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Southern Oregon University


The Group Studio is a suite of tools available within the MySOU web portal. These Group Studio tools offer faculty, staff and students at SOU the ability to create and manage group homepages for clubs, workgroups, committees, or other affiliations or interests. These tools will enable groups to use on-line tools for collaboration, communication or information sharing.

There are three types of groups:

  • Public groups are open for anyone to join.
  • Restricted groups are those where membership is subject to certain restrictions as described in the membership criteria defined by the group leader. Members of restricted groups must either be invited to join the group or must first be accepted as a member of the group.
  • Hidden groups are reserved for handling sensitive information and are not visible to anyone other than the invited members of that group.

As an option the system provides administrator lockout security provisions to ensure the privacy of information stored in restricted groups and hidden groups.

All groups have leaders. You automatically become a group leader when you request the creation of a group and the group is approved. The request to create a group is made from within the portal (see below for details). Once approved, a group leader can elect to use any or all of the tools by clicking on the desired tool(s) from the group management page on the portal. The tools included in Group Studio are:

  • News Publishing
  • Link Publishing
  • Message Board
  • Announcements
  • Chat
  • Photo Publishing
  • File Sharing
  • Calendar
  • E-mail

Each Group is assigned to a category. Examples of categories include: Student Organizations, Academic, Committees, Social, Athletic etc.

Groups must be authorized by one of several designated group administrators on campus.

Groups may be established in MySOU when they meet the general criteria described below.


General Criteria

  1. The group leader assumes responsibility for moderating and maintaining the group and is responsible for:
    • Creating, managing and maintaining the group home page, including link, article, photo content and the files and announcements available to the members. This includes ongoing cleanup to ensure that information is kept up-to-date and photos and file collections are maintained within the allocated storage quota.
    • Setting up the group message board with topics and an overall description, and deleting topics, message, or replies as necessary.
    • Setting up and maintaining the group online calendar.
    • Activating and deactivating members as necessary.
    • Assigning permissions to members so that responsibility for any of the above tasks can be delegated.
    • Specifying which group tools are available to the group members.
    • A group leader is expected to inactivate or delete group members for inappropriate use of group tools or refer an issue to the proper University disciplinary officer.


A group may be created for the purpose of facilitating any official University business or University-sponsored activities. Faculty/Staff Groups would include recognized groups at the University, such as Faculty Senate, Administrative Councils, ad hoc work groups and committees, for the purpose of facilitating University information and/or work on specific projects underway at the University. Student Groups will be approved for student organizations currently registered with Student Activities & Leadership. Registration with Student Activities & Leadership provides access to various services for student clubs and organizations. These services include use of Stevenson Union facilities, funding, and other resources to assist in operating your organization. Registration of the student organization with Activities & Leadership should be done before requesting a MySOU group. Information regarding registering a student organization is available on the Student Affairs web site or from the Student Life Tab in MySOU. Social networking groups may also be permitted for the purposes of encouraging campus community engagement. Social networking groups may only be requested by a university faculty member or administrator willing to act as group leader. University employees and students may be members of social networking groups.


Group leaders and members agree to participate in a responsible manner consistent with all the policies and procedures of the University. Group activity will be periodically monitored for appropriateness and adherence to University policy. Groups must not promote or support activities that are illegal, commercial in nature (unless associated with the University), or are contrary to University policy. Group leaders and participants must adhere to copyright laws and regulations when posting all digital materials, files, documents and photos. Groups must govern themselves in accordance with all current Information Technology policies: Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy and the Privacy Policy available on the SOU Information Technology web site and on the MySOU login page (both under the policies link). Students must follow the Student Code of Conduct, and all other student policies set forth by the Student Affairs Office available on the Student Affairs web site (under policies link and in the Student Handbook), and all student organization policies set forth by Student Activities and Leadership. Employees must follow all university policies available on the Human Resources and Academic Affairs web sites.


Requesting a Group

All group requests are routed to a designated group administrator based on the selected group category. Requestors are notified of the status of their requests within two business days. A tutorial for requesting a group is provided with the MySOU Training Materials available on the MySOU login page. Student organizations registered with Student Activities & Leadership should select the Group Category of "Student Organizations" when completing the MySOU Group Request.

Deletion of Groups

A Group may be deleted from MySOU due to a lack of activity (over 180 days), inadequate maintenance, repeatedly exceeding storage quota, violations of University policy, and, or excessive problems with out-of date content.

File Storage and Chat

File and photo limits are enforced by the system. A message appears when the group reaches the quota limit. Once a group is deleted, all files and photos are removed and cannot be restored. Chat logs are not saved unless a user or group leader does a "cut, copy and paste" of the chat log into another document.

More Information

If you need more information on what's expected of a Group Leader contact the IT Help Desk or consult the MySOU Training Materials. Training is available for group leaders and group members. Consult the MySOU on-line training materials or the IT Training Schedule for dates and times.