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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars

My interests in science start well before the age of eight. I am a multiracial woman with a multicultural family; my parents stressed the importance of education, especially in the sciences. I attended thirteen residential summer science camps through the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Oregon between the ages of eight and sixteen. My interests in science and education have continued to expand as I matured.

In my junior year of high school I enrolled in the highly selective high school course of Health Occupations taught at the Rogue Valley Medical Center. Topics included were: health ethics, procedures, medical jargon and vocabulary, taking vital signs, first aid and how to examine a cadaver in the Southern Oregon University (SOU) cadaver lab. At the end of course the students who had made satisfactory progress were allowed to participate in clinical experiences. My two clinical experiences were in the Emergency Room and the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. While participating in the Health Occupations course, I was also volunteering at Morningstar Healing Arts. Dr. Howard Morningstar, a Harvard trained physician, provides mainstream/pharmaceutical medicine as well as alternative herbal medicine. It was an eye opening experience to see how alternative medicine can be just as healthful as pharmaceutical medicine. After my junior year at Ashland High School I entered directly into my freshman year as a full-time student at Southern Oregon University.

In my sophomore year at SOU I volunteered at the Student Health and Wellness Center located on the campus. The Student Health and Wellness Center provides services exclusively to students and staff. It provides mental health counseling, community awareness of health hazards, a small pharmacy, and a limited amount of nurse/physician care. Working in the health center ultimately led me to pursue the study of society and cultural values through sociology and anthropology and the individual’s perception of self and the surrounding world through psychology. Although, I had focused on chemistry, biology, and mathematics in my freshman and sophomore years, I turned my focus to social sciences in my subsequent years at SOU to create a well rounded liberal arts undergraduate education. Between 2007 and 2011, I have completed multiple research projects, public presentations, and publications.

At the beginning of my third year at SOU I applied and was selected to become a Scholar in the prestigious Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. In the summer of 2010, the SOU McNair Program provided me with the opportunity to design and conduct independent research with sociologist Dr. Cynthia White on the topic of Maternal and Child Health Policy in Viet Nam. In my fourth year at SOU my research was published in the McNair Scholars Journal and Metamorphosis: Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges Journal of Undergraduate Research. In the winter and spring of 2011 I was featured in multiple television broadcasts presenting this research.

As I finish at SOU, I am in pursuit of a doctoral degree focused in the realm of human development and health. I know that a doctoral degree within this focus will allow me to utilize my background and interests in physical and social sciences and provide numerous possibilities for research and employment in healthcare related careers, potentially leading to a career engaging in public service and teaching.

Dr. Cynthia White, Sociology

Curriculum Vitae


2011 Southern Oregon Arts & Research (SOAR)

Poster: The Development of Publicly Funded U.S. Maternal and Child Health Programs

SOAR 2011 Poster



Global Health Organizations and Viet Nam Public Health Policy (Published in Metamophosis, a publication of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, Spring 2011)

2010 McNair Scholar Symposium

Slide Presentation: Maternal and Child Health in Viet Nam

Video Presentation: Maternal and Child Health in Viet Nam
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