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French Program


"The French SLI was exactly what I needed to begin my master’s degree.  It was a perfect balance of both language teaching theory and content, and the professors and students were all a great support system. The heavy workload is beyond worth it -- you'll come away feeling recharged and ready to employ new ideas in your classroom, and counting the days until you return to Angers!"  Laura E.

“The SOU French SLI in Angers, France was a truly transformational experience. I emerged from the program with not only a degree, but with new friends, colleagues, and a deeper appreciation for and knowledge of the French language and culture. I would recommend the SOU French SLI in Angers, France to any French teacher at any stage of their career. The opportunity to earn a Master's degree in France, learn from top-notch professors, and make connections with colleagues from across the country is priceless.”  Rebecca R.

"I can't believe it will already be my third summer. I am just enjoying the program so much and the impact on my teaching has been life-changing. My students, colleagues, and admins have all commented to me. It is very motivating."  Heather H.Angers30

"Being just on the other side of my first session I feel very accomplished. The SLI program is extremely rigorous, but what I have learned is very useful in my teaching career, and I miss being in lovely Angers."  --Sharon K.

“Great director, talented professors, and very friendly students!

“I would HIGHLY recommend this program. It is serious, intense, the teachers are all excellent, and I have learned an incredible amount regarding second language theory, grammar (both teaching and learning), and the newest teaching methods.”

“I cannot express enough what a difference this past summer has made in my French class. Last year, French 3 was the most difficult of all my preps and I could not get the kids to retain anything to save myself. With only a month gone by in the school year, the class now basically preps itself and the kids learn and retain everything!! Attending the program was the best decision I could have made for these students and I wanted to thank you for helping me turn my French class around!” Adam S.

“I’ve had a great opportunity for speaking in French both through the program and the home stay. I feel very lucky to have been accepted to this demanding program.”

“I feel as if my view on teaching has completely changed in a positive way. The professors were highly competent and I learned a great deal from them. My home stay was amazing.”

“This program was very intense and challenging, but I learned an incredible amount. The home stay was also lovely. The school was perfect for our needs.”

“. . . an excellent program and a wonderful cultural immersion.”  



Spanish Program

Guanajuato group 1

"This program is worth every penny you put into it!"  --Sharon S.

"I have benefitted immeasurably from the intimate nature, collaborative colleagues and rich diversity of course offerings over these three years.  Thank you!" --Reed S.

"What I so APPRECIATE about the program is the intimate and supportive camaraderie that develops between students and faculty as we all work towards our common goal: Mastery of Spanish.  The authentic language and culture experienced in the homestay and outside the classroom walls is a valuable and unique learning experience.  To live it is to learn it." --Victoria M. 

"SLI has been one of the best experiences I have had with graduate courses for teachers of languages.  I have so many artifacts that I will be able to use in my classroom when I return to school in September! I would never have been able to create so many in such a short time. Thanks to all of my classmates who have been so dedicated to this program!" --Cheryl W.

"I have just spent the most amazing three weeks of my life in Guanajuato at SOU's summer institute.  Top-notch professors, intense and challenging coursework, and bright, motivated fellow classmates make this program truly special.What I learned this summer has forever changed the way I teach." -- Liz M.

Guanajuato reminds me of Florence, with its winding narrow streets, friendly people, beautiful churches, good restaurants, and great shopping. The weather is wonderful, with low humidity and breezes even in late July." --Laurie B.

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"Guanajuato, la familia, los colegas, los profesores ... ¡Son unas de las mejores experiencias de mi vida! Aunque tuve que trabajar mucho, he encontrado más confianza en mí misma aquí".  --Sarah C.

"I love this program because I get the best of both worlds.  I am getting my Master's in teaching Spanish while living in a Spanish speaking country. Living with a family has given me many great opportunities to learn about the culture and better my Spanish speaking skills." --Chantal R.

"Southern Oregon University offers an exceptional program that combines caring, knowledgeable professionals, individual attention, and engaging, unique classes. This summer I have gained not only a deeper understanding of teaching Spanish but useful knowledge that I can easily apply in the coming school year.  I can't wait to come back!"  --Tracy P.

"Estudiar en Guanajuato ha sido una gran experiencia. Como mexicana es todo un orgullo saber que hay tantas personas que están estudiando mi hermoso idioma y fascinante cultura. SLI es un programa de nuevas ideas y bellas experiencias". --Guadalupe M.

"SLI allowed me to share and learn from fellow teachers with experiences from all over the country. That, along with re-immersing myself in a Spanish-speaking country and picking up authentic materials for my students made this an incredible summer." --Rebecca B.DSCN0040

"This program was exactly what I was looking for: an opportunity to become a better Spanish teacher and to do so in Mexico.  I have been overwhelmingly pleased with my first summer with SOU's Summer Language Institute in Guanajuato, Mexico!" --Lori L.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at SOU's institute in Guanajuato, Mexico. The standard and quality of teaching is always outstanding. I really appreciate the fact that we are expected to be disciplined, serious, and show up prepared to "go to work." Being in Guanajuato is a lot of fun too. It's such a beautiful city and the people are the friendliest in all of Mexico. Finally, it's such a pleasure and hone to work side-by-side with such a highly dedicated group of teachers who, we shouldn't forget, willingly give up their summers to be here and work toward being better teachers for their students.  Also, let's not forget the faculty that works so hard each year to put on great courses and find such outstanding professors to teach the courses. You will not find a friendlier, harder-working, better-qualified, or dedicated group of faculty anywhere."  --Elliott S.