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Southern Oregon University

Online registration click here currently closed

paper Applications Closed

Email, phone 541.708.1729 or write to Rhett Bender and request registration application by mail.

Mail your completed application form to:

Ashland Chamber Music Workshop
SOU Music Department
1250 Siskiyou Blvd.
Ashland, Oregon 97520


or FAX to 541-552-6549


FEES 2012
  Tuition Week 1
  Tuition Week 2
  Single Room* TBA
  Double Room per Person* TBA
  Meal Card breakfast and dinner* $125
  Parking $30



Question: Why is tuition for week 2 cheaper?

Answer: The demand for week 1 is high and the participation in week 2 is lower. We offer a lower tuition in week 2 this year to encourage more participation in week 2.


Question: Is there a difference between week 1 and week 2?

Answer: No, other than the differing number of participants and the individual participants.


Question: Is there a discount if I apply for both weeks?

Answer: Possibly, it depends on our needs. If we are short of violas for week 2, for example, we will offer a special discount for week 1 participants to stay for the second week. We won't know until April.


Question: Is there a microwave or refrigerator in the dorm room? Is there anything I should bring?

Answer: No there are not microwaves or refrigerators in the rooms, but there is a kitchenette available for you to share with a microwave and refrigerator. We will be staying in Cox Hall. All dorm rooms are air conditioned,  furnished with a bed, mattress, mattress cover, linen, towels, washcloth, study desk and chair, bookshelves, dresser and wardrobe.  You will want to bring hangers.


Question: What day of the week do I arrive and what day do I leave?

Answer: You will want to arrive on Sunday before the workshop and leave either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Housing includes a room Sunday night through Friday night with checkout on Saturday morning at 10AM.


Question: What time should I arrive?

Answer: If you are staying in the residence hall you will want to check in Sunday between 3 and 5PM. If you arrive after 5PM a note with your name and room number will be posted. The room will be unlocked with your key in the room.

If you are not staying on campus, arrive Sunday at the music building, 450 South Mountain, between 3 and 5PM to check in and get your locker. Have dinner and return for a organizational meeting at 7PM.


Question: I want to room with someone in the residence hall. Will the workshop suggest roommates?

Answer: No, you must find your own roommate. We send out a list of participants in April along with the payment form. You may use that to assist you with finding a roommate.


Question: Can you help me find someone in my area traveling to Ashland for the workshop?

Answer: We send you a list of participants by zipcode with their contact information. You may try to make travel arrangements using the list.


Question: What address can I use in my GPS?

Answer: The Music Building is located at 450 South Mountain Avenue, Ashland, Oregon 97520