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Southern Oregon University

For admission into the department of music as a percussion major students should perform an audition on snare drum, mallet keyboard, and timpani. In addition, drum set, multiple percussion, and/or hand percussion may be performed along with the required instruments.  These audition requirements are appropriate for scholarship audition as well. Audition materials from each of these areas are recommended below:

Snare Drum:

  1. Performance of basic rudiments including:
  • Single Stroke Roll
  • Buzz Roll
  • Double Stroke Roll
  • Flam
  • Flam Accents
  • Flam Taps
  • Paradiddles

    These may be performed individually or in the context of a rudimental snare drum solo.

  1. Performance of a concert snare drum solo. Some collections to choose from are:
  • Morris Goldenberg: Modern School for Snare Drum
  • Anthony J. Cirone: Portraits in Rhythm
  • Vic Firth: The Solo Snare Drummer
  • Mitchell Peters: Intermediate Studies for Snare Drum, Advanced Studies for Snare Drum
  • Fred Albright: Contemporary Studies for the Snare Drum

Multiple Percussion

Performance of a multiple percussion solo (pieces performed for district and state solo competitions are appropriate). Suggested repertoire selections at that level:

  • William Kraft: French Suite; English Suite; Morris Dance
  • Dave Hollinden: Cold Pressed

Mallet Keyboard

Perform a solo on marimba, xylophone, or vibraphone. The following pieces and books represent appropriate literature:

  • J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto in A Minor; Suites for Cello
  • George Hamilton Green: Instruction Course for Xylophone; Xylophone Rags
  • Mitchell Peters: Fundamental Solos for Mallets; Chant for Marimba (2 mallets); Sea  Refractions (4 mallets); Yellow After The Rain (4 mallets)
  • Claire Omar Musser: Etude or Prelude (2 or 4 mallet pieces)
  • Morris Goldenberg: Method for Marimba, Xylophone, and Bells
  • David Friedman: Vibraphone Technique, Dampening, and Pedaling
  • Alice Gomez & Marilyn Rife: Mbira Song; Rain Dance


Perform an etude or solo from one of the following:

  • Mitchell Peters: Fundamental Method for Timpani
  • Mitchell Peters: Fundamental Solos for Tympani
  • Saul Goodman: Modern Method for Timpani
  • Garwood Whaley: Fundamental Studies for Timpani
  • John Beck: Sonata for Timpani; Three Episodes for Timpani; Three Movements for Five    Timpani
  • William Kraft: Variations for King George; Images
  • John Bergamo: Four Pieces for Timpani

Drum Set

Show ability to perform basic styles such as swing, jazz brushes, bossa nova, samba, Afro-Cuban, funk, and rock. Demonstration may be in a presentational format or structured into a solo format (such as 8 bars of each style, or 4 bars followed by 4 bar fills, etc.). A composed drum set solo may also be performed.

Hand Drumming

Show ability to perform traditional techniques and styles for the given instrument (congas, bongos, djembe, dumbek, riqq, tabla, etc.).