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Southern Oregon University

The Southern Oregon University Research Center (SOURCE) provides a single point of contact and support for a variety of applied, regionally based projects. The Center facilitates the University's community based learning and regional responsiveness agendas, employs faculty expertise from a broad range of academic disciplines, and gives opportunities for students to apply and develop their skills in a real-world research setting. 

SOURCE supplies an infrastructure for applied research in the Rogue Valley, so that community and regional organizations can benefit from the expertise of local faculty. This can be a financial benefit for organizations that, in the past, have had to hire from outside the area for evaluations and assessments. Moreover, the University has strong academic programs that work together to address regional issues, and faculty from SOU's different schools can unite to serve community needs and further their own research agendas.

SOURCE is a place where interdisciplinary learning is possible, and students from different majors are given the opportunity to assist faculty in an applied research setting. As a result, student assistants gain valuable research experience, as well as networking opportunities, that will enhance their labor market outcomes.

Some projects are grant or contract funded, while others are pro bono.