chin at 541-552-6832

SOU Youth Soccer Camps
June 23-26 and July 7-10 ages 5-13
Contact Jon Clement at 541-552-6726

SOU Girls Volleyball Camp
July 15-17, grades 6-8
July 20-23, grades 7-12
Contact Josh Rohlfing at 541- 552-6728

Youth Programs Class Locations

SOU Ashland Campus

  • AB: Art Building, Center for the Visual Arts, SOU Campus
  • Britt: Britt Hall, between Churchill and the Stevenson Union, SOU Campus
  • Campbell: Campbell/OLLI Building, 655 Frances Lane, SOU Campus (behind Starbucks)
  • CE: Central Hall, Center of the SOU Campus
  • Computing Service Center: between Taylor and Central Halls, PCE and PCW Labs, SOU Campus
  • EP: Education/Psychology Building, S Mountain Avenue, SOU Campus
  • MA: Marion Ady, Center for the Visual Arts, SOU Campus
  • McNeal: McNeal Pavilion/ Rock Wall / Tennis Courts/ Dance Room:
    Webster Street (next to the Mountain Arena), SOU campus
  • PE: Inside McNeal Pavilion, Webster Street, SOU Campus
  • RVTV: Rogue Valley Community Television, 1525 Webster Street, SOU Campus
  • SOU Family Housing, 1361 Quincy Street, Ashland
  • SOU Preschool/Education Psychology Building off of Mountain Ave.
  • Theatre Arts Building: Corner of Ashland Street and University Way, SOU Campus

In Ashland
Flying L Ranch, 776 W Valley View Rd.
Sew Creative, 115 E Main St.

In Medford
Centennial Golf Club, 1900 N Phoenix Rd.

In Phoenix
Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S Pacific Hwy.

Because of the popularity of our residential programs, we encourage students to complete and submit their applications early. Please call 541-552-6452 to receive a brochure and application.

Please note: There is no online registration for residential camps.


A Residential Camp for Talented and Highly Able Students
Save the Date!
Session I; June 21-27, 2015
: Students completing 5 & 6 plus Junior Counselors (grades 10–12)
Session II; June 21-27, 2015: Students completing grades 5–8 plus Junior Counselors (grades 10–12)

ACADEMY 2015 offers a broad range of classes, workshops, cultural experiences, and recreational activities for talented and highly able students who have completed grades 5 through 8. Students selected for each week-long residential session live on the Southern Oregon University campus, where they interact with students of similar abilities while being challenged by creative, imaginative instructors and activities. Fees: Student: $750 / Junior Counselor: $550


A Residential Camp for Latino Students
Save the Date!
August 2-8, 2015:
Students completing grades 7–9, Leadership Program for students completing 10 & 11 grades, plus Junior Counselors (for students completing grades 11–12)

Academia Latina 2015 is a week-long  camp designed to inspire Latino students to explore the learning and career opportunities that university education affords. This program offers classes, workshops, cultural experiences, and recreational activities. Students will interact with other Latino students from southern Oregon while being challenged by creative, bilingual instructors and exciting activities. Fee: Students - $750; Junior Counselor - $495


Students may sign up for one of the following:
Session 1: August 18–21, 2015 for ages 10–13
1:00pm Tuesday – 6:00pm Friday

Session 2: August 23-26, 2015 for ages 10-13
1:00 pm Sunday - 6:00 pm Wednesday

Sea Camp of Oregon offers youth a unique hands-on learning experience to the beautiful and intriguing coast of Charleston, Oregon, with its diverse ecosystems. Participants will explore tide pools, go crabbing, observe marine wildlife, go hiking and are involved in many other hands-on activities and field trips.


July 11-18, 2015 for Native American Students in grades 7-12
Students spend time with tribal elders and native American teachers during classes, lectures and presentations as they spend 8 days and experience the academic setting of SOU.

Young Artists Institute
Save the date!
July 26-August 2, 2015: Our new program is scheduled for high school students who have completed 9th grade, but have yet not graduated from high school. Students receive first-class instruction by professional artists in creative writing and/or fine arts through intensive hands-on workshops, mentoring, evaluation and presentation of completed works.

Explore ... Discover ... Dream

Welcome to Southern Oregon University Youth Programs summer classes and camps. We offer a number of residential camps and over 50 classes that introduce you to new subjects or broaden your knowledge in a hands-on way. Attending classes on a university campus in a fun, safe, dynamic environment will excite you about college life and encourage dreams of becoming a college student yourself.

2015 Summer Registration will be available soon!

Click here for Online Registration

Summer Brochure 2014 [pdf]
Summer-at-a-glance [pdf]

Summer Classes 2014

Click here to see topics of more than 50 classes offered for ages 6-16.                                       lithia 4-kids

Summer Early Entry For High School Juniors and Seniors. Take college classes for credit this summer on the SOU Campus. Registration is available now.

Residential Programs  

ACADEMY Residential program for talented and highly able students completing grades 5th-8th Plus Junior Counselor High School Leadership program

Academia Latina Residential program for Latino students completing 7th, 8th & 9th grades Plus Junior Counselor High School Leadership program

Konaway Nika Tillicum Residential camp for Native American students grades 6-12.

Sea Camp of Oregon Marine Biology residential program held at the Oregon coast for ages 10-13

Young Artists Institute Our new residential program for high school students who have completed 9th grade, but have yet not graduated from high school.