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Southern Oregon University



The Outdoor Programs welcomes all members of the SOU community to participate in our trips and events regardless of gender identification, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, height, favorite band, food preferences or any of the cool things that make our community vibrant and diverse. 

You are the best judge of whether a trip is a good fit for you. If you are thinking about going on one but are nervous and need more conversation about the trip, or need some accommodation to make participating a reality....please contact the Outdoor Programs Coordinator at Accommodation arrangements can take some time, so please start early!

Current Scheduled Trips: 
All experience levels welcome unless noted!
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Start: 12:00pm at the Outdoor Program
Return: 5:30pm
Cost: $30
Includes: Gear, transportation, instruction, and lunch.
This beginner-oriented mountain biking trip will take you up into the heart of the Ashland watershed and give you an opportunity to try out mountain biking on some of Ashland's most fun and friendly trails. We have all of the bikes and gear to get you out having fun on two wheels, and we will help you learn the skills you need to look good, have fun and be safe while riding. 
Additional signup info: height and level of comfort on a bike
To signup for this trip, click here!

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Location: SOU Outdoor Program
Start: 12:00 pm at the Outdoor Program
End: 5:00 pm at the Outdoor Program
Cost: $20
Includes: Gear, instruction, and lunch.
Experience level: Intended for individuals with enough mountain biking or OP trip leading experience to be seriously interested in the leadership of OP mountain bike trips. 
The purpose of this trip is to give more experienced riders or trip leaders the specific skills they need to consistently and successfully lead mountain bike trips on behalf of the SOU Outdoor Program. We will go over trip planning and organization, fitting bikes and gear to riders, teaching basic skills such as shifting, braking, body position, cornering and navigating obstacles. We will cover effective methods for giving feedback and spend some time coming up with ideas and a game plan for future OP mountain bike trips.
Additional signup info: height and riding/trip leading experience
To take the initiative and learn how to lead Mountain Biking trips for the Outdoor Program, click here!!!


Where: Lava Beds National Monument

When: Nov. 8th to 9th

Pre trip: Pre trip meeting Nov. 6th at 6:00 PM. 

Price: $108

Who: All Experience Levels

Lava Beds National Monument is a land of turmoil, both geological and historical. This trip will cost $108 and includes all food, transportation, camping gear, park fees and camping fees. As a group, you all can decide what caves to explore and activities to do within the monument each day. 

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What to Pack

A list of what to pack can be found on the left side with links to what adventure you're signed up for!

Rental Equipment

If you need to rent equipment, a link on the left side show's our prices!


Come on in if you have time or give us a call or feel free to email anytime!