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Southern Oregon University

Welcome to the Service Center Budget and Accounting. Our staff is here to learn your business practices and accounting activity so that we can best help you make your budget goals and strategic decisions that benefit your department and the University.


Our Specialists will help monitor expenditures and revenues, and are ready to report and help solve any anomalies that arise before they become larger problems.  Our specialists will serve as personal technical experts to help you navigate through the often complicated policies and procedures of accounting.

You may still have the ability to pull your own reports through one of the following options:

Cognos reports, found through MySOU, are powerful tools used to look at a variety of details from an overall view to a single index.

What are Cognos Reports?

Upon request, your Account/Budget Specialist would be happy to update you on current balances for PDA, field trip, course fees, and gift accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account/Budget Specialist.

If you have any need for ad hoc reporting, our Accounting and Budget Specialists will be happy to assist with your requests.

You may find more Accounting information here.