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Southern Oregon University

Welcome to the Service Center Human Resource Page

We can help you with employment actions.  Send us your newly hired employees who need to complete paperwork, or employees who need to make changes to their address, tax deductions, or who need to sign up for or change their Direct Deposit.  We will also help you with IEA's and status change forms.  Do you use student workers?  Once you have hired your student send them to us to get their employment paperwork completed and work referrals started.

Chris Evans  Christopher Evans

Catherine Piedmont Catherine Piedmont

New Employees

Welcome to SOU!  We are proud to have you as part of our family.  To begin your journey here we have some useful links and information below.

To get a staff I.D. please contact your HR specialist

Staff and Faculty, along with qualified immediate family members, may qualify for discounted tuition at SOU and other Oregon public universities.  For more information, please visit our Staff Tuition page.

Current Employees

 Staff and Faculty, along with qualified immediate family members, may qualify for discounted tuition at SOU and other Oregon public universities.  For more information, please visit our Staff Tuition page.

Student Employment

Student Employment Information

Students must be enrolled for at least 6 credit hours during fall, winter and spring terms. Students may work as student employees during the summer term if they are registered for at least 6 credit hours during summer or were registered for at least 6 credit hours the previous spring term or registered for at least 6 credit hours for the upcoming fall term.

New Student Workers

Students, if you have never worked on campus before we will need for you to come to the Service Center and complete employment forms BEFORE we can give you a referral.  

Completing employment forms means that you will need to show proper forms of identification to a Service Center staff member.  

The most common I.D. choices for students are one of the three options below:

  1.            a passport/passport card
  2.            a student I.D. with photo or driver's license AND a social security card
  3.            a student I.D. with photo or driver's license AND a birth certificate

All pieces of I.D. must be original, no faxes or photocopies can be accepted.  Please keep in mind that a student who hasn't completed their employment forms and shown I.D. is legally allowed to work only 3 calander days.

**Be sure that you know the Hiring Department Name, Supervisors Name and start date when you come to the Service Center to complete paperwork.

What is a Work Referral?

The work referral is what allows you to recieve a paycheck from the department where you are working. If you work for multiple departments you will need multiple referrals. All work referrals expire on June 12th of each year.

New Student Workers

Once you have completed the appropriate employment paperwork you will be given a student work referral to take to your supervisor to complete and return to the Service Center.

Students who work during the Summer

If you worked on or after June 13th, you will need a new work referral.  Your summer referral is good for the entire school year and you will not need to get a new one in the Fall unless you are switching to work study - see Work-Study Students below.

Work-Study Students

If you work as a non-work-study student and are switching to work-study at any point during the academic year, you will need to get a new referral. You are encouraged to get a new referral as soon as possible as Financial Aid will receive a copy form Payroll Central and reconcile your award records.  Financial Aid will start to cancel work-study awards towards the end of October if they haven't received a completed work-study referral.

PEAK Students

PEAK students will need to pick up their referral forms from Max Brooks, Career Preparation Coordinator.  If you are a new student worker please refer to the New Student Workers section above. Students should email Max to set up a time to pick up their referral

Need to update your information?

Use the links below to update your W-4 (tax withholdings), Payroll Address, or to add/change direct deposit information.

W-4 Form

Address Change Form

Direct Deposit Form

When Do I get Paid?

Click HERE to see current year pay period information.


  • Direct Deposit is highly recommended.  You can even deposit into your Higher One account. Funds are deposited into your bank/Higher One account on payday. Forms are available in the Service Center.
  • Picking up your paycheck: If you do not have direct deposit please bring a photo I.D. to the Service Center to pick up your paycheck on pay day.
  • Access your earnings statement via Banner Self Service through Student SISWeb
  • Contact Paige Jensen at or Lori Courtney at with any Payroll questions.


Can I have more than one campus job?

Yes.  Each position on campus requires a Student Referral except in certain instances which will be determined by the staff member issuing the Referral.  If a student has two Work Study positions, their work study award must be divided between the positions.  The student determines the split amount.  Student workers are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week when enrolled in classes.

How do I report my hours worked?

If you are working in an area that has a campus phone, then you must use the TK Talk system to clock in and out.  Only students working off campus or where no phones are located are permitted to use paper time sheets. 

Instructions for the TK Talk Phone System

1) Normal "IN" or "OUT" Punch (use for primary job only)


  • Dial 2-8585 (2-TKTK) from your designated telephone
  • Enter your TK Talk number (student I.D. number) followed by the key
  • Press 1 followed by the key
  • Hang up


2) Transfer "IN" Punch* (use for secondary jobs only)


  • Dial 2-8585 from your designated telephone
  • Enter your TK Talk number (student I.D. number) followed by the key
  • Press 2 followed by the key
  • Enter your 8 digit department code followed by the # key (ONLY FOR PUNCHING IN)
  •    (Dept. code can be obtained from Paige Jensen at 541-552-6242)
  • Press 1 to confirm
  • Hang up


*Transfer Punch

1) Transfers are only used as an "IN" punch for one of the following:

- While already punched in, use for an immediate transfer into another job


- Use as an initial punch into your secondary job.

2) To punch "OUT" after a transfer, use the steps described in item 1 above.

Paper Time Sheets

The payroll period for student workers runs from the 13th of the month through the 12th of the following month.  Only students working off campus or where no phones are located are permitted to use paper time sheets. 

Time sheets must be completed electronically by the student and then printed and submitted to the Supervisor for approval and signature.  DO NOT print and hand write in times.

Instructions for the Student:


  • Enter both Months that the time sheet covers and the year (i.e. June 13 to July 12, 2014)
  • Enter your legal name
  • Enter your Student ID No.
  • Enter Department name
  • Enter Supervisor name
  • Enter regular hours worked.  (The very top line is a sample and will not calculate into hours worked.)  Be sure to record clocking out for breaks.
  • Sign and Date and give to supervisor for approval.


Instructions for the Supervisor:


  • Verify daily hours worked
  • Verify total number of hours to be paid during pay period
  • Provide Index code/Acct. or Federal Work-study code
  • Provide pay-rate (changes to pay rate after the initial submission of the work referral can be done via email to Paige Jensen at
  • Sign and date
  • Submit certified time sheet to the Service Center


**If you also use TK Talk to punch in out DO NOT include those punches on your paper time sheet. **

Are you looking for on campus employment?

Check out the Office of Career Connections


Information for Student Worker Supervisors

Thank you for your interest in providing our students with the opportunity to serve the SOU community under your supervision and mentorship. The experiences students gain through working on campus are invaluable and your expertise and guidance provide them a strong foundation in their development as professionals.

Whether you are a new Supervisor or if you have been a Supervisor for years, this PowerPoint presentation will guide you through the processes you should follow once you hire your student worker. Includes Best Practices!  

*This presentation contains audio commentary.

Supervisor Orientation PowerPoint

Student Referral Information

Once the student has completed their pre-employment paperwork, they will be given a Student Employment Referral Form.  For more information on the student referral process follow the link above.

Student Pay Periods

SOU uses a monthly payroll system to process employee wages.  Payday is the last workday of each month for all pay types.  For actual pay release dates follow the Student Pay Periods link above.

Student Time Sheet

Students working off campus or where no phones are located will need to use paper time sheets to report their hours.  Follow the link above to the time sheets. 

Student Time Sheet Instructions

Be sure you are include all information needed to report work hours to Payroll.  Use the link above to review time sheet instructions.

Kronos Instructions

Supervisors with Kronos access (to obtain access, please contact the Payroll Office) can edit and/or add time throughout the pay period up until the cutoff date (see Student Pay Periods above).  Basic instructions on how to use the Kronos system can be found by clicking the link above labeled Kronos Instructions.

Your HR Specialist can assist you with determining whether you need an IEA or PSC.  They may also help you complete the the paperwork to forward for IEA approvals.

How Do I...

Academic and Student Affairs:
For departments housed under Academic and Student Affairs, you will work directly with the Provost’s Office through this process. Your Account/Budget Specialist and HR/Payroll Specialist would be happy to provide you with details for information gathering, but coordination will be with the Provost’s Office.

Finance and Administration and Institutional Advancement:
When your department has identified a need to hire, whether replacing an existing position or hiring for a new position, contact your HR/Payroll Specialist and they will assist you with information gathering and form completion through the pre-approval process. If it is approved, your HR/Payroll Specialist will then work with you to complete the PeopleAdmin entry and launch for approvals and posting.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

Once a position is pre-approved, entered into PeopleAdmin, and posted, the Human Resources office will advise on the search process.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

Once the hiring authority has selected their candidate, both the Human Resources Office and the Service Center will be notified. Your HR/Payroll Specialist will begin working with the department to complete the process and welcome the new employee. Items your HR/Payroll Specialist will assist you with:

  • Offer letter
  • Key requests
  • Account paperwork
  • Employee paperwork
  • Orientation to the University
  • Staff ID Cards
  • Appointment with Benefits Specialist

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

Status Change Forms will continue to be processed in the same manner. Departments can still submit Status Change Forms direcly without the envolvement of the Service Center; however, your HR Specialist would be happy to assist you with information you may need to complete the form.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

This process is still being determined.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

To change your address for both HR and Payroll, please go to the Human Resources webpage and complete the Address Change form. You may then turn it in to your HR/Payroll Specialist.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.

Your HR/Payroll Specialist can assist you with all those little details that come from employees departing the University. They can help with:

  • Collecting keys
  • Closing accounts
  • Collecting SOU equipment
  • Making appointment with Benefits Officer

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Specialist.