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Southern Oregon University

for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Music


 VocalistAll Entering students planning to major in music are required to pass an entrance audition on their major instrument. The audition is offered at the beginning of fall term and the end of each term.


The following requirements must be met by music majors in addition to the SOU general degree requirements listed in the SOU catalog under "Degree Requirements". Department of Music Catalog

Proficiency Examinations

All music majors must pass a piano proficiency and vocal proficiency examination. These proficiency exams must be passed prior to advancing to junior level. Requirements for these proficiency exams can be obtained from the music office.

Jury Examinations

All music majors taking applied lessons are required to perform at a jury examination or an assessment at the conclusion of each term. All music majors must pass an MUP 390 hearing before moving from lower division MUP 290 to upper division MUP 390 applied level. Music majors are also required to maintain a 2.75 GPA in music courses in order to graduate. All music majors are required to pass 10 terms of the zero credit, pass/no pass course Convocations/Concerts before graduation. For transfer students, the number of terms required depends on the number of applied music credits transferred.

Senior and Junior Recitals

To fulfill departmental graduation requirements, music performance majors shall perform a half recital in their junior year and a full recital in their senior year. All recitals are subject to audition by the faculty at least one month prior to the anticipated performance date.

Requirements for Bachelor of Science (BS) in Music-Business [PDF]