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Southern Oregon University

Your Support Specialist can assist you with your purchasing and contracting needs.

For information about policies regarding purchasing and contracting, please visit here or contact your Support Specialist.


Your Support Specialist will process invoices. ALL invoices will be directed to the Service Center. In the event a department receives an invoice directly, promptly add the index code and forward to the Service Center.

Upon receipt of the invoice, the Support Specialist will:

  • Confirm receipt of the item(s)
  • Confirm Index Code(s) for expenses
  • Verify Budget Authority approval
  • Pay invoice in Banner

 If you have any questions about invoice payment, please contact your Support Specialist.

As part of our continuing efforts to reduce administrative costs, the Service Center and IT have teamed up to begin bulk purchasing of printer/copier paper. To order, complete this form or call at 541-552-6900email, or stop by the IT Help Desk.  As time allows, they will even deliver same day (you can always come by the desk and pickup paper at any time). You'll need to let us know which Index code to charge and how much paper you need.  White paper is sold by the case (10 reams per case).

Current cost of paper*

8.5x11 white  $27.78/case
8.5x14 (legal) white $5.98/ream
11x17 white $3.38/ream

*Cost of paper is based on current rate at time of campus bulk purchasing and may change.

Frequently Asked Questions:

During the school year, we are open:

8:00 am – 9:00 pm Monday - Thursday
8:00 am – 8:30 pm Friday
10:30 am – 6:30 pm Saturday
10:30 am – 9:00 pm Sunday

During the summer, we are generally open 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Our hours are posted on the IT webpage.  You can place orders anytime. If we're not open, feel free to send us an email, fill out the order form, or leave us a voicemail.

At the moment, we are just bulk purchasing white, 8 1/2" x 11" 30% recycled paper. We plan to add select colors as we understand demand for them. If you have a favorite color, let us know. Since we aren't stocking color paper yet, it may take two to four business days for delivery. Color paper will be sold by the ream. If you have an immediate need for color paper, please visit our colleagues in Print and Copy Services. We also plan to offer 8 1/2" x 14" (legal) and 11" x 17" (tabloid) later this year. We will sell these sizes by the ream and not case.

Not only does it help SOU meet its sustainability goals, it is required byofficial policy of the university.

We are able to the secure the best price for the university by purchasing in bulk.  The price for paper, especially recycled paper, goes up considerably when it is purchased by the ream.

Nothing. We are selling the paper at cost.

IT and Service Center have partnered to select a single vendor to provide copiers for the campus. Through a competitive bidding process, Canon has been selected for the initial contract.

As copier contracts expire or if a department requires a new copier, either your Support Specialist or your Computing Coordinator in IT can assist you with acquiring a new Canon copier on the contract.

As a copier comes off lease, its replacement will be a Canon device. All new device leases will co-terminate, so we will not have to use this phased-in approach again.

Of course. As part of the RFP, we solicited a number of "standard" configurations for color, low/medium/high volume, and paper handling. Additional options, such as envelope feeders, are also available.

Aside from getting a better price for the campus and simplifying billing, we'll also have a set of standard features available across all devices.

Yes! One of our goals for this project was to make it possible for IT to provide copier support. Reducing the number of copier vendors from at least five (really, we have five copier vendors) to just one makes this possible.

Another goal of ours is to make it easier to share copiers between departments and even divisions. At present, this requires a lot of manual bookkeeping to share costs (as a couple of departments already know). Our plan is to automate this process and allow any faculty/staff member to use any Canon copier on-campus with their copies billed back to their home department/program.

Our colleagues at both Oregon Tech and Rogue Community College have been managing their copier fleets in this way for many years.  RCC also recently awarded their contract to Canon.

Contact your Computing Coordinator to assist with selection of compatible and recommended technology equipment and software.  Once an item has been selected, pass along the item information to your Service Center Support Specialist who will assist with purchasing.

Before purchasing gift cards for any occasion, please review the Gift Certificate policy (FAD.044).  If you decide to purchase a gift card, the Service Center requires a Gift Card Reconciliation Form be completed.  If you have any questions, please contact your Service Center Support Specialist.

Through various contracts, SOU has procured optimal pricing on various products.  Below is a list of vendors and how to access specialized pricing.  For orders $5000 or over a purchase order is required.  Service Center Support Specialists are prepared to assist you with ordering.

staples advantage

If you are interested in viewing Staples Advantage contractual prices, contact your Support Specialist.

OfficeMax Workplace

To view OfficeMax Workplace contractual prices, go here and enter:

Username: soubrowse
Password: welcome1

There are four ways to purchase items:

  1. Contact your Support Specialist by email or phone.
  2. Use one of the methods under Order Items.
  3. Use your Purchase Card.
  4. Order directly from Facilities or Print and Copy.

If you have specialized purchasing needs (such as medical or lab supplies) or if you have questions about a purchase, please contact your Support Specialist for further assistance.

For further information about purchasing policy at SOU, please visit the Purchasing webpage or contact your Support Specialist.

To order items, you may either


Information coming soon!

Student reimbursements and advances for university related travel and purchases (for Financial Aid and tuition reimbursments see Enrollment Services Center) are processed through the student’s Higher One account. Properly completed paperwork transactions are processed through Higher One every Wednesday morning.  Depending on how the Higher One account is set up, the funds can be available:

  1. That same Wednesday (applied directly to the student’s Higher One card), or
  2. In 2 business days (if the funds are automatically deposited into their bank account), or
  3. In 2 weeks (if payment is made by check). If the account is not set up in advance, the system defaults to generating a check, which is then mailed.

The timeframe for when the funds are received is up to the student. Information about Higher One can be found at (please note the website refers to it as the “SOU OneCard”).  Click on the Activate My SOU OneCard! link near the bottom of the page. From the menu on the left, the refund choice can be selected.

Please let us know if there are any questions. Your Service Center Support Specialist team is happy to assist you.


Contracts are designed to provide written elements describing agreements made between two or more parties:

  • The contract is a set of promises to do or not do something; it is usually a promise to exchange goods or services.
  • The university may pay an expense, receive income; however, zero funds might change hands between the parties.
  • Contracts are also known as agreement, memos of understanding, cooperative agreements, interagency agreements, purchase orders, personal/professional services contracts, etc.

    All contracts must be signed by the appropriate contract authority before services begin. Once signed by all parties, the document becomes legally binding.

    The contracts officer relies on the originating department for detailed, supportive information.  In order to develop an adequate contract, the following must be present:

  • Scope of the work to be covered
  • The cost or consideration, including payment terms
  • Duration of the contract, including beginning and ending dates
  • Termination rights.

For additional information on Contracting, please visit here.  If you need assistance completing contracting forms or have questions, your Support Specialist would be happy to help.

If you are considering hiring an independent contractor or non-employee to provide a service, please contact your Support Specialist to determine if a Personal Services Contract (PSC) is needed. If so, the Support Specialist can assist you with completing the correct forms and submitting for authorized signatures. Please visit the Personal/Professional Services Contracts webpage for more information. Remember, a PSC must be completed and approved prior to work being done by the contractor.

Contact your Support Specialist if you have any questions.

Opportunities for Southern Oregon University capital construction projects and consultant services may be found on the Oregon Public Universities shared services website:


Travel expense forms will be processed through the Service Center. The steps for this process are:

  1. Faculty/Staff identifies need for travel.
  2. Traveler receives approval to travel from appropriate authority (out-of-state travel requires pre-approval form). A copy of the pre-approval form will be forwarded to the Support Specialist.
  3. The traveler, director, or appointee will inform your Support Specialist of travel and approximate cost so that amount may be encumbered.
  4. If requesting pre-travel reimbursement, the traveler works with their Support Specialist to complete the pre-travel reimbursement forms, with proper receipt documentation (showing exact cost and application of payment verification).
  5. After travel is complete, the traveler completes and submits post-travel reimbursement forms, with proper receipt documentation, to your Support Specialist.
  6. Support Specialist will enter travel expense forms into Banner.

If you have any questions or need assistance with travel expenses, please contact your Support Specialist.

Departments hosting guests and paying for lodging in Ashland may select to use one of the local hotels listed.  We encourage departments to utilize a hotel that will direct bill SOU, to avoid the confusion and inconveniences associated with reimbursements.  SOU direct bill will only pay for lodging rates and associated taxes.  Miscellaneous charges, such as pay-per-view or room damage, will not be paid by SOU.

The following information and rates is accurate as of August 2015.  If you receive other information when reserving, please let the Service Center know.  Please pay attention to any special notes for reserving rooms.


A P-Card is also refered to as a Purchase Card or a Procurment card.

As an authorized Card User, you will not see much difference from the current process. You check-out the Purchasing Card from the Card Custodian in your department, make an authorized purchase, and return receipts and any other required documentation to the Card Custodian.

Your Support Specialist will:

  • Collect receipts and index codes
  • Redistribute the expenses in Banner
  • Audit Card Custodian logs
  • Collect and process any Purchasing Card change documentation (ie add/delete Card Users, etc)
  • Provide monthly statements for Budget Authority to review and approve

If a Purchase Card is not available in your department, your Support Specialist will have cards available to be checked out by authorized Card Users, or they can order items on your behalf.

More information about Purchasing Cards can be found here. If you have any further questions, please contact your Support Specialist.

How Do I...

Your Support Specialist will process invoices. ALL invoices will be directed to the Service Center. In the event a department receives an invoice directly, promptly add the index code and forward to the Service Center.
Upon receipt of the invoice, the Support Specialist will:

  • Confirm receipt of the item(s)
  • Confirm Index Code(s) for expenses
  • Verify Budget Authority approval
  • Pay invoice in Banner

 If you have any questions about invoice payment, please contact your Support Specialist.

Employees should utilize SOU purchase cards for purchasing items. In cases where an employee must purchase an item at their own expense or a student purchases something for the University, prior approval of Budget Authority is required.

Contact your Support Specialist to complete a Reimbursement Request form and, if applicable, a Meals or Refreshments at Meetings or Hosting Groups/Guests/Candidates form. You must have:

  • Itemized receipt of purchase
  • Documentation showing payment of item (cancelled check, copy of credit card statement or other receipt showing purchaser’s name, making sure to black-out sensitive items, like card number)
  • Confirmed approval of Budget Authority

If you have any questions, please contact your Support Specialist.

At your direction, your Support Specialist will enter encumbered expenses into Banner several ways:

  • Purchase Order - Use this option if you want to do one or more of the following:
  • make a purchase exceeding $5,000 that is neither a recurring payable nor a payment related to a previously signed contract,
  • encumber the funds,
  • produce a hard copy for a vendor,
  • purchase a fixed asset,
  • leasing contracts,
  • purchase where you cannot use a Purchase Card.

Your Support Specialist will enter Purchase Order information into Banner.If you have any questions or need assistance with travel expenses, please contact your Support Specialist.

  • Manual Encumbrance- Support Specialists will use this option to track expenses in Banner for:
  • items that do not require a Purchase Order and,
  • are recurring expenses that occur over a period of time (eg copier payments) or,
  • are one-time recurring expenses that occur during a future period (eg software maintenance, travel, conferences).

To accurately enter and track manual encumbrances, notify your Support Specialist or Account/Budget Specialist as soon as you know the funds need to be encumbered. Once the expense has been paid, the Support Specialist will remove the equivalent portion of the encumbrance.

If you have any questions, please contact your Support Specialist.