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Southern Oregon University

What Are People Saying?

May 2004 -- In the course of my career, I have visited many, many universities, music schools and conservatories around the country, and in very few places (and these were outstanding institutions, such as the Juilliard School of Music, New England Conservatory, University of Southern California, and Indiana University, in particular) and I can say with complete confidence that the Percussion Ensemble at Southern Oregon University is a match for those at any of these other institutions.

Prof. Longshore chose the very best and most challenging of my works. He conducted one work for eight percussion, �Momentum,� indicating a thorough understanding of the work and the ability technically and mentally to communicate it to the students. There has never been a better performance of the work. Prof. Longshore performed in the other three works on the program. One, �Encounters IX for Saxophone and Percussion� was the first live performance of that piece (it having been recorded previously). All I can say is that it was perfect. The third work, �Soliloquy, Encounters I for Solo Percussion and Electronics��was, by far, the best performance I have ever had, and this piece has been in the repertory for percussionists for over 25 years�I have never � repeat, never � been so pleased with performances of my works.

William Kraft
Emeritus Professor of Composition, University of California, Santa Barbara
Former Composer-in-Residence, Associate Conductor, and Principal Timpanist, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra