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Southern Oregon University

"What will it take for me to graduate? Am I on schedule? What if I were to change my major?"

These are the questions that are commonly asked by students; questions that CAPP (Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning) can answer. CAPP Degree Evaluation is used to compare course work against degree requirements. You can obtain quick and accurate information that shows just where you are on the path to completing your degree.

You can initiate a degree evaluation, view results, and print evaluation reports via SISWeb. You can also do a "What-If-Analysis" to generate an evaluation showing what requirements have been met and what courses need to be taken if you were to change your degree program.

Important Reminders

  • CAPP degree evaluations are not official.Final approval for graduation is required by your department and the Enrollment Services Center.
  • CAPP Degree Evaluation should not take the place of regular academic advising.
  • CAPP can only be used for catalog years starting Fall 2000 or later.
  • Not all transfer work has been equated to SOU classes and may not show up in the Degree Evaluation reports. Check with your advisor, the Student ACCESS Center, or the Enrollment Services Center on which transfer courses count towards your degree requirements.
  • OHSU Nursing students, undeclared majors, and some pre-majors may only run Degree Evaluation on their general education requirements or run a What-If-Analysis on other degree programs.

Help with CAPP Degree Evaluation