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Southern Oregon University

If you have questions or need assistance completing these forms please contact or come by the Student Life Office in SU 312.

Required Club Forms

Club Advisor Agreement
This form must be signed by your advisor and delivered or mailed to SU312.

Club Account Signature Form
Have all the officers who should have access to your club's money sign the Signature Form. It needs to be signed by at least 2 people. In some cases a club's consitution will dictate officers who are required to sign this form. This form should be turned in to theStudent Life Office after you fill out the online Club Registration Form

Fund Request Form  
(for Inter Club Council Allaocation Committee) Use this form to request funds from ICC. Requests are heard on a first-come first-served basis. Please note quarterly deadlines for the forms on the main page of the ICC website. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM ELECTRONICALLY to

Club Quarterly Report Form

The Club Quarterly Report is due by the last ICC Meeting of the term. This meeting usually takes place one week before finals week. This form is required. Your club will not be eligible for an ICC vote or funding for the following term if the report is not turned in. Please send the completed form to the ICC Director,        NO HARD COPIES PLEASE!


Reimbursement Forms 

Request For Action Form
This is the form you will use in order to access your club funds as well as funds that ICC has allocated to you. You must attach your reciepts in order to access ICC funds. Additionally, if you are attempting to receive funds for travel expenses, you must make an appointment with the Student Life Office (SU 312) at least 15 days before you leave on your trip. If you are planning on driving anywhere for your trip, your group's driver must be certified through the Physical Plant before your travel forms can be processed, contact the Student Life Office at least 60 days before your trip if you are driving and do not have a member who is certified. SEE TRAVEL FORM for lodging, gas, or meal per diem

Travel Reimbursement Form
This form is used after your approved trip for any travel reimbursements including lodging, gas, mileage, airfare, or meal per diem.

Please fill out the travel request form and visit the Student Life Office (SU312) before traveling on any University-related business.
  • Student travel for any SOU purpose must receive approval. This for must be submitted to the Student Life Office (SU312) at least two weeks before the proposed departure date. Completing the form does not guarantee the trip will be approved.
  • Emergency Contact Form
    Each student traveling will need to complete one of these forms for teh approved trip. A copy will remain on campus in the Student Life Office and one will go with the trip leader.
  • Student Waiver
    Each student who will be travelling on the approved trip must fill out a waiver. Group leaders can fill in all the trip information, but each student must sign, turn the form into the Student Life Office (SU312) and abide by the policies included in the waiver.
  • Travel Reimbursement Form
    This form is used after your approved trip for any travel reimbursements including lodging, gas, mileage, airfare, or meal per diem.

Risk Assessment Form
Are you planning an event that requires risk management? Risk management is the process of identifying and assessing risk and developing strategies to avoid personal injury, property damage, and resultant financial loss. With regard to student activities, risk management means making sure that no one gets hurt and that no property is
damaged at an organization's events. Risk management means avoiding lawsuits. All of a student group's activities – receptions, athletic contests, and other events – carry the potential of some risk. For this reason, student organizations just like any operation must learn to identify and reduce risky behavior.


Bringing a performer? A speaker? A band? An outside instructor?

Student organizations use this to request contracts and payment for speakers, performers, bands, etc. This form must be turned in at least 2 weeks before your event in order to be considered. The Student Life Office will then process it for you.
Clink link to go to Motor Poll site to find out information on drivers clearance forms and requirements. Drivers clearance requests MUST come from CLUB ADVISOR!