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Southern Oregon University

Administrator Department
Mary White Academic Affairs
Penny Thorpe Academic Affairs
Steve Larvick Business Services
Steve Ross Campus Public Safety
Dianne York Campus Public Safety
Vicki Fox College of Arts and Sciences
Coleen Martin-Low College of Arts and Sciences
Karen Stone College of Arts and Sciences
Kim Olson Communication
Cora Yockers Distance Education
Joanna Steinman English and Writing
Matt Stillman Enrollment Services
Drew Gilliland Facilities Management and Planning
D Roxane Beigel-Coryell Facilities Management and Planning
Treasa Sprague Finance and Administration
Susan DeRosia Health, Physical Education, and Leadership
William Hughes History and Political Science
Isabel Bauer Human Resources
Colin Bunnell Human Resources
Jay Stephens Human Resources
Brad Christ Information Technology
John Stevenson Information Technology
Paul Adalian Library
Brent Cummings Library
Anna Beauchamp Library
Marc Tramonte Marketing and Communications
Mary Ann Wright Mathematics
Colleen Graves Music
Jeanne Stallman Outreach and Engagement
Donna Holtz Payroll
Jennifer Athanas President's Office
Liz Shelby President's Office
Bonnie Rott Psychology
Angela Decker University Housing
Tim Robitz University Housing
Nancy Riggs Schneider Museum of Art
Kathy Mattson School of Business
Lisa Sherrill School of Business
Margaret Wright School of Education
Terry Knowles Social Sciences, Policy, and Culture
Lynn Lane Student Affairs
Christi Courian Theatre Arts