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Southern Oregon University

SOAR applications are open to all current SOU students, faculty, and staff members. See below for the different ways you can participate.

Participating as a group or organizing a panel? Please designate one member of your group to be your lead contact; only the lead of each group should submit an application. There will be a place in the application to list the names of everyone in your group. Faculty members organizing a student panel should designate themselves as lead contacts.

New Feature for Distance Learners!

Don’t let time and space keep you from participating in SOAR! This year, distance learners have the option of submitting a poster to be displayed digitally during the poster session.

 Applications will open February 17, 2016


IRB Review Requests Due – Click here for IRB info April 24
Artwalk Exhibition Submissions Due April 24, 5PM
Poster Submission Deadline May 1, MIDNIGHT


Participation Formats


Demos are very popular and give faculty and students the opportunity to give a hands-on exhibit of a project.


A display of original artwork, either a single piece or a collection of artwork. This can include studio art, digital art, films, or other displays. Exhibitions will be displayed throughout the month of May and will be included in the SOAR First Friday Artwalk on May 1, where participants can discuss their work with visitors.


Panels bring together a group of students and/or faculty to present shared research, capstones, or community projects.


Performances allow innovation in multiple areas of artistic expression. Performances can include music, dramatic works, dance, readings, and more.

 Poster Session

A large-format poster is used to graphically present research or other projects in a conference setting. Participants may present individually or as groups. Presenters stand next to their poster to discuss their projects with visitors. Poster presenters are required to attend the session on Thursday, May 14, 12:00-1:30 PM (exception for distance learners – see below).

New option for distance learners – present your poster digitally. Submit your completed poster and we’ll display it during the poster session on a large-screen projection.


A 20-minute presentation of research, projects, capstone experiences, or theory development.

Sample Abstracts

For sample abstracts click here.