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Southern Oregon University

Professorial Faculty

Rhett Bender

Dr. Rhett Bender
Professor of Music
Office: MUS 207
Phone: 541.552.6534
Bender @
  Saxophone Studies

Paul French
Dr. Paul French
Director of Choral Studies
Office: MUS 229
Phone: 541.552.6532
French @

Fredna Grimland
Dr. Fredna Grimland
Director of Music Education
Office: MUS 224
Phone: 541.552.6533
GrimlanF @

Cynthia Hutton
Dr. Cynthia Hutton
Director of Bands
Office: MUS 226
Phone: 541.552.6546
Hutton @

Terry Longshore
Dr. Terry Longshore
Director of Percussion
Office: MUS 223
Phone: 541.552.6548
Longshore @
Terry's Blog

Vicki Purslow
Dr. Vicki Purslow
Professor of Music
Office: MUS 209
Phone: 541.552.6538
PurslowV @

Dr. Jeff Richmond
Assistant Professor
Office: MUS 225
Phone: 541.552.6540

Alexander Tutunov
Dr. Alexander Tutunov
Artist in Residence
Director of Keyboard Studies
Office: MUS 206
Phone: 541.552.6541
Tutunov @

SOU Artist Instructors

Chris Bingham - Choral
Heather Schmidt - Flute
Ed Dunsavage - Guitar
Billie Raye Erlings - Piano 
Margaret Evans - Organ
Kimberly Fitch - Violin/Viola 
Jodi French - Piano

Laurie Hunter - Piano
Dr. Mark Jacobs - Trombone/Tuba
Bryan Jeffs - Percussion
Walker Kermode - Bassoon
Kristen Kessler - Oboe
Dr. Martin Majkut - Piano
Don Matthews - Voice

Sean McCoy - Electronic Music
Bruce McKern - Bass
Ellie Murray - Voice
Michal Palzewicz - Cello
Dr. Chiharu Sai - Piano
Dr. Frederick Schmidt - Clarinet
Chris Williams - Voice

To contact a professor please click here: Directory.  

If you are unable to locate contact information for a teacher please call the Music Office Manager at 541.552.6101, or email music @