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Southern Oregon University

  1. Group members should accord themselves in a professional and respectful manner when publishing content on the group website.
  2. Members agree not to publish content that is illegal or contrary to University policy.
  3. Members agree to share their user names and e-mail addresses with other members of this group.
  4. Members may not use group websites for the publication or distribution of copyrighted materials or licensed software.
  5. Members agree to adhere to the policies set forth in the current Information Technology policies: Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy and the Privacy Policy available on the SOU Information Technology web site and on the MySOU login page (both under the policies link).
  6. Members agree to participate in groups in a responsible manner, consistent with the policies and procedures of the University.
    1. For students, this includes those stated in the Code of Conduct available on the Student Affairs web site (under policies link and in the Student Handbook), and all student organization policies set forth by Student Activities and Leadership.
    2. For faculty and staff, this includes applicable policies available on the Human Resources and Academic Affairs web sites.
  7. Group activity will be periodically monitored for appropriateness and adherence to University policy. Violations may be referred to the appropriate University entity for follow-up.