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Southern Oregon University

November 1, 2, 3 & 8

2015 Results

Over 240 students representing thirteen middle schools attended this year’s adjudication with nearly 300 students participating in the research and hunt portions of the competition. We ended the competition with another tie!  Congratulations to both Talent Middle School and Willow Wind for their first place scores of 89 points each. Ashland Middle School took second place with 86 points and Logos Public Charter School took third place with 83 points.  Other participating teams were from Eagle Point, Hanby, Hedrick, McLoughlin, North, Ruch, Scenic, South and Valley School of Southern Oregon.





   Talent Middle School
  Sandra Tringolo


  Willow Wind Middle School    Max Lawson and Kim Keoppen


  Ashland Middle School   Karl Pryor and Debbie Larson


  Logos Public Charter School     Chris Van Ness and Alisha Vosburg   

2016 Coaches Corner

2015 Location
The Middle School Scavenger Hunt will take place at the Stevenson Union, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University. SOU map [PDF].

2015 Bus and Minibus Parking
School buses and minibuses transporting students must go directly to Parking Lot #36 on Mountain Avenue. Please park in the back of the lot away from Mountain Avenue. See the SOU parking map.

Teams must walk a short distance from Parking Lot #36 to the Stevenson Union.

2015 Private Vehicle Parking
Parking Permits will not be issued to parents and family members. These vehicles must find parking on the street.

The State of Jefferson Scavenger Hunt questions were constructed with the intent that all answers could be found in a middle school, branch library and/or the Internet. The teams are encouraged to use people resources (teachers, parents, community members) to get tips and leads if they come to an impasse or did not know how to proceed.

The goals of the State of Jefferson Middle School Scavenger Hunt are:

    1. Students will increase knowledge of how to locate information.
    2. Students will learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
    3. Students construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
    4. Students will learn the importance of precision.
    5. Students will have fun with academics.

2015 Questions

Part I: Dedicatee

  1. After graduating from the University of Oregon, our dedicatee started a celebrated career during which our dedicatee toured dangerous territories and jumped off of planes. What is our dedicatee’s name (FL)? (2 points)

    Answer:  Ann Curry

  2. Before attending the University of Oregon, in what city did our dedicatee live? (2 points)


  3. Our dedicatee was fortunate to meet and converse with a remarkable leader who is one-quarter German. This person is recognized for being the first in Africa with this accomplishment. What is this person’s name (FML)? (3 points)

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Part II: General knowledge - Print and Internet based

  1. What is the name of a sport which was invented by an envelope salesman? (2 points)


  2. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a shortage of almost 200,000 people with deep analytical skills in the U.S. Writing an opinion piece, a professor at a prestigious university wrote that the demand in what field of study is predicted to increase by more than 20% in the next 15 years? (2 points)


  3. What is the name of the Colorado based company, with an Oregon connection, that transforms food based waste into petroleum alternatives? (2 points)


  4. What is the name (FL) of the woman who tried out 3 times to become a professional athlete and instead was the first to achieve a goal in a career where women represent less than 5% of the work force? (2 points)

    Answer:  Laura Baker
  5. What invention was patented in 1955 and used in the Apollo project as well as in the Afghanistan war? (1 point) How did this invention get its name? (2 points)

    Velcro (from “velvet and crochet”)

  6. Who (FML) was born in the nineteen twenties, became an orphan at the age of 9 and raised cotton for a living? He is in a Hall of Fame. (3 points)

     Riley B. King 

  7. What animal was introduced into Crater Lake National Park in 1961? (1 point) This animal has protection as a sensitive species. As its population dropped, what other species population boomed? (1 point)

      Fisher, porcupine

  8. What constitutional mechanism is permitted in every US State except Oregon? (2 points)


  9. What Oregon branch of a national organization celebrated its centennial this year (2015)? There have been only 40 members of this organization who have achieved special recognition since 1993. (2 points)

    Ashland, Boy Scout Troop #112  

  10. A work of art created in the late 1400s was significantly damaged. After more than 10 years of diligent restoration, it was repaired and displayed for viewing. What is the title of this work of art? (2 points)


  11. What mountain range is named after animals lost in a nineteenth century snowstorm? (1 point) What is the missing animal? (2 points)

    Siskiyou, bobtail horse

  12. This person was 3 months old when a famous natural disaster occurred. As of September 2015, this person is the oldest living survivor of this event. What is the oldest survivor’s name? (2 points)

    William Del Monte

  13. Near the close of the 19th century two powerful industrialists squared off to control power in the US. A Buffalo dentist provided an idea that ultimately led to shocking displays of power and death. The battle spawned an eponym for the killing based on one of the industrialists. What was that word? (2 points)


  14. At 71, his threatened departure would have caused the end of many interesting characters. However, his return for the 27th time ensures their survival. What is his name (FL)? (2 points)

    :Harry Shearer

  15. After a 20% drop in membership in March 2015, this organization, which was named second most charitable in 2013, reassured interested parties that it will continue its work. What is this organization? (2 points)

      One Direction

  16. As member of the winning quintet, his winners’ share was $1,323, 202.80. Earlier, he had to sit out some competitions with an ailment that may have been tennis elbow. Who is this fearless competitor (FL)? (2 points)

    Clinton Loomis

  17. She was frustrated by her gardening attire, so she set out to change the restrictive clothing style of the time. She indicated her new look had a coarse and uncivilized effect. Who (FML) was responsible for changing the fashion? (2 points) Who was the new clothing named after (L)? (1 point)

    Elizabeth Smith Miller, Bloomer

  18. Originally a bull’s eye shape, the successful commercial usage of this ubiquitous item was initiated 41 years ago. What is this item called? (2 points)


  19. This life saver was found in a garbage can near a fruit market. What is the name of the life saver? (2 points)

    Penicillium chrysogeum

  20. In this novel, the protagonist’s father dies. He meets a prince and a duke, impersonates a member of the opposite sex, and he commits a felony in all but one of the states he stays in. Who is the protagonist (FL)? (2 points)

    Huckleberry Finn
    Source: Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain

  21. This award winning book is an unabashedly autobiographical novel, even down to the names used in the story. In the novel the protagonist is “grounded for life”. The hometown of the protagonist takes its name from the last syllables of its namesake. What is the name of the town that our hero lives in (1 point), and who is the town named after? (FL) (2 points)

    Norvelt, Eleanor Roosevelt

  22. When asked by his uncle to put a name to a number that was greater than all the elementary particles in the universe, the 9 year old nephew suggested the name that, when incorrectly typed, led to a new verb. Within 50 years this typo had become Standard English. What is the infinitive of this verb? (2 points)

    to google
  23. Our first record is that they were discovered in the 4th century B.C. but oddly, there is nothing odd. What is the name of the fourth one discovered? (2 points)


  24. The name of this community may sound like it was derived from a European valley, but it was named after two partners who were murdered almost 15 years apart. What is the name of this Oregon community? (2 points)

    Answer: Frenchglen

  25. Our dedicatee is known for visiting a very remote part of the world. This remote part of the world has only one other place on earth both similar to it and opposite of it. At one time the region was the center of an intense and deadly struggle. Who is credited with being the victor in the struggle, by a mere 35 days. (FL)? (2 points)

    Answer: Roald Amundsen

Part III: Music

  1. A 1950s song has the both the name of a contagious disease and possible complications of that disease. What is the disease and possible complications of this disease? (2 points)

    Answer: Flu and pneumonia
    Source: “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu”

  2. What is the name of the Hall of Fame song which was originally recorded in 1971 and then recorded by a movie actor in 1987? (2 points)

    Answer: “Respect Yourself”

  3. Name the musical wind instruments in this song. (2 points)

    Answer: Bagpipes, Didgeridoo

  4. Listen to the provided song. First transcribed on a postcard by the composer and sent to a very good friend, it became the opening theme for a movement of one of his symphonies. Who was the composer (L)? (1 point) In the symphony, the theme is originally played by what instrument? (1 point) In the symphony, the theme is then answered by what instrument? (1 point)

    Answer: Brahms, horn, flute

Part IV: Where in the world?

1. Name the building, the city and the state in which it stands. (2 points)

2015 world 1
 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

2. What is this rock called? (2 Points)

Answer: Elephant Rock

3. Where was this photo taken? (2points)

Answer: Grizzly Peak

4. From what painting was this image derived? (1 point) Who was the artist (FL)?  (1 point)

Answer: The Sacrament of the Last Supper, Salvador Dali
Sources: page.46590.html

5. The photo below depicts the confluence of two rivers. What are the names of the  rivers? (2 points)

Answer: Havasu River, Colorado River

Part V: Bring-in Items

  1. Bring in a sample of the invention in question Part II #5. (2 points)

  2. Bring in a photo of your Scavenger Hunt team captain with the current president of a service club in your city. (2 points)

  3. Bring in a ticket stub from a Women’s Tennis Grand Slam Tournament. (2 points)

  4. Bring in a program from the most recent SOU football game. (2 points)

  5. Bring in one of the instruments from music question #3. (2 points)

Part VI: Performance

  1. Perform a song from the play or movie Guys and Dolls.

    Scoring: (3 points - exceptional, 2-points - very good, 1 point - good)

  2. Each team will be given an 8 ½” X 11” piece of paper at the adjudication to create a paper airplane. The planes will be launched and judged for accuracy.

    Scoring: Less than 6 ft. from target (1 point). Less than 4 ft. from target (2 points). Less than 1 ft. from target (3 points).