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Southern Oregon University

Crater Lake Science & Learning Center
Adult/Child (children ages 9 & above)

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These unique weekend camping adventures are designed for an adult/child team. Select your adventure from a variety of exciting workshops featuring the arts and sciences and share time together at beautiful Crater Lake National Park. Daytime and evening programs combine to make these weekends full and memorable. During your Saturday afternoon free time, sneak in a boat tour, go fishing, shop or hike on your own. Learn about the night sky and other natural wonders during the evening programs. Youth Programs is partnering with the Crater Lake National Park Science & Learning Center to provide this engaging series of family weekends. Perfect for grandparents, too!

Cost: $196 per parent/child team (Children age 9 and above)

Includes: 8 hours of instruction (Sat/Sun), materials, Junior Ranger talks, evening programs, 2 nights campsite fees (RV sites available), park entrance fees.

Note: Participants will provide their own transportation, food and camping gear.

Art on the Rim: July 25 27 - Picture the two of you with sketch pads sitting along the rim of Crater Lake drawing the "lakescape." This class provides beginning instruction in sketching and watercolor. Let your work be inspired by nature’s color pallet found in the water, trees, flowers and rock outcrops. Also enjoy a cozy fireside evening of drawing animals, cartoons and Monga! Instructor Craig Honeycutt will share his artistic expression and help you find yours!

The Art of Observation: August 1-3 - Like cookies and milk, photography and writing combine for a delicious partnership! Explore the park while taking digital photos and use them to inspire creative writing. Digital camera with plenty of "card" space required. The instructor is photo-journalist, Dennis Dunleavy who will guide your journey.

EarthCache - GPS Adventures: August 8 -10 - EarthCaching is an eco-scavenger hunt that involves respectful exploring and discovering but not collecting. Hike from the water’s edge to the top of Watchman’s Peak uncovering the treasures and mysteries of Crater Lake National Park. Learn navigation skills and map reading as you add adventure, technology and intrigue to your wilderness experience. Instructors: National Park Service and SOU staff.

Weekend-with-a-Scientist: August 15 -17 - Ever dream about working along side of a scientist? Experience field techniques, collect and record data and explore currently active research sites at Crater Lake National Park. A love for water, birds, mammals, plants and especially lichen is required! Plan on moderate hiking, maybe getting your feet wet and beautiful views. Instructors: National Park Service and SOU staff.

For more information please contact:

Linda Hilligoss
Asst Professor of Education