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Southern Oregon University


Application for Admission to the Sociology Major

Students will be “pre-sociology” majors until this application has been received & approved.



Apply as soon as you have completed:


·     at least 48 quarter credits (about four quarters or three semesters from other institutions)



·     SOC204 & SOC205 or the equivalent coursework (8 lower division credits) from other institutions.



(Your grades in these lower division courses must show a B- (2.7) average or higher.)



·     University Seminar (or Colloquium, prior to 2006) OR writing & speech general education requirements for transfer students



·     Quantitative Reasoning general education requirements (MATH243 or EC232 or equivalent coursework from other institutions)






NOTE:  Failure to remain in good standing in the college or to make sufficient progress in the major will result in cancellation of acceptance to the sociology major.  Reapplication will be required to regain admitted status






Application check list:



oComplete this application cover sheet and email it with or staple to it to your personal statement.



o Attach a one page, typed personal statement describing why you wish to major in sociology and doing so relates to your personal educational and career goals.



o Review the graduation requirements for the major for your catalog year.  Remember that you must earn a 2.5 GPA in your major courses and that no course with a grade lower than a C- will be counted toward the major.  If you have sociology grades lower than C-, you will need to re-take the courses and raise your grades.



o Send the completed information to Echo Fields via email at  You may also submit this application in hard copy to the Social Science Office, Taylor Hall, room 122,

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR97520



Provisional acceptance is possible if the faculty advisor approves the student’s plan for completing and/or correcting deficiencies.






You will be notified of the department’s decision by email (or by postal mail if you have no access to email).









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email address:



Current number of credit hours completed






expected graduation date



Faculty advisor:



(if you do not have an advisor you will be assigned one)












to be completed by the department



Letter/email sent to applicant (date): ________________                                                 Advisor assigned: ________________________________________






_______ accepted









_______ provisionally accepted, contingent upon the following:






_______ not accepted, but may reapply, contingent upon the following:









_______ not accepted. Reason:






January 2008



 Fields  F: advisees/forms/revised 08 soc application.doc