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Southern Oregon University

 Here are a few comments from our students from last year.

 “Great director, talented professors, and very friendly students!”

 “I would HIGHLY recommend this program. It is serious, intense, the teachers are all excellent, and I have learned an incredible amount regarding second language theory, grammar (both teaching and learning), and the newest teaching methods.”

 “I’ve had a great opportunity for speaking in French both through the program and the home stay. I feel very lucky to have been accepted to this demanding program.”

“I feel as if my view on teaching has completely changed in a positive way. The professors were highly competent and I learned a great deal from them. My home stay was amazing.”

“This program was very intense and challenging, but I learned an incredible amount. The home stay was also lovely. The school was perfect for our needs.”

“. . . an excellent program and a wonderful cultural immersion.”

“I cannot express enough what a difference this past summer has made in my French class. Last year, French 3 was the most difficult of all my preps and I could not get the kids to retain anything to save myself. With only a month gone by in the school year, the class now basically preps itself and the kids learn and retain everything!! Attending the program was the best decision I could have made for these students and I wanted to thank you for
helping me turn my French class around!”