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Southern Oregon University

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Director, Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology (SOULA)
PhD, University of Oregon, 2000

Office: Taylor 230
Phone: 541-552-6345

Areas of Interest:

Ethnohistory and prehistory of the West Coast and Northeast of North America
Persistence and innovation of cultural identity in colonial contexts
Cultural ecology of maritime hunter gatherers
Ethnohistory, archival/oral history research
Spatial analysis of archaeological data, zooarchaeology, geoarchaeology
Cultural resource management
European archaeology (particularly Norse)


Society for American Archaeology
American Anthropological Association
Association of Oregon Archaeologists





Recent or Forthcoming Publications:

Tveskov, Mark

n.d.      Christian Ghouls or Sanctified Pagans? Saga History and the Archaeology of Hr brú, Iceland. In Review, American Antiquity


2007     Social Identity and Culture Change on the Southern Northwest Coast.  American Anthropologist 108(3).  In Press.


2007     Chert Workshop Sites in Southwest Oregon: The View from the Coquille Point and Midnight Dig Sites. In, Occasional Papers of the Association of   Oregon Archaeologists Volume 8. Edited by Guy L. Tasa and Brian L. O’Neill.  In Press.


2004     Household, Landscape, and Persistent Places: The Pacific Coast Athapaskans.  In Ancient and Historic Lifeways in North America’s Rocky Mountains: Proceedings of the 2003 Rocky Mountain Anthropological Conference, Estes Park, Colorado. Pp. 65-80.  Edited by Robert H. Brundswig and William B. Butler. Department of Anthropology, University of Northern Colorado, Greely.


2002     The Cultural Geography of the Coos and Coquille.  In Changing Landscapes, Proceedings of the 5th and 6th Annual Coquille Culture Conference. Pp. 25-46.  Edited by Don Ivy and Scott Byram.  Coquille Indian Tribe, North Bend.


Tveskov, Mark A. and Jon M. Erlandson

2007     Vikings, Vixens, and Valhalla: Hollywood Depictions of the Norse.  In Box Office Archaeology: Refining Hollywood’s Portrayals of the Past, edited by Julie M. Schablitsky.  Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek.  In Press (scheduled release: April 2007).


2003     The Haynes Inlet Weirs: Estuarine Fishing and Archaeological Site Visibility on the Southern Oregon Coast. Journal of Archaeological Science 30:1023-1035.


Byock, Jesse, Phillip Walker, Jon Erlandson, Per Holck, Davide Zore, Magnús Guđmundsson, and Mark Tveskov

2005     A Viking Age Valley in Iceland: The Mosfell Archaeology Project.  Medieval Archaeology: Journal of the Society for Medieval Archaeology X49: 195-218


Recent Presentations:


2007     Symposium Organizer and Chair:  “The Finest Place in North America: The Archaeology of Forts of the Oregon Territory.”  Society for Historical Archaeology Conference, Williamsburg VA.


2007     They are Killing Indians in the Valley: The Archaeology of Fort Lane, Oregon.  Paper presented at the Symposium:  “The Finest Place in North America: The Archaeology of Forts of the Oregon Territory.”  Society for Historical Archaeology Conference, Williamsburg VA.



2006    The Fort Lane Archaeology Project.  Invited banquet speech at the 7th Annual Oregon Heritage Conference, Coos Bay, Oregon. Sponsored by the Oregon Heritage Commission and the Coquille Indian Tribe.2006    Identity and Culture Change on the Southern Northwest Coast.  Paper presented at the symposium Northwest Native Cultural Persistence and Change in the Post-Contact Period: Insights from Archaeological and material Culture Studies at the 59th Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Seattle.



Current Research Projects:

The Bandon Marsh Archaeology Project.   
Shell Midden archaeology in collaboration with the Coquille Indian Tribe and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Fort Lane Archaeology Project

Public Archaeology at a 19th Century Army fort from the Rogue River Indian Wars.

The Upper Rogue Archaeological Project 

Archaeological survey and collections work with Medford District, Bureau of Land Management.