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Southern Oregon University

Groups in the MySOU Portal can be public, restricted or hidden and these policies apply to all groups:

  1. Faculty/Staff Groups may be created for the purpose of facilitating official University business or University-sponsored activities.
  2. Student Groups will be approved for student organizations currently registered with Student Activities and Leadership. "Group" designation for purposes of the MySOU portal must be requested by the president or advisor of the student group.
  3. Social networking groups may also be permitted for the purposes of encouraging campus community engagement. Social networking groups may only be requested by a university faculty member or administrator willing to act as group leader. University employees and students may be members of social networking groups.
  4. The requestor may delegate management to a member of the group, but maintains overall responsibility.
  5. Groups cannot promote activities that are illegal or prohibited by SOU policy.
  6. Groups must govern themselves in accordance with current IT policies: Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy and the Privacy Policy available on the SOU Information Technology web site and on the MySOU login page (both under the policies link).
  7. When operating a group, including the use of the group announcements, message board and chat functions, the group is responsible for conducting its affairs in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of the University.
    1. For students, this includes those stated in the Code of Conduct available on the Student Affairs web site (under policies link and in the Student Handbook), and all student organization policies set forth by Student Activities and Leadership.
    2. For faculty and staff, this includes applicable policies available on the Human Resources and Academic Affairs web sites.
  8. The Group Leader is responsible for ensuring that University policies are followed. Recourse may include inactivating a group member, deleting a group member and/or referring violations to the appropriate University disciplinary officer.
  9. A group may be deleted from the portal due to a lack of maintenance, or if there is no activity (defined as no usage in a 180 day timeframe) in the Group's account or area. Group information that is deleted cannot be restored.
  10. Group activity will be periodically monitored for appropriateness and adherence to University policy. Violations may be referred to the appropriate University entity for follow-up.