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Southern Oregon University

To Use SISWeb

You will be asked to provide two things in order to log on to SISWeb. Be prepared to enter the following:

  1. User ID: 9 digit student ID number assigned to you when you first attend SOU. You may also log in using your 9 digit social security number (no dashes). If you are a current student, you may also use your lowercase computer lab network/email account name to log in.
  2. Personal Identification Number (PIN): Your PIN (password) must be 6 characters exactly. If you have never used your PIN, it is set to your date of birth in the format of MMDDYY. PIN's are case sensitive.

Access to SISWeb may be denied in some circumstances. If access is denied, contact the SOU Enrollment Services Center at 541-552-6600 (press option 2). Access is denied when:

  • You are a former, non-registered student who has never used SISWeb. Your online account must be enabled by the Enrollment Services Center staff. Students who attended prior to 1990 cannot use SISWeb.
  • You have made three unsuccessful login attempts. Three unsuccessful login attempts will disable your SISWeb access.
  • You have forgotten your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Note: If you set up a Login Verification Security Question and Answer in SISWeb, then you may press the "Forgot PIN?" button on the SISWeb User Login page. It will ask you the question you set up and if you can answer it correctly, it will let you log in.

In all of the cases above, Enrollment Services Center staff must verify student identity in order to reset PIN's and enable your SISWeb access. There are three ways to do this:

  1. CALL the SOU Enrollment Services Center at 541-552-6600 between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. A staff person will ask you detailed questions to verify your identity. Your account will be enabled and your PIN will be reset to your date of birth (MMDDYY). Please be prepared to provide personal details regarding your attendance at SOU to facilitate verification of your identity. If a staff person cannot verify your identity on the phone, you must follow one of the steps below.
  2. VISIT the SOU Enrollment Services Center in Britt Hall in Ashland (or the SOU Medford Campus at 229 N Bartlett Street) and present your photo ID. We will reset your SISWeb account to your date of birth and reactivate your access. SISWeb terminals and printers are available in both offices so you may immediately print information from your account.
  3. FAX a written request that your PIN be reset to your date of birth. The fax must include a legible photocopy of your photo ID, your student ID number (usually your Social Security Number), and your signature. Our fax number is 541-552-6614. Your account will be reset within one working day.

After your PIN is reset to your date of birth, you will be required to change it to a new character PIN (different than your date of birth) when you login for the first time. Carefully follow the instructions on your screen. These procedures ensure that student accounts remain confidential - accessible only by the student.

For security reasons, you are strongly advised to change your PIN as soon as possible.

REMEMBER to press the EXIT button, especially if you are using a public terminal, when you are through. Avoid using the forward/back buttons on your browser unless specifically directed to. For Windows, Internet Explorer 6, 7; Netscape 7.01, 7.02; Mozilla 1.7x,  or Firefox 1.0 is recomended. For Macintosh OSX, Internet Explorer 5.2.3; Netscape 7.1, or Safari 1.2 is recommended.

To log onto SISWeb, click on the Log On graphic or go to