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Southern Oregon University

Faculty organized panels bring together students and/or faculty to present capstone projects, share research on a topic, or describe a community project.

To allow participating students enough time to register, all panel applications must be submitted by April 14.

Faculty members create their panel by completing the following, easy steps.

  1. Go to SOAR 2014 application site
  2. Select “Faculty Creating a Panel”
  3. Enter names of faculty organizing the panel.
  4. Enter title of panel
  5. Enter abstract text.

Once approved, students will then be able to register for the panel you created by selecting the title from a pull-down list.


Sample Panel Abstract from SOAR

Title: Barriers, Facilitators and Strategies in Parental communication About Contraception

This study was conducted to explore rural mothers' experience and perceptions of their parenting role in talking with daughters about pregnancy prevention. The design of this exploratory study is qualitative, using open-ended interviews of mothers of adolescent women. The sample included thirty mothers from three rural counties in southern Oregon. Thematic analysis within and across interviews using constant comparative analysis was used to explore barriers, facilitators and strategies mothers identified in talking with their daughters about contraception. Barriers and facilitators to communications included characteristics and behaviors of the daughter and of the mother as well as contextual issues related to the topic and the environment. Mothers used strategies related to the timing of the message, ways to introduce it, their approach to communication and use of teachable opportunities. The design of interventions needs to maximize facilitators, consider context and content; minimize barriers; and incorporate strategies.