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Southern Oregon University

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Some of our past events include:

  • Black and White Ball
  • Queer Carnival
  • Coming Out Day Dance
  • Coming Out Month Activities
  • Movie Nights
  • Erotic Poetry Lit Slam
  • Weekly Discussion Meetings
  • Homeless Awareness Drive
  • World AIDS Day Events
  • Erotic Ball (Heat, Fire and Ice, Sugar and Spice, Virtue and Vice, Kink)
  • Erotic Week: Various lectures and a sex toy demonstration
  • Trans Training Workshop
  • Sponsored a drum at the Pow Wow
  • Programming in the residence halls

In addition to those special events the Queer Resource Center also does the following on-going events and services:

  • Social Discussion Groups
  • Group and Individual Counseling, Including Trans Counseling. (Free of charge!)
  • Classroom Panel Discussions
  • A Safe Space to Hang Out
  • Advising and Advocating for Students
  • Internships, Practicum and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Hate Crime Reporting Site
  • Ally Training