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Southern Oregon University

by Rhett Bender

Undergraduate Lower Level-Primary

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Voxman Concert and Contest Collection  Rubank (Hal Leo)  
Bozza Aria Leduc  
Lantier Sicilienne Leduc  
Rueff Chanson et Passapied Leduc  
Schumann/Hemke Three Romances Southern  
Bach/Mule Sonata No. 6 Leduc  
Maurice Tableaux de Provence Lemoine available with orchestra
Heiden Sonata Schott altissimo G6
Glazounov Concerto Leduc  
Noda Improvisations I Leduc unaccompanied, contemporary

Undergraduate Lower Level-Additional

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Teal Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player Schirmer varying degree of difficulty, good for high school students
Haydn/Mule Les Saisons Leduc  
Handel/Mule Sonata No. 4 Leduc Sonata No. 5 in CM, Mvts 4 and 5 are reversed in this edition.
Bach/Mule Sonata No. 4 Leduc  
Jacobi Sonata Bourne  
Heiden Solo Associated Music  
Heiden Diversion (1943) MMB (Etoile) available with band
Russell, Armand Particles Bourne  
Lunde, Lawson Sonata Southern  
Tcherepnine Sonatine Sportive Leduc  
Milhaud Scaramouche Salabert available with orchestra
Tull Sarabande and Gigue Boosey & Hawkes altissimo
Hartley Petite Suite Presser unaccompanied, optional altissimo

Undergraduate Upper Level-Primary

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Creston Sonata Shawnee altissimo G6
Muczynski Sonata Schirmer altissimo
Desenclos Prelude, Cadence et Finale Leduc altissimo
Ibert Concertino da camera Leduc optional altissimo
Bonneau Caprice en forme de valse Leduc unaccompanied
Noda Improvisations II and III Leduc unaccompanied, altissimo, contemporary techniques

Undergraduate Upper Level-Additional

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Hartley Duo Presser altissimo
Koechlin/Londiex Etudes for Saxophone and Piano Ed. Fran. de Mus. varying degree of difficulty
Robert Cadenza Ed. Fran. de Mus.  
Fox Annexus Dorn prepared piano, altissimo, contemporary techniques
Dubois Concerto Leduc  
Rueff Concertino Leduc  
Bozza Concertino Leduc  
Creston Concerto Shawnee altissimo
Bozza Improvisation et Caprice Leduc unaccompanied, also found in 12 Etude Caprices
Noda Mai Leduc unaccompanied, altissimo, contemporary

Graduate Advanced

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Bassett Music for Saxophone and Piano Peters altissimo
Bassett Duo Concertante Peters altissimo
Husa Elegie et Rondeau Leduc altissimo
Gotkovsky Brilliance Ed. Fran. de Mus. altissimo
Orrego-Salas Quattro Liriche Brevi Peer International  
Rorem Picnic on the Marne Boosey & Hawkes altissimo
Moss, L Evocation and Song Roncorp with electronic tape
Anderson, Tommy Joe Sonata 1 Southern altissimo
Anderson, Tommy Joe Sonata 2 Dorn altissimo
Anderson, Tommy Joe Sonata 3  Roncorp altissimo, alto and soprano
Lennon Distances Within Me Dorn altissimo
Denisov Sonata Leduc altissimo
Husa Concerto Leduc altissimo
Dahl Concerto Euro. Amer. with wind ensemble

Selected Soprano Saxophone Repertoire

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Ravel Piece en forme de Habanera Leduc  
Platti/Rousseau Sonata MMB (Etoile)  
Bach/Leonard Sonata in Eb Major, BWV 1031 Presser  
Hartley Diversions Ethos altissimo
Villa-Lobos Fantasia Peer-International   
Young Sonata Dorn  
Feld Elegie Leduc altissimo
Feld Sonata Leduc altissimo

Selected Tenor Saxophone Repertoire

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Teal Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player Schirmer varying degree of difficulty, good for high school students
Rousseau (Debussy, Faur
Giordani and Scarlatti)
Solo Album for Tenor Saxophone and Piano MMB (Etoile) easy
Houlik (Debussy) Two Lyric Pieces Southern  
Hartley Poem Tenuto  
Bach/Gee Sonata No. 4 in C Southern  
Schumann Three Romances Dorn  
Galliard/Rascher Sonata No. 4 McGinnis & Marx  
Stein Sonata Southern  
Karlins Music for Tenor Saxophone and Piano Southern altissimo, contemporary
Martin Ballade Peters altissimo
Weiner, Lawrence Etude Southern  
Singelee Adagio et Rondo Roncorp  
Schmidt Sonata    
Schmidt Sonatina    
Schmidt Concerto    
Duckworth Pitt County Excursions   multiphonics
Ben-Haim, Paul Three Songs Without Words   Israeli
Frackenpohl Sonata    
Sherman Sonata    
Tomasi Chant Corse    
Ward Concerto   altissimo

Primary Saxophone Studies

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Teal The Saxophonist's Workbook Encore scales, thirds, fourths, vibrato and tone; scales do not extend to F#6
Lacour 50 Etudes faciles et progressives, Book 1 Billaudot excellent for middle school through high school
Lacour 50 Etudes faciles et progressives, Book 2 Billaudot high school or lower level undergraduate
Ferling/Mule 48 Etudes Leduc this edition contains 12 more etudes written by Mule not found in the Southern edition
Lacour 8 Etudes Brillantes Leduc optional altissimo
Londeix Nouvelles Etudes variees Leduc optional altissimo
Lacour 24 Etudes atonales faciles Billaudot optional altissimo
Lacour 28 Etudes sur les modes a transpositions limitees d'Olivier Messian Billaudot altissimo
Rousseau Saxophone High Tones MMB (Etoile) altissimo method and fingerings for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone

Additional Saxophone Studies

Composer Title Publisher Notes
Gee  Progressive and Varied Etudes Southern high school or non-major; contains scales and beginning jazz studies
Mauk Saxophone Warm-Ups Dorn tone, intonation, finger exercises and articulation studies; major, minor, blues and diminished scales; multiphonics; quarter-tones
Londeix Les Gammes: conjointes et en intervalles pour tous les saxophones Lemoine definitive major and harmonic minor-scale book: seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths and octaves
Mule Etudes Variees Leduc  
Jollet 15 Etudes Billaudot  
Londeix Huit etudes techniques Leduc altissimo
Bozza 12 Etude Caprices, Op. 60 Leduc  
Prati Approche de la musique contemporaine Billaudot contemporary, extended techniques
Diemente Mirrors IV (contemporary) Dorn contemporary, extended techniques
Lacour Douze Esquisses dans le style contemporain Billaudot contemporary, extended techniques
DeLibero Contemporary Saxophone Studies Dorn contemporary, extended techniques
Caravan Paradigms I for Alto Saxophone Dorn contemporary, extended techniques
Londeix De La Justessen D'Intonation pour tous les Saxophones (On the Exactness of Intonation for all Saxophones Leduc exercises on intonation, including corrective fingering chart to show how to raise and lower pitches
Ricker Etudes on the Diminished Scale for Saxophone Leduc scales, thirds, fourths, chords, and twelve jazz etudes based on diminished scales
Londeix Exercises Méchaniques pour tous les Saxophones (Mechanical Exercises for All Saxophones), Books 1-3 Lemoine a variety of one-bar fingering patterns working on: finger independence and alternate fingerings