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Southern Oregon University

Tentative schedule

Thursday: Opening session starts at 2pm (go to 5pm)


Thursday evening: Dinner together, location TBD. Either we will make our own, or go out.

Friday : 8am - 1pm: Active networking (ski, climb, snowshoe etc.)

More info on this will be announced. Attendees will choose their own adventures in small groups, and go have some fun!


Friday : 2pm - 6pm: Participant presentations


Friday : 7pm - 10pm. Dinner, TBD

Saturday: 9am - 12pm - Participant presentations (officially end at 12pm)


Participant Presentations

As an inaugural version, this conference will be a bit experimental. We hope that everyone who participates will feel free to contribute ideas that help improve the conference. The desired outcome of this gathering  is that we will all be able to improve our programs and our professional practice. One way to achieve this outcome is through participant presentations/workshops. Each participant will be expected to share a 20-30 minute presentation/activity. Here are a few suggested topics:

  • An example of a theory-based practice that has been successful at your program

  • A unique way that you or your program have contributed to your institution

  • The biggest challenge you currently face (or have faced recently)

  • The “model” of outdoor program that you operate

  • Way’s to advocate for our programs with university/college administration

  • Successful collaborations that you have had within your college or community

  • State of the industry discussion. Where are we currently? What does the future hold?

  • Brainstorming for an OUS all-schools expedition (within Oregon/USA or internationally)

  • Present a paper that you have written on a related topic.