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Southern Oregon University

Courses that are included in the curriculum for each quarter are selected on the basis of the course proposal. Not all proposals are accepted as initially presented. A prospective instructor may be asked to refine the proposal to meet OLLI guidelines or resubmit it at a later time in order to balance course offerings in a particular quarter. While new instructors are encouraged to join the OLLI faculty, instructors who have previously attracted strong member interest will receive priority when classrooms are assigned.

  1. The Curriculum Committee will make every effort to accommodate your first choice of class time and day, but this will not always be possible. That is why we ask for alternate choices. Classroom space is limited, so selecting a single time and day of the week may mean we cannot schedule your course.
  2. The fall, winter, and spring terms are ten weeks in length and each course is usually scheduled for one session per week. However, you may teach as many weeks as you wish, between two and ten. While we do not accept courses of only one class session, it may be possible to schedule this as part of OLLI’s series of public educational programs. If you have a one-session program, please contact Virginia Heenan, who chairs the OLLI Special Events Committee at or 541-535-7272.
  3. Instructors are asked to submit an outline of the proposed course as a part of the Course Proposal. Course enrollees should be given a copy of the outline at the first session (or provided to the OLLI office to post on the OLLI website). If an outline is not possible or appropriate for the teaching format that you are proposing, please indicate why an outline is not being submitted.
  4. Please be clear about any audiovisual needs you have. All classrooms have up-to-date AV capability (i.e., digital projectors, DVD/VCR players, in-rack computers, laptop and flash drive connections, etc.). We need to know if you have any special needs such as a slide or overhead transparency projector.
  5. Please give as accurate and complete a description as possible of any books you intend participants to purchase, listing title, author, and if possible the year of publication. If you know the ISBN, it helps to provide it.
  6. In order to assure a good fit between courses and students, when writing your course description, please attempt to draw the reader’s attention and be clear so that prospective students will know what to expect of the class. Your students would like to know what you will teach, how you will approach the subject matter (e.g., lecture or interactive discussion), how substantive your course will be and whether there will be reading or videos, CDs, etc.
  7. Courses must not be used to promote commercial interests, whether to sell a book, or to publicize a business or profession. You may state your background, including business affiliation, at the start of the first session, but should not do so thereafter. Promotional materials may not be distributed in OLLI courses.

How to Submit a Course Proposal

We are developing a new online mechanism for submission of course proposals for Fall 2014. This will help avoid errors in transferring information and save significant staff and volunteer time. A paper form will also be available. We expect the changes to be posted by no later than May 1.