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Southern Oregon University

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  1. Serve as a collaborative community learning space
  2. Promote personal growth, collective leadership, and transformation
  3. Promote resilience in the face of an uncertain future
  4. Actively engage the community in hands-on authentic learning
  5. Promote biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and land stewardship
  6. Provide the SOU student community with healthy affordable local food
  7. Encourage student empowerment, leadership, and action
  8. Demonstrate appropriate technologies
  9. Serve students as a transdisciplinary laboratory
  10. Equip the community with sustainable skills and practices
  11.  Demonstrate sustainable building and landscape management
  12. Provide a space for business development, incubation, and growth
  13. Explicitly establish K-16 collaboration designed to foster ecoliteracy
  14. Demonstrate the ecological viability of small-scale farming in Southern Oregon
  15. Interpret sustainability for SOU students, local children, and the wider community