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Southern Oregon University

Illegal drug activities are subject to Southern Oregon University, Oregon state, and federal sanctions. Any student who uses, possesses, or distributes illegal drugs on University property or at official University functions is subject to disciplinary action up to and including eviction from the residence halls, expulsion from the University, and criminal prosecution by state and federal authorities.

Oregon penalties for unlawful use, possession and distribution of illegal drugs are based on the following schedule. Most drugs appear on the same federal and state schedule.



Unlawful Possession

Schedule I:
Heroin, LSD, marijuana ,
mescaline,peyote, psylocybin.

Class A Felony
Up to 20 year & $100,000 fine.

Class B Felony
Up to 10 year & $100,000 fine.

Schedule II:
Opium, cocaine,

Class B Felony 
Up to 10 years & $100,000 fine.

Class C Felony
Up to 5 years & $100,000 fine.

Schedule III:
Amphetamines, depressants, PCP.

Class C Felony
Up to 5 years & $100,000 fine.

Class A Misdemeanor
Up to 1 year & $2,500 fine.

Schedule IV:
Various prescription drugs. 

Class B Misdemeanor 
Up to 6 months & $1,000 fine.

Class C Misdemeanor
Up to 30 days, $500 fine.

Schedule V:
Other less dangerous prescription
drugs and small amounts of 
controlled drugs.

Class C Misdemeanor 
Up to 30 days & $300 fine.

$250 fine.

 Federal Drug Trafficking Penalties