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*Course Descriptions will be available in spring

ACADEMY Course Descriptions 2013 

SESSION II Classes - June 23-29
for 7th and 8th graders

NOTE: We schedule classes based on the date we receive payment and registration forms. We make every effort to ensure that students get their starred choice and one of their top three choices each period. You will receive your class schedule at ACADEMY check-in.


Discover the hero within as you explore your own strengths and challenges, envisioning yourself as a superhero.  Through media analysis of modern films and ancient stories, you’ll discover the universal pattern of hero formation. Using provocative questions, you will reflect on the hero's journey pattern as it applies to you in writing and drawings. Exploring the challenges, and triumphs of archetypal heroes in your favorite films and stories, you will devise your own fictional hero’s story as a graphic novel or short story. Find yourself growing into a great and powerful you! Instructor: Hannah Kolni is completing her Masters of Science in Environmental Education at SOU. She has a background in Anthropology with a Bachelors of Science and teaches middle/high school Social Studies.

What is non-verbal communication? What is the difference between perception and perspective? Conflicts occur between people at every age and in every setting. You’ll develop skills like active listening and learn how to referee a discourse to diffuse conflicts before they escalate in this energetic, interactive class.  Amaze yourself as you devise strategies of communicating with others to find mutually beneficial resolutions in situations at home, at school and with friends that will serve you for a lifetime.
Instructor: John Cornet has been an AP teacher at Phoenix High School since 1999 and has taught at SOU.  He was a finalist for Oregon Teacher of the Year in 2006 (twice nominated), and recipient of the Imagine Award for Community Peacemaking in 2009.

Wizards use spells and incantations to affect how people think and feel. In this class, you will see that poets are modern day wizards who cast spells on readers with poems. Learn to apply poetic devices to heighten the impact of your word wizardry and craft poems that send your reader on a journey, make them laugh, and offer them a unique experience. No previous experience with poetry is needed just bring your favorite writing wand, and be prepared to play with the magic of language.
Instructor: Jay Schroder is a published poet and creative writing teacher at Eagle Point High School where his students regularly win writing awards.  He is a six-time winner of the Oregon Poetry Association's Contest.


Use your ultimate imagination and creative spirit to render scenes, characters and objects depicting mythical worlds from literature and modern film. Use inspiration from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Titans and Prometheus or explore ancients from Greek mythology and fairytales as you learn exciting new ways to illustrate the faces, costumes and adventures of these magical characters.
Instructor: Craig Honeycutt has a Master’s in Art Education and is a local artist and art educator with more than twenty years teaching experience.

iPhoneography: the Next Revolution in Art
Learn to use your smart phone as a powerful tool for creative self-expression. Get comfortable shooting, processing and social sharing photo and painting apps that turn your Apple or Android smart-phone into a swiss-army-knife-art-tool: a digital camera, a pocket editing studio, and a direct link to other serious phone artists around the globe. Note: Students must have their own iPod or iTouch 3, 4, 5; they must also have their own iTunes/Google Play account and know how to download apps from it. Some minimal instruction will be provided, but to get the most from this course, students must have a mobile device and already know how to connect it to the appropriate App Store.
Instructor: Meri Aaron Walker is an accomplished photojournalist, a master teacher, and an award-winning fine artist. She holds a MA in Photojournalism and has taught at universities and for many arts programs.


Come explore the history of a war that forever altered American society pitting citizen against citizen as you travel back in time in this riveting class with Civil War Re-enactors as your guides. You’ll get a hands-on understanding of weapons and artillery as you review and recreate infantry drills and battlefield tactics. Find out what doctors used to treat the wounded, what the soldiers ate and try on some authentic historic clothing. You’ll end the week with a ‘bang’!
Instructors: Cascade Civil War Society Members The CCWS is a non-profit educational and living history organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of the American Civil War and its impact on frontier expansion.

Study Japanese art and culture through musical instruments, Shuji (writing Japanese characters with a brush and ink), Origami (paper folding art work), clay work and the Japanese language. Broaden your cultural horizons while having fun! You will learn about Japanese cultural traditions such as making a replica of Japan’s ancient clay bell.
Instructor: Wataru Sugiyama is an international sculptor and native of Japan. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States, England, Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

Take part in the exciting process of the American judicial system. Learn what it takes to become a judge, juror, prosecutor, defender or witness. Learn to organize facts, develop your speaking and questioning abilities, and understand the concepts of justice through jury deliberation. This will be a courtroom drama you will never forget.
Instructor: Justin Silva is studying Political Science at SOU. He has worked extensively with youth including children with special needs and at-risk teenagers. 


Ever wonder if extra-terrestrials exist in the universe?  Could there be alien life right here in our own solar system?  Explore the growing science of exobiology which fuses biology, geology and astronomy and develop the skills to differentiate between fact and fiction, science and conjecture as you learn about Earth's extreme life forms. You’ll search for life on Mars, investigate planets orbiting other stars as candidates for ET life, create your own avatar then contrast and compare findings with your fellow scientists!
Instructor: Selima Siddiqui earned a M.S. in geology and remote sensing from University of Hawaii.  She has taught for the Hawaii Upward Bound program and loves sharing the excitement of scientific discovery with students of all ages.

Learn crime scene analysis and study actual physical and chemical evidence for clues that MIGHT let you piece together what really happened at a mock crime scene. Using your intuitive senses and hard science skills you’ll conduct forensic tests on the evidence and study physical evidence for clues. Fingerprints, hair, fibers and trace evidence will supply you with what you need to crack the case as you examine liquid samples, test fiber types, and interpret it all to piece together what really happened at the scene of the crime.
Instructor: Jesse Stonewood holds a BS in Chemistry from SOU and is completing his MAT as a+ first-year teacher certified in Chemistry and Integrated Science at the high school level.  He is also a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellow.

Learn the art of dissection and inspect the structure of many different animals and plants as you review the basic evolutionary time line of species within the animal kingdom. You’ll use diagrams, illustrations, and games to learn the characteristics of the animals before dissection and understand their ecological and anatomical functions within nature that allows them to survive.
Every day will be filled with wonder as you see the internal anatomy structure and function of the organism unfold before your eyes.
Instructor: Jessica Kelleher holds a Master of Science in Environmental Education and an Oregon teaching license endorsed in biology. She is inspired by the ability of environmental education to engage students.  


From the opening game to the middlegame through to the endgame, traditional chess means war. Played since the sixth century, chess has been a game of strategy and competitiveness. Find out how something called “cooperative chess” transforms the traditional game and takes you on a collaborative adventure with your teammates. You'll learn how to transform one of the world's most influential games into a new dynamic that champions collaboration over competition. By employing hands on activities and strategies you’ll investigate the traditional and alternative rules of play as you discover how this “endgame” can benefit your personal, academic and future professional life.
Instructor: Aaron Lundstrom is a writer and conceptual artist who has taught foreign language classes (Romanian) and who designed the cooperative chess variant "Piece."

Did you ever wonder why large structures and buildings don’t fall down very often? Do you know what it takes to build a dome or a suspension bridge? In this fascinating feat of architecture and engineering class, you’ll learn about basic building structures through a variety of hands on projects and activities.  Each day you will study a real structure or building and will build models and experiment with different materials.  With an introduction to the physics of architecture and engineering, you will begin to understand why a building doesn't fall down; or does in some cases!
Instructor: Yumiko Nelson has taught in the University of Oregon Architecture Department.  Prior to teaching she received two Master's degrees from the University of Michigan in Architecture and Teaching Structures.


Create your own blog as you explore lifestyle blogs, thinkgeek blogs, fashion blogs and many more to gain inspiration. You’ll learn how the internet and social media can serve a useful purpose and be engaging at the same time. You’ll create a professional layout and use pictures and other special features to design your own blog to share with friends and family.
Instructor: Martha Street is a graduate student at SOU earning her Masters in English Language Arts. She also holds a BA in French and International Studies from the University of Oregon.

Digital media is rapidly changing the way we view and interact with the world. You’ll delve into the latest Web 2.0 tools to manipulate photos, compose your own music, produce animated movies, and create stunning 3D environments. Learn the language of visual communication as you construct and publish a website with your signature personality. At the end of the week you’ll have an amazing portfolio of work and the skills to take your digital creations to a whole new level.
Instructor: Anthony White holds an MAT degree from SOU. He engages in technology of all types and loves to share his knowledge with others. He currently works in Kodiak, Alaska as an Educational Technologist. This is his third year teaching for the SOU Summer Youth Programs.

Dive into the wonderful world of computer programming! You’ll learn the basics of programming by using a digital character and gain essential problem solving skills through visual effects and strategies. This class will make programming so much fun it will almost seem easy.  No prior experience necessary!
Instructor: Anthony White holds an MAT degree from SOU. He engages in technology of all types and loves to share his knowledge with others. He currently works in Kodiak, Alaska as an Educational Technologist. This is his third year teaching for the SOU Summer Youth Programs. 

Let’s take a little photo-journalism journey into documenting your surroundings using a simple tool - a disposable camera.  Armed with this device and plenty of creative inspiration, you will document your everyday surroundings at ACADEMY to tell your cultural story.  Guided by a professional photographer you will discover how imagery shapes our society both currently and historically.  Once you have your inspired images recorded, you’ll explore the basics about photography composition and Photoshop to create a one-of- a-kind piece of your unique view of the world. Instructor: Ezra Marcos is a professional photographer working in Southern Oregon. When he is not busy photographing people, weddings and commercial shoots, he teaches youth the skills he has learned. 

Do you love to design video games? Now you need to learn how to market them!  Through studying past marketing strategies, you will learn what has been successful and learn to analyze the reasons why these strategies were successful  as you apply your new skills and understanding to conceptualize some creative, future opportunities for the gaming market.
Instructor: Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan is a doctoral candidate with Liberty University and currently works as a tenure-track faculty member at the University of Alaska.  She also teaches graduate level courses for Grand Canyon University, online. 


In this high energy class, you will learn part-singing, harmony skills and discover your individual voice. Your confidence will soar as you explore a variety of vocal techniques and styles. By the end of the week you will have arranged a contemporary song, sorted the group into parts for melody, harmony, bass, solo and percussion and be rehearsed and ready to perform like professionals!
Instructor: Josh Killingsworth is an ACADEMY alumnus and teaches award-winning students in his Medford, Oregon Studio. He performs throughout the Rogue Valley and has sung in operas, a cappella groups, musicals, and choirs all around the United States and Europe.

En guard…ready…fence! Safe inside a mask and jacket, you will be introduced to the exciting sport of fencing. Learn the skills of “touching” (scoring on) your partner while avoiding being scored on and learn the respect, ethics and camaraderie involved in this sport.
Instructor: Dylan Shelton has fenced both foil and epee with the Southern Oregon Fencing Center for five years and has taught many SOU-sponsored fencing classes.

Get ready to put on your crown! This class is the Game of Thrones for actors. You’ll experience theatrical play through a series of games like Samurai and Guardian Angel that are challenging and fun.  Build your awareness as you become part of a theatrical ‘team’ on stage and learn to lead and to be led by the unstoppable action and creative improvisation fed by your own ideas.
Instructor: Mike Fitzgerald has over 20 years professional theater experience and has taught in the Rogue Valley for the past 16 years.

Everybody can hip hop once they find their own style! The steps you learn from this dance expert can be used for flash mobs and continued performance. The only prerequisite is being ready to break a sweat! You’ll experiment with slap clap rhythms, physical coordination, footwork patterns, isolation and hip hop vocabulary. Write your own raps and build a hip hop dance performance that will amaze your family and friends!
Instructor: Gina Angelique is the founding Artistic Director of San Diego’s Eveoke Dance Theatre, now in its 19th year creating original theatre and dance. She is a master educator who has spent over 25 years sowing the seeds of dance and theatre with diverse student populations.

Everybody likes appetizers, so let’s have a taste of four unique and masterful styles of acting! You’ll immerse yourself in the acting styles of Shakespeare, Ann Bogart’s Viewpoint Theory, Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and Charlie Chaplin’s signature physical theatre. Bring your creative genius and courage to this blast of a class where you’ll try something new every day and discover what style suits you best. At the end of the week, let your inner artist explode in space as you craft and perform your own scene to share.
Instructor: Gina Angelique is the founding Artistic Director of San Diego’s Eveoke Dance Theatre, now in its 19th year creating original theatre and dance. She is a master educator who has spent over 25 years sowing the seeds of dance and theatre with diverse student populations.

Got Characters? Got scenes in your head? Bring them to the stage! Unleash your creativity with new writing techniques along with acting and theatre improvisation training as you write your own scenes and monologues for the stage. You will explore warm up exercises, shared writing and new techniques for discovering characters.
Instructor: Eve Smyth is an actor, improviser, and playwright. Her plays have received critical acclaim in Seattle and San Francisco. She is the co-director of Ashland Children’s Theatre and is a member of the local improv troupe The Hamazons.

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