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Southern Oregon University



The Math of Mural Art 

Experience art indoors and outdoors and challenge your imagination as you learn new ways to express your artistic talents on murals. Instructor: Jose Rivera is an art major at Southern Oregon University who attended Academia Latina for three years as a student.

Creative Writing/Literature

Creative Writing: Fiction from the Heart

Come gain the skills needed to tell your story. In this class you will learn how to turn your story into a quality biography suitable for publishing and college applications. Instructor: Sra. Julie Garcia has worked with Latino students for the past two decades. She is a returning Academia Latina instructor.

Poetry Latino Style "I Am From............

What do you think of when you hear the word poetry? Do the words ‘difficult’ or ‘boring’ come to mind? Discover how poetry can help you become a smart, critical thinker, express thoughts and feelings important to you as you enjoy sharing your creative side. Instructor: Sra. Julie Garcia has work with Latino students for the past two decades. She is a returning Academia Latina instructor.


Aztec, Maya, and i-Pads

Did you know we come from greatness?  Well we do—and you can learn all about your roots as you explore the ruins & glyphs of the Maya, Inca and Aztecs. Be inspired by strong Hispanic leaders who have made positive changes and influenced our society. Instructor: Sr. Laipply teaches at Talent Middle School and is a returning Academia Latina instructor.


Biomicicry: Nature Inspired Inventions  

Did you know that the blue in a birds' feather is not from a pigment but from a microscopic structure? Take a close look at animals, plants and the natural environment around us to learn more about natural function. You’ll incorporate natural functions and basic mechanics to design and create your own projects as you use mechanical drawing, nature observation, sculpture and design. Instructor: Jeanine Moy is an educator, naturalist and artist. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University in Applied Ecology and a M.S. from Southern Oregon University in Environmental Education. She teaches classes at the Willow Wind Learning Center, Northwest Nature Shop and North Mountain Park in Ashland. 

Math Around the World! Global Games! ¡Juegos del Mundo! 
2014- 0814 102012

Learn the mysteries of Shongo from the Congo, NIM from China, Kalah from Egypt, the Tower of Hanoi, the Bridges of Konigsberg, Native American Game Sticks, and many more. Be ready to active in this class! We will play hard! Travel the world of games and mathematics! Instructor: Charlie Bauer is the Migrant Education, ELL and Indian Education Coordinator for the Southern Oregon Education Service District. He has taught every grade level from kindergarten to high school. He has also lived in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and California.

Nursing Rocks!

Experience the rewards and challenges of nursing while you participate in various hands-on activities with simulations based on real patient care experiences. You are bound to come away with a better understanding of the skills needed to be a nurse. Instructors: Dr. Stephanie Sideras and a team of OHSU Ashland Nursing Faculty and Staff teach the nursing class at Academia Latina each year.

2-Nursing-Lat Acad IMG 6414Health and Wellness

Wat’z up Sista?   Girls Only!

Let’s talk about you and me and life as we see it.  Can we change or are we stuck in our shell? What experiences or people influence our decisions?  Enjoy a frank and open discussion about the issues teenage girls face in today’s world including self-esteem, peer pressure, and body image. Instructor: Sra. Julie Garcia is a returning Academia Latina instructor.

Wat'z up Bro? Boys Only! 

Dude! What were you thinking? Let’s talk about the facts regarding all of the topics you think you have the answers to. Let’s see if you really know why you think the way you do. Come prepared for frank discussions, laughs and lots of new factual information.  Instructor: Sra. Julie Garcia is a returning Academia Latina instructor.

Living Well: Beyond the College Years 

Do you know what it takes to be healthy, wealthy & wise?  You’ll learn tips and advice that will guide you for years to come to make your college years and beyond go smoothly in this informative class.  Instructor: Sra. Christie Sanders works for the Phoenix-Talent Schools and is a returning Academia Latina instructor.

Music/Dance/Physical Movement

Salsa Anyone?

Get moving and grab a partner as you salsa across the floor to the beat of the music. You will learn techniques for the proper footwork, hip movement, arm styling and have fun learning about the origin of this exciting dance. Instructor: Sr. Jonathan Chavez-Baez is currently an Admissions Counselor at SOU. He attended SOU and majored in Communications. He now holds a Master’s degree.


Come explore the latest dance/exercise craze. Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance/fitness party that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health. Instructor: Seci Gonzalez is a featured veteran dancer with Ballet Folklorico / Ritmo Alegre.  This is her second year teaching at Academia Latina.


Target Your Market! 

Want to be a successful business owner one day and to understand how to reach out to potential customers? You will learn how to establish the principles of a target market and develop knowledge and basic skills about a product or service in this important class. You will explore pricing and promotional strategies as you explore how to market your product using social media, television and gorilla marketing. Instructor: Daniel Camacho is a Business Management/ Marketing student at SOU. He has worked on several promotional campaigns for local businesses. 


Adventures in Video Production

Learn about the elements of videography and film making in this great class! You will get hands-on experience in the field of video production as you explore the fundamentals of using the camera and editing your final product. Footage that you and your classmates create will be shown during the Academia banquet at the end of the week. Instructor: Angel Onesto is a student at Lane Community College who will be going to the University of Oregon in the fall. He enjoys being active, working with technology, and loves to joke around. This is his 9th year at Academia Latina and it is his first year as a teacher.