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Southern Oregon University


The deadline is February 1st. Applications are not accepted after this date.

22-24 students are selected from 70-100 applicants.

We will mail out acceptance letters in late March. We also telephone accepted students, so you will know as soon as possible.

Classes begin the September after your acceptance. The program is set up to be completed in 2 years. It is a cohort bases experience, so you will be traveling through the classes and internship with the same group of students.

General Psychology (PSY 201/PSY 202), Statistics, Research Design, Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. We will accept pre-requisite coursework up to 10 years old.

  • CMHC Application
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • GRE scores (or TOEFL if not a native English speaker)
  • SOU Graduate Admission Application and $60 fee. This application can be found here: Graduate Admission


First, our program strives to both practice and teach principles that are supported by research. The research around admissions interviews shows that they do not help a program to make better choices for admissions. There is some evidence that including unstructured interviews in screening actually makes a program make worse choices.

A secondary reason for excluding interviews is that in-person interviews bias an applicant pool to favor those who live nearby or who can afford to travel. In our effort to create an incoming class that is both excellent and diverse, we have chosen not to bias our admissions process in this way. Your ability to pay for travel and your geographical proximity to us has no bearing on whether you will be an excellent counselor.

For more information and research about why interviews are problematic and why they might continue to be popular, see this article and this article.


We accept students from all over the US and from many other countries. If you live in one of 14 western states you may be eligible to pay in-state tuition.