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Southern Oregon University


Welcome to the Service Center!  The Service Center is a customer focused unit dedicated to providing excellence in administrative support for the business operations of Southern Oregon University.

What's New

You are now able to view documentation through the S Drive.  Go to S:/Service Center/Special Access.  Here you will find two folders: READ-ONLY and READ-WRITE.  The READ-ONLY folder has scanned documentation, such as paid invoices and Pcard statements, available for viewing.  Naming convention on documents is: Doc#_DocType(eg Invoice, Pcard, etc)_Vendor(Department for Pcard)_Index.  Here is how you may search for specific documents:

  1. Open folder the document is in (eg Invoice for invoices, etc)
  2. Go to Search box in upper right corner
  3. Type in Search criteria.  Doc# is the best way to get to a specific document.  If you do not know the Doc# you may look it up by Vendor in Banner (FAIVNDH) or contact your Support Specialist.  You may also look up the document by any information that is in the naming convention (Vendor or Index).
  4. Find the document and open

We will be placing all documents we receive, along with corresponding approvals and related documentation, in these folders until Nolij is completed and rolled out.

The READ-WRITE folder is where all staff can share or change documentation with the Service Center.

Wondering where the Service Center is located?  Check-out a few tabs over under Location to see a map of where we are hanging out these days.

The Service Center website is taking shape. Take a look around at some added content and check back soon for additions. Some current highlights:

  • Leave Calendar- Not sure if your Team member is available to answer those urgent questions?  Take a look on our Staff page under the Leave Calendar tab.  This updated calendar will show you when our staff will be out of the office.
  • How Do I...- Updated navigation will help you find those answers faster.  Don't see an answer?  Let us know.

Important Dates