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Southern Oregon University


Sample Seminars from the 2014 Conference

2015 Conference Seminars Announced March 6, 2015

The Conference includes three breakout sessions, during which you can choose from among three powerful seminars with Rogue Valley leaders.

First morning seminar - 10:00am

Networking Tips & Techniques Rediscover Your Strength -
Lead with Confidence
Simple Facts That Matter in Reading Financial Statements

This interactive session will offer you tips and tricks from our panelists while providing the space to practice new techniques and put them to use. No matter your current level of networking, this session is sure to leave you with some important morsels and meaningful connections.

Do you sometimes feel like an “imposter” in your job? Many women experience this at some point in their career. Find out what holds you back and learn techniques for reinventing the story you tell yourself. Experiment with discovery exercises to change the story you tell yourself.

Understanding the fundamentals of financial statements is critical to career success – but too many women don’t acquire experience in this area. Learn from a CFO what are the key competencies to nail down, how to do that, and which questions to be sure to ask.

Second morning seminar - 11:15am

Women & Power:
What’s a Woman
to Do?
Empowerment Through Mentoring Take Charge of the Home Office: Your Health & You

Because influence and interpersonal dynamics are key to success in today's relationship-based workplace, it is essential to look honestly at the bossy, belligerent, or…that other "b" word issue. There are things that to learn about successfully navigating power-related issues.

Stop waiting – a wonderful mentor relationship isn’t going to materialize out of the blue. Good mentoring is a product of knowing what you want, and putting the time into developing the relationship. Gain insight into how to initiate, nurture and grow a mentorship experience.

Your body may be telling you something important – connect with it! For all the time we spend balancing work and family, too often the last person to get our attention is our self.  A healthcare CEO explores this paradox and shares some solutions.

Afternoon seminar - 2:00pm

It’s Not What You Say:
Unleashing Your Voice for Effective Communication
Immigrants in the Digital Era Entrepreneurship:
The Golden Ticket?

Have you ever had difficulty getting your message across? Your voice carries enormous power to define both your image and your message. Learn how actors use breath, pitch, articulation and a range of other tools to communicate with ease and authority - and discover how you can do the same.

Who has time to spare for learning the latest technology? You do, because it is necessary to retain your edge in the digital era. But where to start, when your smart phone seems smarter than you? Let your hair down in a safe environment as we explore this together.

Entrepreneurship levels the playing field for women, removes the glass ceiling and can empower the transformation of communities around the world. This talk will share valuable tools available locally, nationally, and internationally to start your own business.