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Southern Oregon University

For $25 a term, or $50 a year Faculty/Staff and Community members can become OP members and receive student prices on gear!
  • There are three different rates: a 1-4 day rate, a 5-7 day rate, and late fee. Please come by the Outdoor Program to check out gear. We are open from 10:00 - 4:00 Monday - Friday. 
  • All whitewater gear must be reserved in advance! E-mail Willie Long at for reservations or stop by the OP to chat with staff.
  • Reservations: To reserve gear, a 50% deposit is required.
  • Cancellation: A full refund of the reservation cost is available with 3 days notice, after which the reservation booking cost is not eligible for refund. No credit or refund will be given for items rented but not used.
  • Late fees: If a 1-4 day rental is late, we will charge the renter for a 5-7 day rate. Each day after the 7 days the renter will be charged the daily rate that is listed.
  • Payment: All student, or faculty rentals will be charged to campus accounts. Community rentals must be paid cash or check, and will require a credit card number for a deposit.
  • Repairs and Cleaning: For repairs and cleaning, fees will be determined by rental staff on a case by case basis. For items like tents please allow approximately 15 minutes of inspection upon return.
  • Damage or Lost Equipment: The renter is responsible for the replacement at full retail value of any equipment rented under this agreement that is not returned or is unrepairable.
  • Paddle raft package: includes raft and up to 8 paddles, 6 PFD's, 6 helmets, pump, and throw bag
  • Oar boat package: includes all of the above and stern frame or center mount frame with oars.
  • Deluxe overnight package:  includes raft, gear frame, 1 large cooler, dry box, drop frame, oars, 4 paddles, 4 PFD's, 4 helmets, 4 large dry bags, groover, pump, throw bag. This package is only available for 5-7 day price.
  • Inflatable kayak package: includes kayak, paddle, pfd, helmet and pump.

Students have the option to rent gear for amazing prices! Here's the link to the PDF:

Student Pricing

For $25 a term, Faculty members can become OP members and receive student prices on gear!

Faculty and Community Members Pricing