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Southern Oregon University




What is Inter Club Council?

ICC is a collaborative organization made up of representatives from each of the registered clubs on campus. It is a place for student leaders to meet, work together, and to share knowledge. The main purpose of ICC is to coordinate and share information about campus club/organization activities. 

When are ICC meetings?

ICC meets every Wednesday at 4pm in SU Diversions (basement). Remember, if you miss more than two meetings per term, you will no longer be in good standing, which means you will lose your privilege to vote and you will lose funding for that term.

Questions? Contact: the ICC Director, Molly Danforth at

What is ICCAC?

Inter Club Council Allocation Committee, or ICCAC is ICC's very own fund distributing committee. This committee hears budget requests that clubs/orgs put in for use during the term/year. ICCAC's purpose to help the clubs grow by providing them with funds for meetings and events. ICCAC hears budget requests every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. These hearings are set up in advance by the ICCAC Chair, and are scheduled in order of budget submission.

For further questions or concerns contact: Nicole Hoefflinger at