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Southern Oregon University


2015 Summer Brochure 88CoverSummer Youth Programs 2015

Classes for Youth Ages 3-17

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Lithia 4 Kids
Come to Southern Oregon University this summer for an unforgettable, hands-on, educational experience. We will be offering over 50 exciting classes and residential camps. To get on the mailing list for our Pre-College Youth Programs Summer Brochure by calling (541) 552-6452.

Summer Classes  

College Prep
Science/Strategy Games/Engineering

SOU Preschool will be open to community members. Three unique themed two-week sessions will be offered in the SOU School of Education's outstanding preschool facilities.
Head Teacher: Maureen Honeycutt 


Sponsored by People's Bank                                                                       

Anything Goes Art!  

This is the perfect class for the undecided artist! You’ll explore the world of art as you learn about the tools and techniques that inspire creative expression in a variety of mediums. Each day you’ll work on a different project showcasing mediums like blown ink drawings, painting with resists, Artist Trading Cards and more. By the end of a fun-filled week, you will take home a group of one-of-a-kind pieces of art to display and share with your family and friends. 
Instructor: Sherri Beeler
Ages 8-12, July 20-24, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300102 Fee: $119

Beyond Bugs Bunny: Cartooning for Kids

Get ready for cartoon mania as you draw your cartoon character favorites from Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Disney’s Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and more. Your ‘tooning tools will include pencils, erasers, markers and other art supplies as you design your own microbots, animals, Bewilderbeasts and cartoon creatures of all kinds bringing them to life in this blast of an art class!
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 8-12, July 13-17, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300094 Fee: $139

Fabulous Fashionistas

Do you have a passion for fashion? You’ll begin this class 2015 Fab fashionistas 250by learning to create your own custom clothing form using lots of tape, stuffing and spray paint. Then gather sample materials and learn how to sketch your ideas for your designer paper clothing. With all kinds of adornments you will create a custom fitted, wearable paper outfit and at the end the week you and your designer classmates will model your creations at the very exclusive Fashionistas Runway Show. Parents and friends are invited to attend! Note: Each student will need to bring or wear a tight fitting crew neck T-shirt that will be the underlining of the clothing form. Students are also encouraged to bring their own found items to help embellish their clothing. 
Instructor: Pravina McClure
Ages 9-13, July 20-24, M-F, 1:00-3:00 pm
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300101 Fee: $119

Kids in the Kitchen: Culinary Arts Institute

Join the ranks of young chefs exploding onto the culinary2015 Crepe Making Team Posing scene and work with a professional chef to create fabulous dishes every day. Along the way, you’ll get lots of hands on experience learning how to measure, mix, stir and use the tools of the culinary trade. The week will include a ‘meet the farmers’ visit to the Ashland Farmers Market and a tour of the garden at SOU’s new Center for Sustainability where you’ll learn how some of your recipe ingredients are grown.
Instructor: Marilyn D. Moore
Ages 7-10, July 13-17, M-F 9:00-4:00
Location: SOU Family Housing Community Kitchen
Course No: 300089 Fee: $279

Mask Maker, Mask Maker, Make Me a Mask!

Masks are worn for protection, entertainment, ritual and disguise. The ancient Aztecs used gold and precious gems on their masks while feathers, seashells and wood adorned masks in Papua New Guinea. Guests at medieval masquerade balls hid behind their masks. You’ll learn about the colorful history of these pieces and use your personal inspiration and  vision to custom design your own mask. Plaster, paint, feathers, ‘gems and jewels’ and objects from the natural world are just some of the decorative objects you can use to make a brilliant maskerpiece!
Instructor: Sherri Beeler
Ages 8-12 July 13-17, M-F 9:00-11:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 300103 Fee: $119

Off the Eaten Path: Culinary Arts Institute

The keys to the kitchen are yours in this hands-on culinary adventure. Guided by a professional chef  you will unlock the flavors  of  the world in the daily dishes that you create. Hone your skills as you learn knife techniques and how to use of a variety of kitchen tools and equipment to help you develop your cooking style. A trip to the Ashland Farmer’s Market to ‘meet the farmers’ and find out how their food is grown will be a special highlight of this wonderful week in the kitchen!
Director: Marilyn Moore
Ages 11-14 August 10 -14, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: SOU Family Housing Community Kitchen
Course No: 300090 Fee: $279

Shazam! Super Power Heroes and Heroines
in Art!

Bring all of your kid super powers with you and learn how to draw the essential parts of virtually every Superhero or heroine in history. You’ll explore the shapes, sizes and style of these characters  as you create drawings of Batman fighting crime in Gotham or Wonder Woman’s homeland Themyscira and her famous Lasso of Truth. Villians may also make an appearance as you draw as many details of each superhero story as you can imagine!
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 8-12, July 20-24, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No: 300104 Fee: $139

The Eyes Have It

On the face of it, artists begin drawing faces starting with 2015 Eyes Have It 275the eyes and work outward from there. In this amazing class with a master teacher, you’ll experiment with drawing the kinds of faces that interest you the most. Using the ‘human face formula’ you may draw human faces, manga faces, comic faces, charicatures and more. You’ll explore fundamental skills of drawing facial features and experiment with light and shade as you apply new skills and detail to each piece and master new techniques each day.
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt
Ages 11-14 July 27-31, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Location: MA 101
Course No: 300105  Fee: $139

Got it Covered! Chunky Book Creations

Think outside the book as you explore your creative skills and apply collage and mixed media techniques to create your own ‘chunky book’. Chunky books are fat, stiff-paged books with so many layers and embellishments that the book will not close. Add secret pockets, pull-outs, tabs and unique features to cover your one-of-a-kind artistic creation!
Instructor: Sherri Beeler
Ages 8-12 July 27-31, M-F 9:00-11:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No: 300088 Fee: $119

Wild and Wooly Animal Artworks

Draw yourself crazy in this fun-filled animal art class! You'll learn about the places where wild
animals live and create the animals that live there using colorful clay, pencils, colored pencils, markers and more. Try
your hand at drawing an ancient wooly mamouth, an African lion or an exotic
bird. You choose the animals and it will be a gr-r-r-animal art class!
Instructor:Craig Honeycutt
Ages 6–8, July 6-10, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No: 300106 Fee: $139

College Prep

Sponsored by the Rogue Credit Union

College Prep Institute

Come learn what getting into college is all about. This college preparation program provides you with effective
test-taking strategies and test preparation skills to help you succeed on the SATand ACT tests. A college essay seminar provides an opportunity for you to learn the components of an effective collegeadmissions essay. An evening parent seminar will focus on timetables, evaluating colleges, applications, finances, and applying for scholarships.
Instructors: A team of qualified instructors who have experience preparing students for college.
Ages 14–18, August 3-6, M–TH, 9:00-1:00
Location: EP 292
Course No: 320004 Fee: $239

Conquer the Essay 

Boost your score on the SATand ACT timed essay or enhance your college entrance essay. Build a knowledge bank of specific examples from history, literature, and personal experience. Then practice writing timed essays on a variety of topics. You will develop confidence in your writing, strengthen vocabulary and grammar skills, increase reading comprehension, improve critical/creative thinking skills and expand descriptive writing abilities.
Instructor: Anna Schatz
Ages 15-18, August 17-21 9:00-12:00
Location: EP 294
Course No: 320006 Fee: $139


Sponsored by Avista Utilities


Explore the wide world of object and clay animation. 2015 Claymation 300 9814Using colorful modeling clay, create fanciful creatures and cartoon-like characters with settings for your stories. You will be using "stop-action" animation and learn basic camera techniques and composition to record your character’s movements. Build on your camera and storytelling skills in this hands-on, fun-filled class and be able to share online access to your finished films with your family and friends.
Instructor: Samar Dawisha
Session I: Ages 9-13 July 13-17, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-13 August 10-14, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell A
Course No. 330008 Fee: $149

There's an App for That: Computer Games and Apps Institute

Do you have a passion for gaming, computers, electronics, and new technology? Building on basic programming techniques you’ll ‘scratch’ the surface to learn about the construction of gaming programs in hands on activities. Game Maker software will take you to the next level as you experiment with creating gaming elements of your own. Mobile apps are the next step as you’ll dive into into the details of app construction with your instructor as your guide. You’ll create 1-2 apps each day as you discover your digital potential using the latest and greatest computer technologies and state-of-the-art equipment in this exciting class. Enjoy a flexible course that provides you with creative freedom, and showcase your own apps for the entire class on the final day.
Director: Christopher Rosetta
Ages 11-14, July 20-24, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330050 Fee: $279

Epic Tech Institute

Do you have a passion for gaming, computers, electronics, and new technology? Have you ever wanted to learn how to manipulate photos? Make animations? Tell an epic digital tale? Build a website?The Epic Tech Institute provides you with the opportunity to do all of the above and much, much more! Discover your digital potential using the latest and greatest computer technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and a staff of professionals with years of industry experience. Enjoy a flexible course that provides you with the creative freedom needed to create multiple projects and develop knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime.
Director: Steve Roby
Ages 9-14, August 10-14, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: RVTV Computer Lab
Course No: 330041 Fee: $279

Expeditions in Photography and Digital Editing

Reach for the stars with your digital camera as you use your creative eye to capture images that you will be excited to share. You’ll learn how to use your camera to visually express the world around you as you explore the use of light, color, pattern and composition. In the computer lab using hands on techniques you’ll experiment with fun editing techniques to enhance your amazing images. Please note: All students need to bring a digital camera with fully charged batteries.
Instructor: Mary Wilkins-Kelly
Ages 9-13, August 3-7, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell A and Britt 251
Course No: 330051 Fee: $119

Flash! Awesome Computer Animation

Introduce yourself to the Flash Animation computer program in this exciting interactive class. Learn how web developers use Flash in webpage design. Dive into the Flash environment and find out about the tools for creating animation and learn basic animation concepts.
Instructor: Otis Richardson
Ages 9-12 August 3 - 7, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330026 Fee: $119

Photo Safari

Get ready to go wild with your camera as you go on daily scavenger hunts in this exciting class. Each day you’ll work from a new list that might include landmarks on the SOU campus, specific items to search for, or  special themes that you’ll seek out and photograph as you sharpen your creative eye. As you travel in this photo safari you’ll  learn about lighting, composition, perspective and how to frame your best shots.  Please note: All students need to bring a digital camera with fully charged batteries.
Instructor: Mary Wilkins-Kelly
Ages 9-13, July 27-31, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 330053 Fee: $119

Quiet on the Set and...Action!

Learn about all the elements of film making — scripts, props, 2015 Quiet on the Set 275costumes, directing, cameras, and more. You’ll create original scripts, and then shoot the movie “on location” on the SOU campus using digital video equipment. The last day will be movie day, so bring your family and enjoy some treats.
Instructor: Jeff Rhoades
Ages 9-12, July 6-9, M-TH, 12:00-4:00
Location: Britt 251
Course No: 330035 Fee: $149

Introduction to Video Game Design

Explore the high-tech, fast moving world of video games and design concepts and learn how video game design can become a career path. From Atari's Pong to the Natal Projection XBOX 360 you will canvass the various genres and gaming platforms. Use game development tools like GameMaker to learn basic game design elements from game flow and sprite creation to backgrounds and sound all wrapped into basic programming exercises.
Instructor: Michel Knowles
Session I: Ages 11-14, July 13-17, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II:: Ages 11-14, July 27-31, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330032 Fee: $139

Intermediate Video Game Design

Continue to explore the high-tech, fast moving world of video games, game design concepts and the possibility to turn your passion into a real life career in this class for intermediate game design students.  You’ll work with a production team to experience the game design life cycle as you develop a fun and rewarding team project. Learn how to add polish and charm to your game through the use of GameMaker scripting language – GML and you’ll be amazed at the results! Note: This class is recommended for students with some prior game design experience or for those who have taken the introduction to Video Game Design class. 
Instructor: Michel Knowles
Session I: Ages 11-14, August 10-14, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Session II: Ages 11-14, August 17-21, M-F, 1:00-4:00
Location: CE 104
Course No: 330052 Fee: $139  

We’re Rolling! 

Work as a production team to create your own short film using professional production techniques. You’ll brainstorm creative ideas, write your scripts, scout shooting locations and use props and costumes as you direct and then shoot your film using digital video equipment on the SOU campus.
Instructor: Jeff Rhoades
Ages 11-14, July 13-16, M-TH, 12:00-4:00
Location: Britt 251
Course No: 330048 Fee: $149


Sponsored by Avista

Conservatory for Young Theatre Artists,
Camelot Theatre Company (CTC)

This exciting camp is designed to either introduce or2015 Conservatory 300 9830 expand the developing artist in the areas of improvisation, voice, acting, dance and Shakespeare. Working with professional artists, the day moves from classes to workshops to a performance of select material for an audience of family and friends.
Instructors: Livia Genise leads a team of instructors Amanda Andersen, Genevieve Andersen, Nathan Monks and Steven Dominguez, all associated with the popular Camelot Theatre in Talent, Oregon.
Ages 9–17, August 17-21, M–F, 9:00–4:00
Location: Theatre Arts Building
Course No: 340003 Fee: $279

From the Page to the Stage: The Art of Dramatic Writing

Have you ever wanted to write an original play for the stage or a screenplay for film or television? Discover the key elements of dramatic writing as you develop dialogue driven scenes and have the chance to see and hear your characters come to life when they are performed by other students.  Pull out all the stops and watch your creative instincts come to life on stage!
Instructor: Wind Woods
Ages11-14, July 13-17, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 340041 Fee: $119

Summer with Shakespeare!

Spend some time with the Bard and unlock the mysteries of his poetic voice as you engage in exciting physical and vocal exercizes to help you express the meaning in some of his most famous monologues. Led by a theatre professional, you’ll be amazed as you discover the rhymes, rhythm and meter of these historic works.
Instructor: Wind Woods
Ages 11-14, July 20-24, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 340044 Fee: $119

Two Ways Playin’: Electro Acoustic Music Institute

Come immerse yourself in an authentic song-building 2015 Ways Playin 300process that allows everyone to be successful regardless of experience level! Rooted in traditional acoustic sounds and rhythms, this class will teach you the basics of rhythm, music theory and song arrangement.  Beginning with guitar and drums to develop your own acoustic songs, you’ll be guided in using computers and music software to create evocative digital sounds that make your work truly distinctive.  This class is designed to build your confidence, inspire creative expression, and instill a love of music in both aspiring musical artists and future audiences.
Instructors: Steve Roby and Oneal Latimore
Ages 11-14, August 17-21, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: MUS 014 Computer Lab and Studio
Course No: 340043 Fee: $279


Sponsored by People's Bank

Engarde! Fencing Fun

Safe inside a mask and jacket, you will be introduced to 2015 Fencing 9754 the exciting sport of fencing. Learn the skills of touching (scoring on) your partner, while avoiding being scored on, as well as learning the respect, ethics, and camaraderie involved in this classic sport. Note: All equipment supplied.
Instructor: Dylan Shelton
Session I: Ages 9-12, August 3-7, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 9-12, August 17-21, M-F, 10:00-12:00
Location: MUS 220
Course No: 370032 Fee $119 

Horsing Around at the Flying L Ranch

Calling all horse lovers! Learn to ride and care for horses this summer in classes that are based on CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) instruction. Each session includes mounted lessons, lectures on horsemanship theory and safety, horse related crafts and activities, as well as an introduction to the wholesome ranch life. Campers participate with pride in the routine hands on care and handling of horses and find out what it really means to own a horse. Note: At the start of each session, campers are evaluated, matching mounts and lesson plans to the ability of the individual.
Instructors: Owner, Leslie Hunter and the Flying L Ranch Staff
Session I: July 20-24, Ages 9-13, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session II:  August 3-7, Ages 9-13, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session III: August 17-21, Ages 9-13, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: Flying L Ranch
Course No: 370037 Fee $199
2015 Horsing Around 200H




It’s a Racquet! Mixed Level Tennis

Whether you want to improve your game or are just a beginning player, you will learn creative drills, basic strokes, serving techniques, and how to play a match. Amaze yourself as you master the basics of serves, volleys, backhand strokes, overheads and the skills you’ll need to win on and off the courts! Individual instruction and teamwork will all be part of the game in this fun filled class.
Note: Please bring a racquet if you have one. Some racquets may be supplied upon request.
Instructor: Dana Yearsley
Session I: Ages 8-12, July 6-10, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session II: Ages 8-12, August 3-7, M-F 9:00-11:00
Location: SOU Stadium Tennis Courts
Course No: 370040 Fee: $119

golfTee Off! Junior Golf Institute

What can be better than golf in the summer! Join in this ‘swinging’ class designed for beginning and intermediate players. Practice your swing, chip, and putt as you learn
etiquette and rules. Start learning how to play like your golf heroes!
Note: Students must provide their own golf equipment.
Instructor: Ryan Wymore
Ages 7-12, Aug 10-14, M-F, 12:00-1:00
Location: Centennial Golf Club, Medford
Course No: 370026 Fee: $69

Rock the Wall!

Join us for a week of games and outdoor rock wall climbing at Emigrant Lake! You'll
learn the basics of knot tying, gear use and management and beginner climbing
technique with our knowledgeable instructors. No experience required. Channel
your inner monkey and climb your way into one of the greatest outdoor sports
Note: Equipment rental is included in the class fee.
Instructor: Kelly Sosa and Althea Sullivan
Session I: Ages 11-14, July 6-10, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Session II: Ages 11-14, July 13-17, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Emigrant Lake Rock Wall
Course No: 370046 Fee $155

Science/Strategy Games/Engineering

Sponsored by Medford Fabrications

beesBee Academy

Discover what all of the buzz is about in the Bee Academy! You will get a hands-on, up close experience as you study the lives of bees.  The SOU apiary in the ECOS Community Garden has three bee hives, and this garden will be our outdoor classroom. Young beekeepers will wear protective bee suits and use beekeeping equipment to explore the inner workings of a honey bee hive. You will record your observations of bee behavior in your Bee Log, monitor the health of the queen, taste real honey, and plant native wildflowers in the garden to provide nectar and pollen for the bees.  You and your classmates will also design and build a “bee hotel” to host native bees in the apiary. At the end of Bee Academy, you will receive your own Bee Badge as a certified beginner beekeeper, equipped with the knowledge and curiosity to be lifelong friends with bees!
Instructor: Jamie Hickner 
Ages 9-12, July 27-31, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: EP 292 and SOU Community Gardens
Course No: 380079 Fee: $119

Not So Bored Games

Settle Catan, cure a pandemic, survive a rising flood with your team in this fun-filled class of collaborative and strategic games. Brave a desert storm with your friends one day and create your own Apples to Apples game the next! Victory will be sweet as you work together to develop the strategies and analyze the best path to take. Games will take place in the classroom and outside as you play your way through each day.
Instructor: Steve Roby
Ages 8-12, July 20-24, M-F, 9:00-12:00
Location: Campbell E
Course No: 380092 Fee: $139

Crime and Puzzlement: Crime Scene Investigators Institute

Become a detective and conduct forensic science tests on evidence found at mock crime scenes. You’ll use your powers of observation, your critical thinking skills and your ability to work with a team to solve multiple mysteries. Using crime scene investigation principles, you’ll perform experiments to narrow down your suspect list and interview suspects while piecing together the events leading up to the crime. Put on your detective cap as you work with fingerprints, footprint molds and more as you follow the clues to solve each crime!
Director: Steve Roby
Ages 8-12, July 13-17, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell D
Course No: 380089 Fee: $279

Epic Chain Reactions

Have you ever heard of the ‘domino effect’? It means that a chain reaction of some kind has been set in motion and will continue until it is interrupted. In this exciting class you will be creating epic or life sized domino effects as you learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and thermodynamics. Working with a team to plan and design a variety of chain reactions using simple machines and other objects you will execute your plans. Your critical thinking skills will help as you measure and build in this epic class.
Session I: Ages 8-12, July 20-24, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Session II: Ages 8-12, July 27-31, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Instructor: Steve Roby
Location: Campbell E
Course No. 380098 Fee: $119

rocketSeriously Scientific Institute

Discover your inner scientist through a week of fun experimentation, investigation, and exploration. Through scavenger hunts, mini-hikes and hands on dissections you’ll  explore the world of land and sea. As you conduct experiments in physics and chemistry, be prepared to put on your lab coat and goggles to investigate chemical reactions. Learn about  the laws of physics and the power of the sun as you make ice cream, launch bottle rockets, and build solar ovens. Be a biologist one day, a chemist, physicist, or engineer the next. Each day will be different and exciting!
Director: Kathy Nguyen
Ages 8-12, July 27-31, M-F, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No. 380077 Fee: $279

Petals and Pollinators

Discover the beautiful world of birds, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, and other pollinators. Through games, arts and crafts, songs, nature walks, and hands-on planting of seeds and flowers, you’ll learn about your favorite backyard pollinators and how to grow the flowers that will attract them. You’ll design a pollinator garden, learn about bird baths, bat boxes, and bee hotels, and make our own nests out of found natural materials. Once you’ve chosen your favorite pollinator, you’ll build your own wings and join in as we fly around in our pollinator parade.
Instructor: Jamie Hickner
Ages 6-8, July 20-24, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: EP 292 and SOU Community Gardens
Course No: 380097 Fee: $119

Science Explorers in Nature Institute

The world around will be your guide as you become a2015 Nature Explorers 275 nature explorer and find out what what a day in the life of a field scientist might be like. Keeping notes and drawings in your field notebook, you will record your findings, get your hands on animal pelts and bones and conduct experiments in the lab to uncover the workings of our ecosystem through science. You’ll discover how a biologist works to research and protect animals, how a botanist uncovers the mysteries of a newly discovered plant and what role the smallest bugs play in keeping your world spinning.
Instructors: Amanda Cordes and Alexandra Harding
Ages 8-12, July 6-10, 9:00-4:00
Location: Campbell C
Course No: 380096 Fee: $279

LEGO Robotics Olympics

Engineering and the Olympic spirit come together in this class that will teach you the basics of LEGO robotics. Using LEGO Mindstorms software you’ll learn to build and program robots using motors and sensors as you work in teams in a variety of competitions and activities. Have fun as you construct robots all week and see what they can do!
Session I: Ages 9-13, July 6-10, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session II: Ages 9-13, August 10-14, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Instructor: Chris Duval
Location: Campbell E
Course No: 380060 Fee: $119

LEGO Robot Challenge Workshop  2015 Lego Challenge 300

Work in teams to meet challenges and learn mechanical and software design as you design, build and program a robot to compete against others in multiple challenges on a board similar to First Lego League. Celebrate your engineering skills by building advanced LEGO structures using Mindstorms software and equipment. Previous robot and LEGO experience is helpful!
Instructor: Chris Duval
Session I: Ages 9-13, July 13-17, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session II: Ages 9-13, August 17-21, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: Campbell E
Course No: 380088 Fee: $119

Mousetrap EngineeringEngineering

You will be challenged to use your creativity and construction skills to design and build a vehicle that will attempt to travel thirty meters powered only by the energy of a mousetrap! Advanced designs and speedier cars will be possible for those willing to exceed the challenge.
Instructor: Steve Roby
Ages 8-12, July 6-10, M-F, 1:00-3:00
Location: Campbell E
Course No. 380073 Fee: $119

 Vet Med Camp

This exciting class will take place at one of our region’s most important animal care facilities where you will learn behavior training and the basics of the care and handling of a variety of animals. You may assist the staff in exercising, walking and brushing the dogs one day and you may help in the care and feeding of cats and kittens on another day. Animal specialists and veterinary professionals will visit you to share their expertise as you explore the different professions in animal care and welfare.
Instructors: Southern Oregon Humane Society staff, volunteers, veterinary professionals & animal specialists.
Facilitator: Kelly Sosa
Session I: SOHS, Medford, Ages 10-14, July 27-31, M–F,
Session II: SOHS, Medford,  Ages 10-14,
August 3-7, M–F 1:00-3:00
Location: Southern Oregon Humane Society
Course No: 380051 Fee: $119

Wilderness Masters

Discover life off the beaten path as you play camouflage2015 Wilderness Masters 300 9805 and tracking games and learn outdoor survival techniques in this fun filled class. You’ll get your hands on nature as you build shelters, cast animal tracks and make your own rope and tools. Explore the outdoors on naturalist led hikes and experience the different uses of many native plants that grow right in your own back yard!
Instructor: Alyssa Grove
Session I: Ages 8-12, August 10-14, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Session II: Ages 8-12, August 17-21, M-F, 9:00-11:00
Location: EP 294
Course No: 380095 Fee: $119


SOU Preschool will be open to community members. Three unique themed two-week sessions will be offered in the SOU School of Education's outstanding preschool facilities.
Head Teacher: Maureen Honeycutt 

Preschool Registration Available! 2015 Blue train 275 1096

Building With Loose Parts

If you can imagine it, you can build it.  In this session, we will be building with many different materials, indoors and out.  From corks, rocks, sticks, and blocks, to Legos and magnets, tiles and pvc pipe.  Some structures we will tear down and start over daily, some creations will go home at the end of our time together.
July 6 - July 16, Ages: 3-5, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290004, Fee: $239

Nature Art Camp

During the 8 days we have together, we will make suncatchers, painted rocks, our own paper, and all kinds of prints from the natural world on paper, fabric, and in sand.  Explore the beauty of art made from things in your own backyard.
July 20 - July 30, Ages: 3-5, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290005, Fee: $239

Summer Science

Using simple ingredients found in the kitchen, we will play with ice, chalk, goop, slime, balloons and bubbles.  Of course, some minor eruptions and explosions will be included!  
August 3 - August 13, Ages: 3-5, M-TH, 9:00-1:00
Course No: 290002, Fee: $239

Other SOU Summer Programs

These programs are offered through other SOU departments. Please contact them directly for information.

SOU Sports Programs 2015

The following sports camps are offered through the Athletics Department at SOU. For information, call the number listed for the program you are interested in or register at:

SOU Boys and Girls Basketball Camp
June 15-19, K-6th grades
Contact Lynn Kennedy at 541-552-6044

SOU Girls Volleyball Camp 
July 14-16, grades 6th-8th
July 19-22, grades 7th-12th
Contact Josh Rohlfing at 541- 552-6728

Youth Programs Class Locations

SOU Ashland Campus

  • AB: Art Building, Center for the Visual Arts, SOU Campus
  • Britt: Britt Hall, between Churchill and the Stevenson Union, SOU Campus
  • Campbell: Campbell/OLLI Building, 655 Frances Lane, SOU Campus (behind Starbucks)
  • CE: Central Hall, Center of the SOU Campus
  • Computing Service Center: between Taylor and Central Halls, PCE and PCW Labs, SOU Campus
  • EP: Education/Psychology Building, S Mountain Avenue, SOU Campus
  • Lower McNeal Tennis Courts,Wightman Street between Siskiyou Blvd. and Iowa
  • MA: Marion Ady, Center for the Visual Arts, SOU Campus
  • Music Building: on Mountain Avenue
  • RVTV: Rogue Valley Community Television, 1525 Webster Street, SOU Campus
  • SOU Family Housing, 1361 Quincy Street, Ashland
  • SOU Preschool/Education Psychology Building off of Mountain Ave.
  • Taylor Hall (behind Stevenson Union on University Way) SOU campus
  • Theatre Arts Building: Corner of Ashland Street and University Way, SOU Campus

In Ashland
Flying L Ranch, 776 W Valley View Rd.
Emigrant Lake Rock Wall, 5505 Hwy 66

In Medford
Centennial Golf Club, 1900 N Phoenix Rd.
Southern Oregon Humane Society, 2910 Table Rock Road

In Phoenix
Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S Pacific Hwy.