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Southern Oregon University

Grades 7-12

July 11th - 18th, 2015

Konaway Nika Tillicum  which means "All My Relations" in Chinook Trade Jargon is an eight day academic academy exploring a broad range of classes, lectures, cultural experiences and recreational activities for Native American students. Konaway is a completely self-supported program, generating funds each year through grants, donations, and fundraisers. We attempt to provide scholarships for all of our students at $825.00 per child. Each household is required to pay a $75.00 fee upon student acceptance, which will reserve their spot in the academy.

Konaway dancer

Students selected for Konaway stay on the Southern Oregon University campus in Ashland and interact with other Native American students while being challenged by creative, imaginative instructors and activities. Konaway Nika Tillicum is administered by the Center for First Nation Studies, Sociology Department, SOU and the SOU Pre-College Youth Programs.

The deadline for applications is June 13, 2014

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Frequently asked questions about the application process

2014 Applications (PDF fillable forms)

Student Application  

Student Recommendation Form

Junior Counselor Application

Junior Counselor Recommendation form

Senior Counselor Application

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  Park Game

“Konaway changed how I look at life. So my whole perspective has changed.”
-Konaway Nika Tillicum 2013 Student

All Konaway campers

For more information about the upcoming Konaway Nika Tillicum program contact:

Brent Florendo
Konaway Program Coordinator
Southern Oregon University
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, OR 97520