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Southern Oregon University

The Center's community space is a child-friendly environment with comfortable sofas, free tea, free condoms, and a computer open to the public.

Students will find a safe cozy atmosphere for relaxation or study, a feminist library for information, and opportunities for work-study, practicum credit, and volunteer service through advocacy, research, and activism.

If you care about your community and want to make a difference, if you like to be creative or you are searching for professional development and leadership opportunities then please come visit and check out the Women's Resource Center.

Services and Events

Throughout the year the Women's Resource Center offers services pertaining to safety, health, creativity, social justice, and coalition building. These five program areas form a dynamic model of service and action that changes from year to year according to the energy and focus of Center staff and volunteers.

Please check out the What the WRC Has Meant to Me project!

How to Get Involved

Practicum and Internship Opportunities through the Women's Resource Center

Become an Advocate

Learn how to provide resources and support for victims of sexual assault and interpersonal violence through SAVS (Sexual Assault Victim Services) and the Dunn House domestic violence intervention and shelter program. Work as an advocate in your community or provide peer advocacy through the Women's Resource Center.

Become a Mentor

Learn how to facilitate empowerment circles for girls, age 11-15, through the Rose Circle project. Provide girls with an opportunity to explore and understand themselves, each other, and the world in a safe and fun environment.

Produce an Event

Lead the way on a woman-focused event like The Vagina Monologues, Women's History Month or a celebration of Reproductive Choice. Be creative. Bring your idea and energy to the Women's Resource center and explore how it can unfold.

Invite the Power of Coalition

Include the Women's Resource Center in your project. In research, community service, political engagement, cultural enrichment, and creative problem solving. Remember the Women's Resource Center as a potential partner and resource.


Put your theoretical discourse into practice! Initiate a project using liberation principals, create a workshop around social justice issues that you have explored in your research, start a support group in your area of interest or bring your own idea for practicum credit.

*Contact the coordinator of the Women's Resource Center, Molly Harris, with your ideas and interest. 541-552-6217 for an appointment.