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Southern Oregon University

  1. The course proposal period for Fall 2015 has ended. A link to the course proposal form for Winter 2016 (January to March) will be posted to this webpage on Saturday, August 1, 2015. The deadline to submit a course proposal for Winter 2016 is 11:59 pm on Monday, August 31, 2015.
  2. Completed applications will be reviewed by OLLI's Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee is comprised of OLLI members who volunteer to review course proposals. The Curriculum Committee reserves the right to deny any course proposal which does not meet every requirement. You will be contacted at least one month prior to the start of the term regarding whether or not the Curriculum Committee accepted your course proposal.
  3. OLLI aims to provide an interesting, balanced and quality curriculum from which its members can select worthwhile educational experiences. Courses will be selected on the basis of appropriateness for the OLLI program, known interests of OLLI members and facility capacities. Instructors will be approved on the basis of their subject knowledge and skills, and their teaching or related instructional communication experience.
  4. If the Curriculum Committee needs further clarification and/or documentation upon initial review of the completed form, a committee member will contact you. Instructors who propose to teach a health or nutrition class will be contacted and asked to submit copies of documentation showing evidence of Board-certification, licensure or other training from an accredited institution in the course material they wish to teach.
  5. If your application is accepted, the Curriculum Committee will make every effort to accommodate your first choice of class time, day, and location, but this will not always be possible. Please include alternate choices.
  6. Each term is ten weeks in length and each course is typically scheduled for one session per week for two to ten weeks. If a single-session class is your preference, do not submit this course proposal. Instead, contact the OLLI office for more information.
  7. Your course description should be concise and clear about the topics and classroom activities so that prospective students will know what to expect. Students need to know what will be taught, the approach to the subject matter (lecture, interactive discussion, skill activities, films/readings, etc.), and out-of-class preparations (readings or assignments). If a full range of viewpoints on the topic will not be covered, you must specify your specific perspective in the course description. If you intend to collect a course fee from your students for any consumable materials you provide (e.g. art supplies), this information must be included in the course description, too.
  8. OLLI courses are intended to educate OLLI students, not to facilitate financial gain of the instructors, either directly or by increasing business opportunities. Instructors must disclose current business affiliations in the biography section of their course proposals and should reiterate this at the first class. Business cards, printed materials, and references to websites may be made available during the first class, but not actively distributed. Subsequent classes should focus exclusively on principles and practices to enhance students’ knowledge of the material.
  9. Courses pertaining to health or personal development must not include therapeutic activities in the class, but rather, should introduce knowledge and ideas that underpin particular psychological and/or spiritual practices.
  10. If you propose to teach an OLLI course that meets on private property, please note that the meeting location should meet Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements.  Also, you may be asked to complete an Assumption of Risk form whereby you legally accept all liability related to the class meeting on private property.
  11. As a general rule, once Late Registration begins, OLLI students may register for any OLLI class they choose if the class has not already reached the maximum enrollment threshold. This rule is applied throughout the term. If you do not want students added to your class roster after the first or second class meeting, please contact the OLLI office.
  12. OLLI offers audio-visual and computer equipment training sessions for new and returning instructors. How-to guides are available upon request, too. If you plan to use audio-visual or computer equipment in your classroom, you must be able to operate it. If you are not comfortable using the technology that you will need to teach your course, it is your responsibility to contact the OLLI office to request training. We recommend you do so at least two weeks in advance your first class session.

To view or download a sample copy of the online course proposal form, click here.

For clarification on any part of the course proposal form or process, please feel free to contact me at, or call me at 541-552-8108.

Linda LaGasse
Database and Membership Coordinator
OLLI at SOU - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute