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Southern Oregon University


Students, Staff, Faculty, and Volunteers driving for University business, whether through a rental or personal vehicle, must be cleared to drive prior to the trip.  To be cleared drivers must:

  • Submit the Driver's Clearance Form.
  • For drivers with an Oregon driving record (driver's license) in the 3 preceding years, the Service Center will request records from the Oregon DMV.  There will be a $5 charge to the department.  
  • Non-Oregon driving records (those with driver's licenses from other states or those with driving records from other states within the 3 preceding years) must be submitted directly to the Service Center from that state's DMV.  These records must be Court Certified.
  • No major traffic violations within the last 3 years.

Driver's Clearance is valid for as long as the driver's record remains clear for the following time periods:

  • Students - 2 years
  • Staff and Faculty - 5 years
  • Temporary Staff and Volunteers - 1 year

Please allow for 5 - 7 business days to be cleared for Oregon driving records.  For non-Oregon driving records, please allow for 1 - 2 business day processing once the records have been received.

For those seeking Van Certification to drive 10 passenger vans, there are additional requirements once the driver has been certified.  Please allow for additional time to become certified.


To view the Driver's Clearance Form log into your SOU Gmail account.


If you have any questions regarding van rentals contact Carolyn Trip at or 541-552-7097.