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Southern Oregon University


The Outdoor Programs welcomes all members of the SOU community to participate in our trips and events regardless of gender identification, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, height, favorite band, food preferences or any of the cool things that make our community vibrant and diverse. 

You are the best judge of whether a trip is a good fit for you. If you are thinking about going on one but are nervous and need more conversation about the trip, or need some accommodation to make participating a reality....please contact the Outdoor Programs Coordinator at Accommodation arrangements can take some time, so please start early!

Current Scheduled Trips: 
All experience levels welcome unless noted! 
Date: May 16th and May 17th, 2015
Where: Lava Beds National Monument
Meet: Outdoor Programs at 8:45 AM on the 16th
ReturnsAround 4:00 PM back to the Outdoor Program on the 17th
Cost: $110. Includes gear, transportation, lunch and instruction. 
Description: Join us on an overnight trip to explore the amazing caves of Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California!
Pre-Trip: There will be a pre-trip meeting for this trip. Date and time to be announced.
Date: May 2nd
Where: Ashland Water Shed
Cost: $40.00 Includes bike and all gear, transportation, lunch and instruction. 
Meet: Outdoor Programs at 9:00am
ReturnsAround 4:30:00 PM to the OP

This will be an intermediate level mountain biking trip for people who have some experience and are eager to increase their riding skill level. While the intention of this trip is to have fun developing riding technique in a safe and constructive way, participants must accept the risk of unpredictable and dangerous scenarios involved with riding mountain bikes on this level of terrain. For this reason you are encouraged to sign up for this outing only if you have some experience riding mountain bikes on single-track trails, either on your own or on an Outdoor Program trip. In order to access locations further into the Ashland watershed, this adventure will also involve over an hour of climbing (not including breaks for snacks, water, and activities). At the end of the climb, we will apply our newfound skills to help us navigate trails that are slightly more advanced than those featured on our beginner trips. After lunch we will give participants another opportunity to practice and receive instruction before heading back to campus and sending folks home stoked

Signup Here!

Date: May 22nd -> May 25th
Where: Trinity Alps
Meet: TBA
Pre-Trip Meeting: May 20th at 6:00 PM at Outdoor Program. This pre-trip meeting is REQUIRED. 
ReturnsAround 5:00 PM to the OP on the 25th
Cost: $90 includes gear, transportation, instruction, meals and a great backpacking trip!

Come join us this memorial day weekend for a 4 day backpacking trip in the Trinity
Alps! This 25 mile adventure will lead us across the Salom river, by several mountain
lakes, and to beautiful views! This is the first time a trip to the Trinities has been
planned so do not miss out on the chance to learn backpacking and facilitation skills!

Date: June 6th
Where: Pilot Rock Trail
Meet: Outdoor Programs at 10:00 AM
ReturnsAround 4:00 PM to the OP
Cost: $35. Includes gear, transportation, lunch and instruction. 
Description: Pilot rock is at the top of Siskiyou pass and gives a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and Rogue Valley. This short 2 mile hike up includes a challenging scramble to reach the summit. After summiting and eating lunch, we'll set up a rappel to get back down. If you have never hiked Pilot or rappelled, you're in for a treat!

What to Pack

A list of what to pack can be found on the left side with links to what adventure you're signed up for!

Rental Equipment

If you need to rent equipment, a link on the left side show's our prices!


Come on in if you have time or give us a call or feel free to email anytime!