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Southern Oregon University






  • Serve students as a transdisciplinary laboratory
  • Serve as a collaborative community learning space
  • Promote   resilience in the face of an uncertain future
  • Encourage student empowerment, leadership, and action
  • Equip students with sustainable  skills  and  practices
  • Demonstrate sustainable building and landscape management
  • Actively  engage the community and students in hands-on authentic learning
  • Promote biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and land stewardship
  • Provide a space for business development, incubation, and growth
  • Explicitly establish K-16 collaboration designed to foster ecoliteracy
  • Promote personal growth, collective  leadership, and  transformation
  • Have students get hands on experience that will lead to future career paths within in sustainability
  • Provide the SOU student community with healthy affordable local food
  • Interpret sustainability for SOU students, local children, and the community
  • Demonstrate the ecological viability of small-scale farming in Southern Oregon




 Voice of the Students 


Satchel Pondolfino: Student Employee

“The center for sustainability gave me the opportunity to put my new found passions into practice.”

“One of the great things about CFS is that it is one of the only parts of campus that does not feel like an institution, the learning there occurs naturally and is driven by student passion and interest, the more students that can tap into that, the better


SamPennington-Vrsek: Student Employee

“Working for the Center for Sustainability was by far the most profound experience I had in college. Networking, building connections, learning how to navigate institutions, getting hands-on experience in areas that will directly translate into future careers, soaking in the attitudes and knowledge of the most incredible mentors and becoming a mentor myself- this is what college should be all about.”


Heather Jack: Student Employee

“Working with CFS gave me an opportunity to explore the role of environmental and agricultural anthropology, anthropology being my major, with a special interest in agricultural anthropology.”