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Southern Oregon University

HIGH SCHOOL 2014-2015 

December 3 - 5 with adjudication on
December 9, 2014

 2014 Coaches Corner  

Scavenger Hunt Rules (PDF)
Team Registration  (PDF)

The High School Scavenger Hunt will take place at the Stevenson Union, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University. SOU map [PDF].

Bus and Minibus Parking
School buses and minibuses transporting students must go directly to Parking Lot #36 on Mountain Avenue. Please park in the back of the lot away from Mountain Avenue. See the attached map.

Teams must walk a short distance from Parking Lot #36 to the Stevenson Union.

Private Vehicle Parking
Parking Permits will not be issued to parents and family members. These vehicles must find parking on the street.

Goals of the State of Jefferson High School Scavenger Hunt
1.  To increase knowledge of how to locate information.
2.  To learn teamwork and organization in an academic arena.
3.  To construct a persuasive argument with supporting evidence.
4.  To critically analyze sources of information.
5.  To learn the importance of precision.
6.  To have fun with academics.

Question Content

The State of Jefferson High School Scavenger Hunt questions are constructed with the intent that answers may be found in a high school library, a public library, or on the internet.  You may want to research at a branch of your county library. Questions have been constructed so there will not be a disadvantage for teams in rural areas. 

Organizational Tips for Coaches Prior to the Hunt
You will need a team head-quartered in the school library or other campus site where there is internet access. Arrange for that space ahead of time. Remember, one source is required for each print or internet question, but two corroborating sources are the safe course.  

Arrange transportation for a bus to SOU for the adjudication session (9:00am-2:00pm) on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.  It is suggested that at least two adults accompany students to SOU. A core group of 10-20 students will probably be necessary to be competitive.

Adults Helping Students
Adults (teachers, parents or community members) may help students, but should remember that this activity is a learning opportunity for students. 
Some examples of adult help might be: 
• The team coach sends two students to ask a teacher at your school who is knowledgeable about history to get a lead or direction.  
• A student works with a parent to find a specific Bring-In item.  
• Adults should work with students and not compete by themselves.
• If you or another adult, find yourself working on the Hunt alone, STOP and remind yourself of the purpose of the Hunt. It’s easy to get carried away!
• Print a list of the Bring-in items and distribute it to school staff for assistance. Don’t wait until the weekend to start on the Bring-In items. They may take longer than you think.  Invariably someone in your community knows where to find an item or knows someone who does.

Please note that the Adjudication Day is on a Tuesday. This will give you extra time for Bring-Ins and to prepare for the adjudication. Assign questions to your students in advance and practice with them both defending and prosecuting the documentation provided or not provided!

For questions contact:
Stephanie Butler, the Pre-College Youth Programs Coordinator at 552-6916 or at 

The 31st Annual State of Jefferson High School Scavenger Hunt was held January 29th, 30th and 31st with the adjudication on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014.

Over 100 students, representing nine high schools participated in this year's competition. Congratulations to North Valley High School for their first place win with 133 points. North Medford High School took second place with 130 points and Ashland High School took third place with 129 points.  The total number of possible points was 139. Other participating teams were from Chhiloquin, Crater, South Medford, Rogue River, Illinois Valley and St. Mary’s High Schools.

  Place     School    Coach
   1st    North Valley High School    Greg Patch
   2nd    North Medford High School      John Doty
   3rd    Ashland High School    Hazel Smith  

To view the Scavenger Hunt questions and answers   click here (PDF)

 Go to Scavenger Hunt Questions

Steve Boyarsky, retired SOESD Superintendant moderated the event.  Attorneys David Ingalls and Michael Mayerle of the Law Firm Hornecker, Cowling, Hassen & Heysell, L.L.P. were judges. Kevin Keating, Karl Pryor and Bill Street were the Hunt Directors. This event is sponsored by SOU Pre-College Youth Programs and supported by school districts in Jackson, Klamath and Josephine counties.

2014- North Medford Second Place High School Scavenger Hunt-36

Second Place - North Medford High School

2014- Ashland Third Place High School Scavenger Hunt-32

Third Place - Ashland High School                     

2014 Questions

Part I: Dedicatee (20 points)

  1. Our dedicatee told his mother in a letter that he was a true American - not a slacker and not afraid. He died in a French field, but a southern Oregon city named a field after him. What is the dedicatee’s name? (F, M, L) (3 points). What was his mother's first name? (1point)
  2. Our dedicatee's father was prominent in a southern Oregon city. What was the street address of our dedicatee's parents in 1920? (house number, street, city) (3 points). What was his office phone number in 1918? (2 points)
  3. What was our dedicatee's date of death? (2 points) At what cemetery is he memorialized? (2 points) What award did he receive? (1 point)
  4. Our dedicatee was honored at a dedication ceremony by members of a group founded by another Oregonian, who knew "Wild Bill" Donovan, Charles Whittlesey, and John Pershing, and who had also been awarded a medal for World War I service. Name this other Oregon resident (F,M,L) (3 points), the French war medal he was awarded (2 points), and the organization he helped found. (1 point)

Part II: Print-Based Questions (31 points)

All sources should be available in local public libraries. They might be available in your own high school library. (Check Southern Oregon public libraries for opening days and times before you begin. You might have to go to public libraries on the first day of the Hunt.) Each answer requires at least one piece of print-based documentation with two sources to challenge the Hunt Director’s answer. Print-based answers must be originally from copyrighted sources (books, journals, magazines, newspapers or government documents). Documentation should refer to the bold portion of the question, but need not contain the exact wording unless it is a proper name or in quotes.

* Read the official Hunt rules before starting your research! *

  1. 2013 was the 50th anniversary of Jim Whittaker’s first American ascent of Mt. Everest. Less well known was another ascent 21 days later of Everest’s West Ridge by Americans Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld. Which region was the wind blowing towards as the Seattleite neared the South Summit? (1 point). What did Hornbein produce at an event last February?  (2 points)
  2. According to the most recent print resource in our local public libraries, what is the difference here in the United States between single parent males’ and single parent females’ “median household income?” (2 points) (+/- $10)
  3. Well known for his frequent “ebullitions,” this famous man has been described as a “wild-eyed revolutionist.” A southern Senator said he “strides the world like a colossus.”  What did the southern Senator say about smaller men? (3 points)
  4. “Americano kohoibaai. Hiaitiihi hi kohoaihiaba.” Translate these words into English, naming the tribe who observed this. (2 points) Describe the tribe’s diet, listing at least four foods they eat! (2 points)
  5. A man whose name rhymes with pill and bill argues that that the American health care “market” is not a market at all. What does he call it? (1 point) According to his research, list three reasons why American healthcare is so expensive. (3 points)
  6. Bare-bones musings” are not enough. Blogs and other social media are changing the world – for the better, in some cases. Name the woman (F, L) who got part of her way last month after posting online her concerns about fast food chemicals. (2 points)
  7. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden asked the question, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” What was General Clapper’s answer?  ____  _____ (two words) (2 points). When Clapper later corrected that answer in a formal letter, to what did Senator Wyden attribute the correction? (2 points)
  8. He challenged him more than once to identify the place where the blood was spilled. Who was he? (F, L) (2 points) How were these challenges described by those present at the time? (1 point)
  9. Happy. Happy. Happy. What makes us happy? When it comes to what you eat, what is the right combination of ingredients that are so tasty, you can’t stop? According to this author, the food industry has figured YOU out. Name the author. (F, L) (2 points) What is the term “food technicians” use to describe that “just right” combination of ingredients? (1 point)
  10. “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” -Louis Armstrong
    Who was the record company employee who asked a little known songwriter, “What kind of music is folk music?” (F, L) (2 points) What was the songwriter’s answer? (1 point)

Part III: Internet-Based Questions (39 points)

  1. This event was a first step in a major new field of exploration and also was the inspiration for a new term for the hipsters of the day. What was the event? (1 point) What was the term? (1 point) What was the name of the writer who came up with the term (F, L)? (2 points)
  2. Winning a national championship in college sports is tough. This school first did it in 2010 and has consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation in a particular sport in recent history. Which NAIA Division I school has had four straight top three finishes in its sport's national championships starting in 2010? What is the sport? (3 points)
  3. The Professor, the Aristocrat, and the Basset Hound were all winners of this well-known summertime event. What is the event? (1 point) Who (F, L) was the very first winner of this event and what was his nickname? (3 points)
  4. This international prize has been given out over 100 times. 13 of the winners have been women, two people have declined the honor, and 10 (at least as far as we know) won the first time they were nominated. (1 point)
  5. As a young Yale student in the 60's, he picked up a little paperback because the cover had "two pairs of naked legs intertwined." What he found that day was an ancient text that has influenced thinkers such as Machiavelli, Montaigne, and Jefferson and continues today. Amazingly, it was almost lost to modern readers. If not for the efforts of a man who "came with five pennies in his pocket to Florence," but has"fantastically good handwriting," we might not know of this text. What is the name of the ancient text? (1 point) Who is the modern author (F, L) who makes the claim that this text laid the groundwork for the modern age? (2 points) Who is the man (F, L) who saved the text from being lost to modern audiences? (2 points)
  6. The art form associated with the Basilica di Sant Apollinare Nuovo is alive and well in the Rogue Valley. Two Americans living abroad have created an approximately 56 square meter art installation that adorns the entryway of a local building. What three elements does the design drawn upon? (3 points) Where is another (city, state) of this team's installations that sits in an entryway of a similar type of building? (2 points)
  7. Which U.S. government official (F, L) complains of a lack of adequate funding in an end-of-the-year report and invokes some classic Christmas characters in making his plea for more funds? (2 points) What percentage of spending by the federal government does he say he and his subordinates currently receive? (1 point) Who is the columnist (F, L) that argues this is just the consequence of this official's philosophy and political viewpoint? (2 points)
  8. According to a 2013 blog, demand has exceeded supply for the top end of this product, and a 2012 newspaper article indicates that the price for a pound of this product had more than doubled in the previous three years--much to the chagrin of outdoor enthusiasts. What is the product? (2 points)
  9. She was the only woman to be featured in a "world's greatest..." set of trading cards in the early twentieth century. What was her name (F, M, L)? (3 points) What was she well known for? (1 point) Where did she famously raise a pennant proclaiming “Votes for Women?” (1 point)
  10. In 2012, a man contracted a disease commonly thought to be a thing of the past and spent almost a month in a coma as a result. Incredibly, on the day before he was scheduled to be taken off life support, he woke up and now is doing fine. What disease did he contract? (1 point) What tagline from a 1998 movie about poker did he quote when talking about his experience? (2 points) Where does this man live (city, state)? (2 points)

Part IV: Music Identification (8 points)

  1. A major music festival in 2013 featured two of the acts shown on the video. Name the two musical groups on the video (2 points) and the name of the music festival (1 point) and the city in which it is held (1 point).
  2. This vocalist has gained international fame in many different arenas. Provide her first and last name (2 points).
  3. 2013 was a break-out year for this artist. The music clip is the introduction to one of her most recognizable songs. Provide the full name of the band which features the lead singer’s name. (2 points)

Part V: Where in the World (13 points)

  1. The structure is one of the central features of an ancient capital. What is the name of the temple, (1 point) what is the archeological site (1 point) and what country is it located? (1 point)hs-scav-image-1
  2. This is a photo of a subject for a famous painter. Provide the name of the painter (F & L) (2 points) and the name of the town and country in which it is located. (2 points)hs-scav-image-2
  3. What is the name of the tallest building in the photo? It is still being constructed. (2 points)hs-scav-image-3
  4. Shown below is a sculpture which is characteristic of this artist’s work. The sculptor is famous for his outdoor sculptures in a large park in Europe. What is the name of the park, (1 point) the name of the sculptor (F & L) (2 points) and the capital city in which the park is located? (1 point)hs-scav-image-4

Part VI: Bring Ins or Performances (28 points)

  1. Bring in a printed image of some members of your Scavenger Hunt team in front of a monument to the person in Question 4. (4 points)
  2. Have some members of your Scavenger Hunt team impersonate a mariachi band at school, using at least a guitar and tamborine singing Feliz Navidad during the lunch hour. Video-document the experience and post to YouTube. Send the Hunt Director Keating the link. (6 points)
  3. Bring in the item denoted by Store SKU # 1000021480 (4 points). The team with the healthiest and most impressive beard, in the opinion of the judges, will receive 1extra point.
  4. Bring in a photocopy of a driver’s license (private info other than name may be blacked out) of someone with the same first name as one of the following presidents: Fillmore, Obama, LBJ, Truman, Cleveland, Arthur, Hayes, Grant. (4 points)
  5. Clip the crossword puzzle from the Mail Tribune’s January 29th, 2014 edition. Complete the puzzle fully and correctly. Place it inside a #10 envelope and affix five stamps of different denominations adding up to the correct postage amount for first class mail. Obtain a certificate of mailing and have the letter hand-canceled at your local post office. Send through the U.S. Mail to Southern Oregon University’s Pre-College Youth Programs, Attention Stephanie Butler at 1250 Siskiyou Boulevard, Ashland, Oregon 97520. It must be received by Ms. Butler before the adjudication. (4 points)
  6. Take picture of at least three Scavenger Hunt team members with a live emu, badger, llama or camel. Post on Pinterest no earlier thanday three of the Hunt. Send Hunt Director Keating the link. (6 points)