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Southern Oregon University

3/13/2014 125

On 03/14/14 at 2223hrs it was reported that a theft had occurred at Aspen hall.

On 031714 at 1220 hours, CPS responded to the library for a dog that was tied up inside the entrance area. The owner came and removed the dog from inside the library.

On 03/17/14 at 1345 hours it was reported that a bike had been stolen from a campus bike rack.

On 03/18/14 at 1200 hours a found SOU Higher One card was turned in to CPS. The card was turned over to Housing to be returned to the owner.

On 03/19/14 at 2205 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of a theft in GSA. The victim was contacted and it was determined that someone had burglarized his room and taken a computer and phone.

On 03/19/14 at 2330 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of indecent exposure in Hannon Library in the third floor bathroom. The subjects were contacted while leaving the bathroom and initially gave fake names. Both subjects were trespassed from campus.

On 03/20/14 at 0131 hours, CPS and APD were dispatched to a report of a welfare check at GSA fourth floor. The suspect was very intoxicated and declined medical transport and was left in the care of her roommate. The suspect will be cited at a later date and time.

On 032314 at 1233 hours, an SOU Staff member called dispatch for me to meet him at the CPS Office. The subject had some property he wanted to turn in that belonged to SOU.

On 03/23/14 at 2015hrs CPS picked up abandoned bikes that had been tagged previously.

On 03/23/14 at 2015hrs while on foot patrol at Britt hall I saw an unattended bike leaning up against the building on the South side. The bike was confiscated.

On 03/23/14 at 2300hrs while on foot patrol at Ed/Psych I saw another unlocked bike. The bike was picked up for safe keeping and logged into property.

On 03/24/14 at 1752 hours it was reported to CPS that a traffic sign was in the trash at Britt.

On 032814 at 1300 hours, a student reported several personal items were stolen from the second floor of the library. The Officer located the items. The victim was confused on which study room he was in.

On 04/01/14 at 1118 hours an individual was reported to be having a seizure at Hawk Dining. Subject was released to a friend.

On 04/02/14 at 1740 hours, CPS and AFR were dispatched to a report of a fire in a garbage can in front of Shasta. AFR took the garbage bag and made sure the fire was out.

On 04/03/14 at 2014 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of a theft that occurred in the Library. The victim had her laptop and other items taken from her backpack.

On 04/05/14 at 0045hrs, while locking Marion Ady a CPS Officer found a backpack that contained a laptop. The backpack was logged into property for safekeeping. A e-mail was sent to the owner and the property returned.

On 04/05/14 at 1843hrs CPS was informed by APD that they had taken a subject into custody that had caused problems on campus the previous night. We responded to their location at Lithia

park and trespassed the subject from SOU campus. Additionally the subject had a rabbit which was taken into my care until it could be delivered to animal control on 04/07/14.

On 04/05/14 at 2010hrs it was reported that someone had damaged a light fixture on the 4th of Shasta hall.

On 04/05/14 at 2104hrs it was reported that there was a fire alarm going off at Shasta hall. The alarm was caused by burned popcorn.

On 04/06/14 at 0030hrs it was reported that a window had been broken at the Greensprings lobby. It was determined that the window had been broken unintentionally.

On 040614 at 1500 hours, a 911 call was made from the Computer Lab courtesy phone. A CPS Officer responded and contacted the complainant who stated he called 911. I informed him 911 was just for emergencies.

On 04/07/14 at 0855 hours it was reported by a mental health professional that an individual was unable to be contacted after having suicidal thoughts. A welfare check was conducted and the individual was found to be okay.

On 04/07/14 at 1115 hours two individuals came to the CPS office to report harassment from another student.

On 04/07/14 at 1255 hours a student had a medical emergency and was transported by AFR to Ashland Community Hospital.

On 04/08/14 at 0015 hours, while a CPS Officer was on foot patrol in Lot 2, it was on view what appeared to be a jar of marijuana in the back of a car. I contacted the owner of the marijuana and he was cited for PCS less than an ounce of marijuana.

On 04/08/14 at 1135 hours it was reported that a bike was stolen from the bike rack at the SU. No suspect information or serial number.

On 04/09/14 at 1114 hours an individual wanted to document their concerns about a false report being made against them.

On 04/09/14 at 2232 hours there was a vehicle crash at Siskiyou Blvd/Ashland St. Officers assisted APD with traffic control and crowd control.

On 04/10/14 at 1906 hours, CPS was dispatched to a report of a theft from Aspen hall. The victim had a large sum of money stolen from her room and APD came out and investigated the case.