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Southern Oregon University

How can I change my catalog year or degree type (i.e., BS, BA, BFA)?

Degree type and catalog year changes can now be done via SISWeb. The link to change them is under the Student Records menu within the Student and Financial Aid menu. You must meet all degree requirements (major and general education requirements) from one SOU catalog. The catalog may be chosen from the year you are first admitted and enrolled or from any subsequent year of enrollment. At the time of graduation, the catalog chosen may not be more than eight years old. Please consult your advisor regarding changing your catalog year and/or degree type.

What if a requirement says not met but my advisor says it has been met?

There are two reasons CAPP may say a degree requirement has not been met. Your advisor, the ACCESS Center and the Enrollment Services Center are final on whether a requirement has been met.

  • If you are a transfer student with transfer courses that have not been equated to SOU courses, degree evaluation can not match your transfer courses to the requirements. The ACCESS Center and your advisor determine whether your transfer courses meet the requirements with your transfer courses.


If the ACCESS Center or your advisor has substituted one or more courses to replace a requirement, CAPP Degree Evaluation will not know about the substitution and cannot determine that you have met the requirement. The ACCESS Center and your advisor determine whether you have met the requirements based on a substitution they have approved.

I have an area that says I'm deficient in a foreign language. What does that mean?

Two years of the same foreign language in high school is a requirement for admission to SOU. Exceptions are admitted to SOU with a signed aggreement that they will take two quarters of a first-year language with a passing grade of C or better. This requirement must be fulfilled to graduate at SOU. This area will only show for students who did not take two years of a foreign language in high school. Contact the Admissions office regarding questions about this requirement.

What if there is no link on my program?

If there is no link on your program under curriculum information, a degree evaluation has not been run for your current program. You can either choose Generate New Evaluation which will run a degree evaluation based on the program and catalog term in your student record or you can choose What-If Analysis. Running a What-If Analysis allows you to choose major, degree and catalog term to run the degree evaluation.

What is an attribute (attribute not used)?

An attribute identifies specific characteristics of courses and students that can be used in degree evaluation. (i.e., General education course attribute) Degree evaluation does not look for all types of attributes when checking for specific requirements. The Additional Information report has a section that lists all of the attributes that the degree evaluation did not use. This list can be long. Do not worry about courses listed in this section.

What are rejected courses?

Rejected courses are listed in the Additional Information report. These are courses that did not get a grade (WP, WF, X, I), courses that have been repeated, or transfer courses with a single or double digit course number that have not been equated to an SOU course. In the case of transfer courses, the ACCESS Center or your advisor will determine whether they meet a requirement or not.

"Email your advisor" does not list my current advisor.

Contact your advisor to change your assigned advisor in the student information system.