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Southern Oregon University

Chinese Medicine Practice—Holistic Medicine Paradigm
Wednesday, May 13 9:00-10:00 AM SU Foyer
Isabeau Vollhardt will interview, assess and treat a patient, according to Chinese Medicine practices, and demonstrate an acupuncture treatment. 

How do a brass player’s lips vibrate?
Friday, May 15 11:30-12:20 PM Music 121
Raymond Ayers demonstrates stroboscopic illumination with live, “slow motion” images of a brass player’s lips. 

Rogue Rover’s FarmDogg
Friday May 15 4:00-5:00 PM SU Courtyard
Melissa Brandao demonstrates the FarmDogg, an all electric, all terrain multi-purpose utility designed to replace currently used ATVs on farms. 

Sentence Diagramming Slam
Wednesday May 13 10:30-12:20 PM SU Foyer
Compete to diagram sentences. Try your luck and wine prizes. Led by Ed Battistella’s Advanced Grammer class. 

Vulnerability of the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
Thursday May 14 12:00-2:00 PM SU Foyer
The Civil Infrastructure Vulnerability Demonstration (CIVD) has been designed to show probes and attacks currently in the wild using Conpot in an external facing network, vulnerable Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in an internal facing network, and the potential disruption to civil infrastructure that these vulnerabilities could cause using logical and physical models. The goal of the project is to create awareness regarding the liabilities of these important computer systems: Lynn Ackler, Ryan Allen, Joel Ferrier, Bradford Lowe, Shawn Myers, Lana Peery, Topher Timzen, Tim Werner.